How To Save A Live Photo As A Video

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Amy Dennis Originally published Mar 29, 23, updated Sep 28, 23

Want to know how to save a live photo as video? The Live Photos option on iPhone allows you to record a three-second movie. It includes one and a half seconds of video before and after you press the shutter button. While it is not a video, it is in the High-Efficiency Image File (HEIF) format.

how to save live photos as video

Nevertheless, posting a Live Photo on social media is possible if your Live Photographs are first converted to a video.

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  1. What Is A Live Photo?
  2. Is There A Need To Convert A Live Photo To A Video?
    1. Way 1: Use The Photos App (for iPhone)
    2. Way 2: Use The Shortcuts (for iPhone)
    3. Way 3: Use Google Photos (for Android)
  3. Common Issues That Your Video File Might Have
  4. Best Tool To Resolve The Issue With Corrupted Video Files

Part 1: What Is A Live Photo?

Apple's iPhone 6s and later models, as well as select iPad versions, support Live Photos. When you take a photo, it records a 3-second video clip with sound and a conventional still photograph. The generated file combines a still photograph with a short video clip, allowing you to relive a moment more dynamically.

what is a live video

When you snap a Live Picture, the camera records a video of 1.5 seconds of still image. It results in a short video clip. When viewing the Live Picture on your smartphone, press and hold the image to play the video clip. You can watch the moment come to life. You can apply effects, such as Loop, Bounce, or Long Exposure, to generate distinct visual effects from the Live Picture.

Live Photographs can be saved and shared just like regular photos, but the video component makes them larger in size. You may also set a Live Picture as wallpaper on your iPhone, which animates when you hold the lock screen.

Live Pictures can also be used as a background on an iPhone or iPad and are compatible with some third-party apps. They are a fun and interactive way to capture and share memorable memories.

Part 2: Is There A Need To Convert A Live Photo To A Video?

Taking a Live Picture is similar to taking a regular static shot, but it offers much more versatility. Rather than capturing a single moment in time, Live Photos let you select the perfect moment to capture your subject at its best. They capture the atmosphere of the moment, including laughter, music, and even natural elements like wind and light. Unlike taking many images in quick succession, Live Photos conserve storage space and energy, making it easier to capture the right moment without worrying about running out of space.

the need of converting live photo to video

However, sharing Live Photos on social media or with non-Apple users can be a challenge, as they don't automatically share as a video. Instead, people only see the Key Picture without any surrounding movement or energy. But as most social media platforms now favor videos, Live Photos can be easily converted into a photo and video in one. This allows you to share your unique "behind the scenes" moments with anyone, regardless of the device they use, making it an effective way to tell your story and capture people's attention as they scroll through their feeds.

Part 3: Save A Live Photo As A Video

Here are a few ways in which you can convert your live photos into videos:

Way 1: Use The Photos App (for iPhone)

If you opt to convert a live photo to video from the Photos app on your iPhone. Remember that you can only do so if the live photo is set to Live, not Loop, Bounce, or Long Exposure. Make it by following the steps.

Step1 Open your iPhone's Pictures app > Go to the Live Photographs album > Choose the desired live photographs. You can select a single live shot or a series of live photos.

Step2 Touch the share icon in the bottom-left corner and select Save as Video.

Then, in the Pictures app, go back to Recents or Albums to access the video you just saved.

save the image as video

Way 2: Use The Shortcuts (for iPhone)

Using the Shortcuts app, you may also save a live photo as a movie. Download a third-party shortcut generator and let it assist you in creating it. Below are the specific steps.

Step1 Open the Settings app > Find and touch Shortcuts > Turn the Allow Untrusted Shortcuts switch > Allow when a window prompts.

turn on allow untrusted shortcuts

Step2 Visit the Shortcuts Gallery website and get a shortcut for converting Live Photographs to video, such as Convert LivePhotos to Video > Tap Get Shortcut on your iPhone after opening the shortcut link.

Step3 Scroll down and tap Add Untrusted Shortcut in the Shortcuts app on your iPhone.

Step4 After you've added the shortcut, pick it > It will access the Camera Roll > Find and select the desired photo > The shortcut then converts the live photo and saves it as a video file at the end of the Camera Roll.

Way 3: Use Google Photos (for Android)

If viewing the live photo in the Google Photos app on your Android phone, use the instructions below to convert it to a video or GIF.

Step1 Open Google Photos on your Android phone.

Step2 Go to the live snapshot you wish to convert to a movie or GIF. Look for the Play icon in the top photo to confirm that it's a live photo.

look for the play icon on the image

Step3 To open the menu, tap the three-dot icon at the top or swipe up the photo.

tap on the three dots on the right

Step4 Underneath the photo, you'll notice some alternatives. Swipe left and select Export.

select the export option

Step5 You will be presented with three options: video, GIF, and still image. Select the preferred choice to convert the live photo into a movie, GIF, or Still snapshot.

save the image as a video


  • In the Google Photos app, swipe up on a live photo to extract any particular frame as a photo.
  • In the Shots in this photo section, click the See all option.
  • Go to the frame you wish to extract and click the Save copy option.
  • Learn how to build a video with Google Photos as well.

Part 4: Common Issues That Your Video File Might Have

Some of the most common video-related issues and their effective remedies are listed here.

Video Playback That Is Blurry, Choppy, or Jerky

Videos that are choppy, grainy, or jerky are difficult to view. The problem could occur with recorded or downloaded videos. Corrupt micro SD cards, camera problems while taking videos, outdated media players, or codec issues can all be blamed for poor video quality.

choppy or blurry videos

Try playing your video in a different media player and updating your drivers. If the problem persists, the best and most reliable solution is to fix choppy, blurry, and jerky video files.

After-Recovery, Video Files Corrupted

When you utilise an insecure or free video recovery solution, you risk recovering corrupt video files. If your videos are already corrupt, the recovery software will restore them rather than repair them.

Slow or sluggish video playback

Your videos can sometimes be sluggish, taking time to buffer or playing very slowly, making the video-watching experience frustrating. The issue could be with your internet connection, browser, computer, or video file.

slow or sluggish video playback

Clear the cache and temporary files from the browser to resolve the slow video issue. Then, update the video card drivers in the settings or disable hardware acceleration. Moreover, using an Ethernet cable rather than Wi-Fi boosts the speed of internet videos.

Loss of Video Quality After Export

When the video is exported from editing software, it often becomes loud and loses quality. It could be due to a mismatch of export settings, an outdated graphic driver, unsupported file formats, or incompatible codecs.

Part 5: Best Tool To Resolve The Issue With Corrupted Video Files

If you have such issues above, you do not need to be concerned. With Wondershare Repairit, you may repair the video with just a few clicks. Wondershare Repairit can repair your videos regardless of their format.

Wondershare Repairit
Repair damaged videos with all levels of corruption, such as video not playing, video no sound, playback errors, header corruption, flickering video, missing video codec, etc.
repairit video repair


You can use these few methods to save live photos as videos. Try these methods if you really want to convert live photos to videos. In any case, while converting your live photos to videos, if your converted video gets corrupted, try Wondershare Repairit. It is one of the best tools to repair your videos properly. If you are facing the same issue, try Wondershare Repairit.

Amy Dennis
Amy Dennis Sep 28, 23
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