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Amy Dennis Originally published Mar 30, 23, updated Mar 20, 24
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Creating visually appealing content in today’s digital age has become more critical than ever. Video content is one of the most popular forms of media, and businesses, bloggers, and content creators are always searching for quality videos to add to their projects.

However, producing high-quality videos can be expensive and time-consuming. That’s where free stock video sites come into play. They offer a wide range of pre-recorded video footage you can use for personal or commercial projects without breaking the bank.

So, here’s everything you need to know about the free stock video download.

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    3. Coverr
    4. Videezy
    5. Videvo
    6. Motion Elements
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    8. Mazwai
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    11. Mixkit

What Are Stock Videos?

First things first, let’s say something more about stock videos. You’ve probably come across them over the years on the internet, even if you weren’t aware of that. So, what are stock videos exactly?

Stock videos represent pre-recorded video footage available for various media projects, such as films, TV shows, commercials, corporate videos, and online content. Professional filmmakers and videographers typically create these videos, making them available for licensing or download through stock video agencies or websites.

Stock videos can add visual interest to a project, provide additional context or information, or simply serve as a background for other content. In fact, they have so many use cases and purposes that almost anyone can use a stock video in some context or another.

These videos come in various resolutions, ranging from standard definition (SD) to high definition (HD) and even 4K or higher. You can buy licenses for stock videos for personal or commercial use. However, many stock video websites offer free stock videos with free stock video downloads that you can use for personal or commercial projects.

How Can You Use Free Stock Videos?

editing a downloaded free stock video on a computer

As mentioned above, you can use free stock videos for personal and commercial projects in various ways. Here are some everyday use cases among people who decide to download free stock videos:

  • Online content creation: Free stock videos can add visual interest and context to online content, such as blog posts, social media posts, or YouTube videos. Scenic free stock videos are viral in this category, especially among influencers.
  • Presentations: Free stock videos can enhance presentations (e.g., slideshows or product demos). A marketer might use a free stock video of a product to showcase its features and benefits. Videos are always more attention-grabbing than graphs and statistics, so it’s a good idea to include a video in your next presentation.
  • Video production: Stock videos are common among filmmakers. Film and video production use free stock videos to fill in gaps or add context to a scene. For example, a filmmaker might use a free stock video of a cityscape as an establishing shot for a scene set in a city without the need to shoot that scene.
  • Educational materials: Education benefits from free stock videos too. Teachers and professors strongly encourage educational materials such as online courses or tutorials in the classroom. They might use a free stock video of a scientific experiment to help illustrate a concept to their students.

As you can see from these examples, stock videos have many different use cases. However, it’s important to remember some of these videos have certain restrictions or limitations regarding how to use or distribute them. So, while you can use them for personal or commercial projects, checking the licensing terms and conditions before making any final decisions is always a good idea.

Free Stock Video Download Sites

If you want to download a free stock video, you need to find a high-quality and reliable site that’ll enable you to browse and save free stock videos to your device. The internet is teeming with stock solutions, but not all are equally effective.

With that said, you want to choose the right platform. Here are the best free stock video download sites.


pexels free stock video download site

Pexels is a popular website offering an extensive collection of stock videos, all free to download and use. The site has various videos, including footage of nature, cityscapes, people, and animals.

The site sources videos from talented creators worldwide and carefully curates them to ensure quality and relevance. In addition to stock videos, Pexels offers free stock photos and illustrations you can use.


pixabay free stock video download site

Pixabay is another popular stock video download site that offers a wide range of videos, including animations and motion graphics. All the videos are free to download and use and come in various resolutions.

With its massive library of over 1.7 million free stock videos, photos, illustrations, and vector graphics, Pixabay is always a good choice. The site’s user-friendly interface and powerful search tools make it easy to find the perfect asset for your project, regardless of the topic.


coverr free stock video download site

Coverr is a stock video download site that provides users with various free videos for commercial and personal projects. The videos are available in HD quality and cover multiple topics, including technology, nature, and people.

The same team behind Unsplash, a popular free stock photo site, created Coverr . The site’s videos are unique and visually appealing, and they mainly help entrepreneurs and small business owners enhance their online presence.


videezy free stock video download site

Videezy offers its users access to an extensive collection of free stock videos. The site has a variety of videos, including footage of animals, nature, and people. Most importantly, all videos are available in high resolution.

Videezy’s collection of free stock videos is constantly growing, thanks to contributions from its community of talented videographers. The site also offers premium stock video footage at an affordable price if that’s something you might be interested in.


videvo free stock video download site

Another excellent site with a vast collection of free stock videos and motion graphics is Videvo. The site has a variety of videos, including footage of nature, urban landscapes, and people. Of course, all videos are available in multiple resolutions you can download.

In addition to free stock videos, Videvo offers motion graphics, music, and sound effects, so you can get creative with your content, whether using the files for personal or commercial projects.

Motion Elements

motion elements free stock video download site

Motion Elements is a stock video download site with many videos, including footage of people, nature, and technology. You’ll be glad to learn that all the videos are available in HD, so the quality isn’t an issue.

The site offers a range of free and premium stock videos, motion graphics, and after-effects templates. Professional artists design the site’s videos, making them perfect for enhancing marketing and advertising projects.

Free Nature Stock

free nature stock free stock video download site

Continuing with the best free stock video download sites, Free Nature Stock is the next example on our list. As its name suggests, Free Nature Stock offers a wide range of free nature footage, from breathtaking landscapes to wildlife in action.

Videos include footage of forests, oceans, and wildlife, so the platform is heaven for all nature lovers. The site’s videos are available in stunning high definition and are perfect for use in nature documentaries and educational videos.


mazwai free stock video download site

Mazwai is a community-driven platform that showcases free stock videos created by talented filmmakers. A team of curators handpicks the site’s videos, which cover a wide range of subjects, from technology to travel.

As such, Mazwai is always an excellent choice if you’re searching for a platform that’ll provide you with free access to all sorts of videos you can use for various purposes.

Life of Vids

life of vids free stock video download site

Life of Vids has an impressive collection of free stock videos and clips. From the fascinating footage of people to videos of nature and architecture, there’s no video you won’t be able to find when using this platform.

More importantly, Life of Vids offers a range of free stock videos the creators shot in unique and exciting locations worldwide. That is particularly interesting for creative individuals constantly looking for unique content.

Stock Footage For Free

stock footage for free stock video download site

With a vast collection of free stock videos that include footage of nature, people, and technology, Stock Footage For Free had to appear on our list. Stock Footage For Free offers a wide range of free stock videos suitable for marketing, advertising, and other commercial projects. The site carefully curates the videos to ensure they are of the highest quality.

Did we mention that all the videos are available in high resolution?


mixkit free stock video download site

Last but not least, Mixkit is a website offering an excellent collection of free stock videos, motion graphics, music, and sound effects. Professional creatives design the site’s videos, all perfect for enhancing social media posts, website designs, and other digital projects.

Sometimes when downloading free stock videos, you can end up with a broken or corrupted file. Naturally, this type of file won’t be usable. You can try searching for a similar video, but you could also repair the corrupted file using Wondershare Repairit.

Wondershare Repairit is a software tool to help users fix various issues with their videos, including repairing corrupted or damaged video files.

With Repairit, users can repair different video formats, including MP4, MOV, AVI, and MKV. As a result, you can quickly analyze damaged video files and restore them to their original quality.

Free Download
Free Download


Using stock videos in your projects can save you time and money while adding value and enhancing the overall quality of your content. Many free stock video sites are available online, each with its unique features and offerings.

In this article, we mentioned some of our favorites. Whether you’re a professional filmmaker or a blogger looking to add some visual interest to your content, a free stock video site can meet your needs.

Amy Dennis
Amy Dennis Mar 20, 24
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Amy Dennis
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