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Regardless of the type of your business, it will be of no use until you do proper marketing to make your customers familiar with your brand. Once your target audience starts knowing what your business is about and how you can add value to their lives, your sales potential gets increased automatically. For every business operating online, digital marketing is a must.

With digital marketing, you can promote your products or services online in front of billions of customers. The marketing campaign only works if you do proper research before running it. Digital marketing requires different parameters, like content generation, SEO, and graphics design.

The incorporation of AI for marketing automation has started doing wonders for millions of businesses worldwide. This article presents the 6 best AI tools for marketing. Let’s look at how you can utilize their potential.

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  3. Surfer SEO
  4. Pro Rank Tracker
  5. Growthbar
  6. Pictory AI
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1. Flick

If you are looking for an efficient and dependable social media assistant, look no further than trying Flick. It is introduced specifically to streamline the planning, writing, and brainstorming process for your social media platforms. If you are a newbie and don’t know how this tool can help you, try using its free trial for seven days to create content and understand its credibility.

Flick is one of the best AI tools for digital marketing that helps you create attention-grabbing captions, posts, and unique content ideas for sharing on different social media platforms. In addition, you can also transform long pieces of content into smaller ones for better understanding. Another credible feature of this social media assistant is post scheduling. You can set the time and date to publish your posts.

Moreover, it assists you in enhancing your online visibility by providing you with auto-suggested tags. It also has a tag search manager where you can find relevant hashtags for better content management. Further, you get 24/7 technical support with this tool.

More than 100,000 digital marketers, brands, agencies, and content writers are associated with Flick. Try this software to improve your digital presence and take your business to the next level.

grow your social media with flick

Price: £0 (7-day free trial), £11 per month (solo plan, billed yearly), £24 per month (pro plan, billed yearly), £55 per month (agency plan, billed yearly).

Key Features

  • You can schedule your social media posts efficiently.
  • It helps you brainstorm ideas and make effective decisions based on the generated ideas.
  • This tool enables you to generate AI-powered captions.
  • You can make the long content short by extracting key points with Flick.

2. Jasper AI

It was previously called This is one of the best AI tools for marketing. Jasper AI is best known for creating super engaging and high-converting content to attract your target audience and generate more sales. With this amazing utility, you can write content for social media posts, long-form articles, short-form pieces, web copies, email copies, blog posts, landing pages, and much more.

Jasper AI helps you create content that seems human generated. The reason behind this fact is that this marketing tool comes with a GPT-3 model introduced by OpenAI. Moreover, it offers a variety of built-in templates. With a bit of customization, you can convert them into the copy you are looking for.

If you are running an e-commerce store, Jasper AI will help you generate eye-catching product descriptions to engage more customers and convince them to buy your products. At the same time, you can get AI-powered assistance from this tool while creating titles, product descriptions, and bullet points for your Amazon store. It also writes forceful meta descriptions to increase the number of clicks on your product’s link.

create forceful content using jasper ai

Price: $0 (free trial), $39 per month (creator plan), $99 per month (teams plan), and custom pricing for business plans.

Key Features

  • It offers AI-powered content generation features for different purposes.
  • You can check the plagiarism of the content you produce with this tool.
  • It allows you to set the tone you want to generate content in.
  • This tool comes with personalized templates to create content in a matter of minutes.

3. Surfer SEO

Producing high-quality content for any platform is good, but you will not be able to make it noticeable until you do its proper SEO. This is where Surfer SEO lends you a helping hand. It is considered among the credible AI tools for marketing.

If you are planning to optimize ad copies, web copies, sales copies, blog posts, articles, or any other content, give Surfer SEO a try at least once. You will be super happy to see the outcomes it produces. It helps you do more technical SEO by analyzing your content in detail and comparing it with the potential competitors to stand out in the market.

Whether you are new to the SEO domain or a seasoned SEO analyst, Surfer SEO will be equally beneficial for you. It can also use the Google BERT method to evaluate your keywords. With more than 500 ranking metrics, this tool analyzes your content effectively.

optimize your content using surfer seo

Price: $19 per month (lite plan, billed annually), $69 per month (essential plan, billed annually), $149 per month (advanced plan, billed annually), and $249 per month (max plan, billed annually).

Key Features

  • You can generate outlines for free with this tool.
  • It offers a powerful tool for finding potential keywords.
  • It allows you to improve your content rankings.
  • The content editor makes editing convenient and simple for you.

4. Pro Rank Tracker

Finding where your website or blog ranks is a challenging aspect of search engine optimization. Though you can search manually via Google, it consumes a lot of time. Plus, you can get false outcomes.

If you want to identify where you currently rank, try Pro Rank Tracker. It will help you find the accurate rankings of your site, blog, or any other platform.

rank tracing with pro rank tracker

Price: $0 (free trial), $13.5 per month (starter plan), $89 per month (pro plan), and $180 per month (agency plan).

Key Features

  • You can trace your rankings from any device and from anywhere in the world.
  • It helps you analyze your rankings by showing charts, data visualization, and online views in real time.
  • This tool enables you to generate a personalized, white label rank analysis report to share with your team members, clients, or investors.

5. Growthbar

This is also considered among the best tools that use AI for marketing automation. Growthbar has the ability to suggest images, links, precise word count, keywords, and much more. With this AI marketing software, you can create catchy outlines for your blog posts to increase engagement. Plus, it provides you with extensive backlinks.

The availability of the Google Chrome extension makes the outline generation and backlinking process simpler. This marketing tool uses GPT-3 technology to create content that resembles human-generated content. This is what sets it apart from traditional digital marketing tools.

produce seo content using growthbar

Price: $29 per month (standard plan), $79 per month (pro plan), and $129 per month (agency plan).

Key Features

  • It is a perfect tool for doing SEO of your content.
  • This tool generates compelling meta titles.
  • It helps you generate paragraphs.
  • AI-powered blogging features make it stand out.

6. Pictory AI

Here is one more AI tool for marketing that helps you create awesome videos to wow your target audience. As you know, video ads have the highest rate of conversion. So, try marketing your brand with the videos created by Pictory AI.

The best part of using this video creating software is that it can convert any text into an engaging video. It shows that you can use the skills of your writing team to generate cool videos, and you do not need to hire a separate team for this purpose.

You can even provide this tool with long-form content to make videos accordingly. If you are not a tech savvy person, you can still use Pictory AI for easy video creation. In the beginning, you can enjoy the free trial without linking your credit card with this tool. If you find it a good video generator, buy the premium plan.

create videos with pictory ai

Price: $0 (free trial), $23 per month (standard plan), $47 per month (premium plan), and $119 per month (teams plan).

Key Features

  • It enables you to generate captions automatically.
  • You can convert long videos into “shorts.”
  • It allows you to edit your videos using the transcribed speech in the editor.
  • You can use AI-powered voiceovers, background music, and stock footage to create videos.

Final Words

Just like many other domains, AI started doing wonders for the digital marketing industry. Though you can run marketing campaigns manually, the use of AI tools for digital marketing makes your advertising campaigns more effective and scales your business to a great extent. For marketing, you need engaging videos, high-converting ad content copies, articles, blog posts, and other forms of content.

Nowadays, a number of tools are available that use AI for marketing automation. But trusting a random utility remains a matter of concern. To get you out of this trouble, we have listed the 6 best AI tools for marketing. Read the above discussion to get familiar with how they can add value to your marketing campaigns. Good Luck!

Eleanor Reed
Eleanor Reed Nov 21, 23
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