This brief presents the 5 best tools that use AI for data analysis to make data visualization not only accurate but also efficient.

best ai tools for data analysis

Data-driven companies consider data analysis as one of the core functions. With proper data analysis, you can create useful insights using raw data. Doing this will surely help you make better decisions based on the data. It does not matter whether you are a newbie or an experienced data analyst; the market has a number of tools that use AI for data analytics.

The demand for AI tools for data analysis is increasing every other day, but selecting the right utility often becomes a challenge at the same time. You don’t need to be concerned in this regard, as this article presents the 5 best software using AI for data analysis. Let’s get deeper into further specifics.

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1. . Microsoft Power BI

This is an incredible business intelligence tool that uses AI for data visualization. Microsoft Power BI helps you organize and sort out data for easy analysis. You can import data at any time from any source you want. As soon as you import data into this tool, it starts generating detailed reports immediately for better insights.

With Microsoft Power BI, you can benefit from a wide range of AI-powered functions to analyze your data in a better way. In addition, it allows you to create Machine Learning-based models to enhance the data analysis approaches. Moreover, you can integrate Power BI with different programs, like Azure Machine Learning and Microsoft Excel.

If you already use Microsoft programs in your company, implementing Power BI will be very easy for creating dashboards, data visualization, and data reports generation.

data analysis using microsoft powerbi

Key Advantages

  • This program has no speed or memory issues.
  • It helps you create customized dashboards.
  • You can easily integrate this software with other applications, e.g., MS Excel.
  • It is known for publishing 100% secure reports.

Price: $0 (free trial) and $10 per month per user (pro plan)

2. . MonkeyLearn

It is the second-best AI tool for data analytics on our list. This no-coding software is best known for using AI for predictive analysis and to help you rearrange and visualize your data. This tool comes with a wide range of features that use AI for text analysis and assist you in visualizing and analyzing the data as per your needs.

You can use MonkeyLearn to set up text extractors and text classifiers. This way, your data gets sorted automatically, keeping your intent in view. In addition, this tool also enables you to extract user data and product functionalities. Instead of spending hours processing your data manually, you can use MonkeyLearn to automate your business operations.

One thing that sets this data analysis tool apart is that it helps you pull data automatically from tickets. Your data is analyzed based on premium text analysis and keywords. In addition, MonkeyLearn highlights and categorizes specific text and helps you sort and process it instantly.

data analysis using monkeylearn

Key Advantages

  • You do not need to do coding while using this AI tool for data analysis.
  • It allows you to classify your text simply in labels.
  • This tool quickly analyzes your text and automates your business to save you time.
  • With this software, you can visualize, organize, and clean feedback very easily.

Price: $299 per month (for teams) and custom plans for business purposes.

3. . Akkiko

This business intelligence and forecasting tool uses AI for data analytics and makes it very easy for you to make worthy decisions based on organized data. If you are a newbie and are looking forward to analyzing your data in an effective way, there is nothing better than using Akkiko.

You can upload the dataset at any time into Akkiko and choose a specific variable you want to predict. This tool creates a neural network, keeping the selected variable in view. It is known for using AI for predictive analytics, sales, and marketing. Moreover, this data analysis software does not ask you to write codes.

When you import your data into Akkiko, 20% of it is utilized as validation data, whereas the remaining 80% is used as training data. This program pulls out false positives and features precise ratings for models instead of predicting outcomes.

analyze data with akkiko

Key Advantages

  • Akkiko features accuracy ratings for models.
  • This tool is perfect for beginners to analyze data.
  • It comes with no-code machine learning-based technology.
  • It builds a neural network around the variable you choose.

Price: $60 per month (starter plan), $1,500 per month (professional plan), and $3,000 per month (enterprise plan)

4. . Tableau

Being a data visualization and analytics tool, Tableau allows you to interact with your data efficiently and effectively at the same time. One thing you will love the most about this data analysis program is that it does not require any coding experience when visualizing your data. You can extract data reports within minutes and share them with any mobile device or desktop platform.

It uses data analytics and visualization features for report extraction. You can share these reports within the browser. You can perform these tasks when using Tableau on the cloud. This software uses VizQL as the query language. With this query language, the visualization and drag-and-drop components are translated into back-end queries. As an end user, your little effort will be required for performance optimization.

use tableau for data analysis

Key Advantages

  • It is very easy to implement Tableau.
  • It offers native support for dashboarding, data blending, and complex computations.
  • This software allows you to handle huge amounts of data.
  • You can create interactive visualizations within minutes with Tableau.

Price: $15 per user per month (viewer, billed annually), $42 per user per month (explorer, billed annually), and $70 per user per month (creator plan, billed annually).

5. . Microsoft Excel

This tool was developed in 1985 by Microsoft. Since its inception, it has been considered the most valuable data analysis program, and the same is the case today. Excel comes with a diverse data analysis tool pack. With this tool, you can easily process and analyze your complex data to create reports instantly.

At the same time, you can take help from pivot tables and search boxes to filter the entire data and make different visualizations. Another leading feature of this data analysis program is that you do not need to write any code while creating machine learning-based models for data extraction and organization.

Moreover, MS Excel enables you to create complex neural networks for better understanding. Furthermore, this tool uses multiple formulas to calculate the amount of data from clusters. Though Excel comes with exceptional data analysis capabilities and works on no-code technology, it has limited data analysis users just because of its spreadsheet model.

data analysis with ms excel

Key Advantages

  • It assists you in understanding your data using the natural language approach.
  • You can create high-level patterns, trends, and visual summaries to analyze the data.
  • Within a single worksheet, you can put up to 16,000 columns and 1 million rows of data for detailed visualization.
  • It allows you to perform complex and basic calculations, like financial functions, logic, statistics, and arithmetic.
  • You can create charts in MS Excel to visualize bulk data in an easy way.
  • You can use this data analysis program on mobile apps, computers, and online.
  • It enables you to write codes for business automation.

Price: $9.99 per month (for home, for 2 to 6 users), $6 per month (for business basic), $12.50 per month (for business standard), and $22 per month (for business premium).

Ending Note

Data analysis is very important for any business to stand out in the market. Analyzing your data appropriately helps you better understand the needs of your potential customers and the alternate options available. With the right data analysis approach, you can reduce costs, target customers effectively, improve productivity, enhance sales, and much more.

For deep data visualization, there is nothing better than using AI tools for data analytics. These utilities help you make valuable decisions using data-driven patterns and trends. Since AI technology in the field of data analysis is more accessible and cost-effective, you must adopt it right away to organize and process your data for business innovation.

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