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Amy Dennis
Amy Dennis Originally published Apr 26, 23, updated Mar 20, 24

AI-generated music is growing in demand among producers looking for a simple and efficient way to produce excellent music. Amper Music, an AI music generator created to ease and speed the process of creating unique pieces, is one tool causing a stir in this market. But if you are still trying to decide if it would be worthwhile, then don't worry. I have come up with an honest Amper Music AI review that might help you decide whether to use this AI music generator.

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Part 1: Basic Information of Amper Music

A modern and simple AI tool called Amper Music produces original soundtracks. Amper Music is best for marketers, companies, and podcasters. You won't have to worry about calibrating audio parameters. Instead, you specify your chosen genre and create distinctive music with only one click. The best part of this music AI generator is that no technical expertise is required.

amper music ai

Now, let’s have a look at its basic information.

Supported Devices

  • Windows


  • Documentation


  • Online


  • 9/10


The use of Amper's tool is free. After the songs have been created, Amper provides a variety of ways to buy them. Each option offers a license from the $29 per song personal consent to the $1199 internet ad license.


Part 2: Key Features of Amper Music

In this part, I will explain Amper Music’s key features that set it apart from other similar music generators:

Feature 1: Quick Composing of Music

Amper Music makes all types of music rapidly because of the AI models its author used to create the tool. It can also produce all other kinds of music for podcasts, music videos, video game soundtracks, film soundtracks, etc.

Feature 2: Platform Built on the Cloud

Because this intelligent music interface uses a cloud-based platform, any music users will be saved on the AI storage itself.

Feature 3: There are Enough Musical Instruments Available

Various musical instruments are available on the interface of Amper music generators. With Amper Music, you may produce music of any genre because the AI can access multiple musical instruments on the interface. It allows the AI to generate dynamic music in a variety of styles.

Feature 4: Availability of Enough Musical Samples

This music generator has an extensive collection of musical samples from many music genres in its storage space. As a result, creating any music genre is incredibly quick since it can use the models and templates that are already available.

Part 3: Benefits and Drawbacks of Amper Music

Amper Music is an excellent option if you're looking for an easy yet efficient way to make original tracks. That is why I am listing some benefits and drawbacks here.

Benefits of Amper Music

  • Quickly produce musical works for many purposes.
  • Thousands of different instrument types and millions of samples.
  • Tools to enhance music production.
  • No technical knowledge is required.

Drawbacks of Amper Music

  • After payment has been made, only platform customers who reside in the European Union are eligible for a refund.

Part 4: How Does Amper Music Work?

Its review would be incomplete without a discussion of how Amper Music works. So, let's see how this AI music generator works.

Amper is created to use the least amount of input possible to produce an original piece of music. There are no loops, licensed music, or pre-existing compositions; each music piece is written note by note from scratch. It is performed, made, and recorded after being wholly made up. Therefore, if all you know is the type of music you want to make, the tone you want to set, and the length of your piece, you may make it in a couple of seconds.

Part 5: Comparison with Similar AI Music Generators

Are you unsure of yourself still? If so, I will compare Amper Music and other similar AI music makers to help you decide.

  • Amper Music VS AIVA

Amper Music and AIVA are AI music generators that generate music using AI. But the processing speed of Amper Music is more than the processing speed of AIVA.

  • Amper Music VS Ecrett

With Amper Music, you can edit the created music. However, editing tunes with Ecrett is impossible. Songs sometimes seem repetitive and need more creativity.

  • Amper Music VS MuseNet

Amper Music creates royalty-free music that matches the vibe you are looking for. However, the songs MuseNet generates are not royalty-free and cannot be used in a professional environment.


To conclude, I have explained all about Amper Music AI in this article. After reading this review, I hope the decision to use Amper Music AI music generator will be easy for you now!


  • What Are the Amper Music Pricing Plans?
    Amper Music is available for free or for a minimal fee.
  • What happens when a NAS fails?
    When a NAS fails, the data will be dispersed among several disks. When that occurs, connecting individual HDDs to a PC won't work, and trying to use the same disk drives in a new NAS might cause it to reinitialize them, erasing the data it contained.
  • Is there improved security and features with Amper Music?
    Amper Music needs to tighten security in several areas. However, Amper Music has found the feature to be reliable so far.
  • Amper Music is owned by who?
    Shutterstock bought the music label Amper.
  • How do I download music from the Amper Music website?
    Score tracks can also be downloaded as separate instrument stems for editors who want to experiment with their work in a DAW.
    • Choose the checkbox of the stems.
    • Don't compute the size of your stems until Score has done so.
    • Choose the blue "download" button.
Amy Dennis
Amy Dennis Mar 20, 24
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Amy Dennis
Written by Amy Dennis
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