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How to Fix Corrupted Photos from Canon 6D Mark II

Louie Morgan
Louie Morgan Originally published Jun 16, 23, updated Mar 21, 24


It becomes just upsetting when a crucial picture file stops operating. Media files from cameras like the Canon 6D Mark II corrupt surprisingly often. The most commonly mentioned reasons for such an occurrence include unexpected system failures, infections, and improper conversion of video procedures. There could, however, be additional elements involved.

For the sole purpose of correcting broken or corrupt media recordings, several simple options are accessible. One of these choices for editors is Wondershare Repairit. The following article will detail how to correct images taken with a canon 6d mark ii during this in-depth analysis.

In this article

Basic Information Canon 6D Mark II

An unfamiliar, junior full-frame DSLR was introduced with the Canon 6D Mark II debut, exciting fans. About the EOS 5D Mark IV and EOS 7D Mark II, it stands above the latter. Since that time, the 32.5MP Canon EOS 90D has been released. However, it does not provide the same full-frame confront as this camera because of its smaller APS-C sensor. The more compact mirrorless chassis of the canon 6d mark ii features the same 26MP sensor.

canon eos 6d mark ii


  • Full-aspect CMOS sensor with 26MP still photos;
  • IBIS sensor shifts up to eight points;
  • An automated shutter allows for up to 12 shots per second.
  • Up to 1080p 180 frames per second and 4K 60 frames per second with CLOG3 or HDR PQ enabled.

When the first Canon 6D Mark II hit the market, it gained prominence among photographers with little experience who wanted to upgrade from an APS-C DSLR to full-frame shooting without having to spend a ton of money or make the significant jump to the EOS 5D Mark III. This camera has garnered positive reviews and filled a gap in Canon's EOS range.

How to Repair Corrupt Photos from Canon 6D Mark II?

Now, let's discuss the tool that will transform your image promisingly. Wondershare Repairit Online Photo Repair is a helpful hand in the realm of picture restoration. The user may use it to fix as many photos as they want. Its primary characteristics are as follows:

Let us review the tool's instructions if you are unfamiliar with it so you may use it at some point. Install and download the utility first, then launch it as necessary.

Let us review the tool's instructions if you are unfamiliar with it so you may use it at some point. Install and download the utility first, then launch it as necessary.

Step 1: Add an Image to Repair

Once you open the tool online, an icon labeled "+Add " will be visible in the middle of the screen. Select that option to load the local picture for repair from the Mac or Windows operating system to the program. You can also drag-and-drop the photo from your computer.

add an image to the repair

Step 2: Image Restoration

Click the "Repair" button once you have chosen and added the photographs you wish to fix to the tool. The repair procedure will begin once this button is pressed. It could take a short while.

The user may see the status of the repair procedure by looking at the indication in the bottom left area. Remember that the application remains open while it is being processed.

click the repair button

Step 3: Preview and Save

After the repair procedure is finished, an overview of all the mended objects will show up on the screen. You may now inspect the files and choose the ones you wish to restore using the program.

Once you are content with your selections, click "Save Repaired files," the program will store your files where you want.

Common Causes of Photo Corruption and How to Avoid Them

The growing use of smartphones and apps for mobile devices is a prevalent trend in the industry after years of technological improvement. Various sites get the photographs and videos that people post. Even businesses employ this posting of pictures and videos. The issue of how to render a hazy image clear when individuals do not know how is the latest edition of this emerging trend. Several root reasons for this issue include;

  • Motion Blur

One of the many causes of blurriness in photographs is motion blur. When using the camera in automatic operation in dim light, it unfolds.

  • Gripping Properly

When the camera is held improperly, blurry images are also obtained. You must use a firm grip if you want to snap high-quality photos.

  • Lens size

The focal length is crucial to the output of high-quality images. A reduction in the quality of pictures and blurriness might result from zooming both in and out.

  • Internal motion

Once the shutter key is depressed, the camera vibrates until the picture is taken. The lens can also feel this vibration.

  • Area of emphasis

The object being photographed has to be targeted appropriately. In this manner, the out-of-focus region will get blurry, and the item will become the focal point.

A few excellent ideas can assist you in finding beautiful images that do not get blurry on 6d mark ii. Still, the underlying causes of blurry photos have been explained in the preceding sections to ensure that users may avoid them to achieve high picture quality. Here are some pointers for preventing and restoring image blur;

  • Place the lens in the proper orientation.
  • To capture photos of high quality, you need an outstanding aesthetic sense.
  • It is essential to consider the distance from where the photo must be shot since the farther away you are, the blurrier the image will be.
  • A high shutter rate is desirable if crisp images are to be taken.
  • It is best to have a steady hand. Photos taken with a shakier grip will be grainy.


We hope that this article has helped you find your missing photos of Canon 6D Mark II. In several ways, it is possible to lessen the likelihood of fire damage and loss, including corruption. But always keep in mind to routinely restore your picture files. You can only entirely safeguard yourself from losing files from 6d mark ii in this way.

With the help of Wondershare Filmora, you may fix damaged camera photographs by following our instructions. You may modify photos with Filmora's built-in mending tool by changing the contrast, degree of saturation mode, color, and brightness or white balance across the image, among other options.


  • Will an attempt to fix corrupted photos from the Canon 6D Mark II affect the image quality?
    A storage device is no longer accessible, the pictures stored on canon 6d mark ii may be retrieved, and the issue may be resolved using the proper techniques.
  • Can corrupt Canon 6D Mark II photos be recovered, or are they lost forever?
    Yes, you can retrieve information lost from the 6d mark ii. Using Canon photo restoration software, you may get back photographs you believed were permanently gone. Before utilizing the camera to look or its storage device to capture more pictures, you need to hurry.
  • Can the techniques and tools use to fix corrupted photos from the Canon 6D Mark II be applied to other camera models?
    Different camera types can aid the methods and tools used to repair damaged images with the Canon 6D Mark II. It is feasible to restore missing information from Canon cameras. Use Canon picture restoration software.
Louie Morgan
Louie Morgan Mar 21, 24
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Louie Morgan
Written by Louie Morgan
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