You have many options if you're searching for an AI-driven writing assistant to help you with content generation and marketing! The market is flooded with various AI content marketing tools. These AI tools may help you create exciting content, optimize your content for SEO, and develop better content ideas. There are several online content creation tools. Some of them are free, while others need payment. In this post, I will look at the top 5 free AI tools for content creation. Let's get started right away!

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Part 1: AI Content Creation- A Quick Overview

AI content creation enables you to develop original content or improve already-created content. Whether your major focus is keyword research or SEO optimization, AI creators can assist you optimize your content. AI content creation tools use AI to analyze your material and make required changes. There are several techniques to do this, but most rely on keywords or natural language.

Part 2: Top 5 Free AI Tools For Content Creation

Try these free AI tools to create: Quick and straightforward content of excellent quality.


Copy AI provides copywriting services for blogs, eCommerce portals, and other platforms. This free AI tool for content writing is supporting thousands of people in enhancing their creativity in addition to aiding in the development of content.

Moreover, CopyAI offers affordable AI content authoring services. It offers more than 100 AI tools, including "AI writer," which enables speedy article writing.

Top Features of CopyAI

  • With CopyAI's AI writer, producing original prose is simple.
  • To rapidly produce various content pieces, choose the copywriting template and click Continue!
  • Digital ads, social media posts, websites, eCommerce copy, blogs, and sales copy are just a few of the several sorts of copy users may produce.
  • CopyAI supports many different languages.
  • For creating powerful product descriptions, CopyAI provides an AI-powered approach.
  • Users may gather and organize their ideas in one location with the help of the recently integrated long-form document editor.

Pros of CopyAI

  • There is no restriction on how often you may produce text.
  • It provides an outline for creating AI content.
  • 100 free pieces of content produced within the first month.
  • There is no interactive text generation.
  • Only a few credits for the second month's material.

2. CONTENTBOT —PERFECT FOR BOTH SHORT AND LONG-FORM CONTENT is a market leader. They innovate and push the industry in new areas that benefit content marketers, agencies, and entrepreneurs. They recently developed "Blog Shot," which allows you to generate an entire blog post with the touch of a button.

Furthermore, they also provide a drag-and-drop blog post builder. This feature allows you to generate high-quality blog entries by simply dragging content blocks into the editor.

Top Features of

  • Writes 2,000+ word long-form blog entries.
  • Extensions for Chrome and WordPress, as well as a chat interface.
  • A robust template library that supports numerous use cases.
  • Integrated SEO tools.

Pros of

  • Every feature on the platform is freely available to use.
  • For writing with AI, you are given 5000 free words.
  • If you give ContentBot a fair evaluation on G2, you'll receive an additional 30,000 words for free.
  • To obtain extra credits, you must pay.


An AI assistant, Scalenut, can help you generate, edit, and publish unique content for readers and SEO. The SEO article production functions of Scalenut AI writer are free to use.

With 4.8 out of 5 stars on the market, Scalenut is one of the best free AI tools for content writing that you can use. The process is mainly intended for writers who want to ensure their articles are found for specific keywords.


Top Features of Scalenut

  • Content workflows with guidance.
  • Simple-to-use AI writer.
  • Content development for SEO.
  • SEO cruise mode & topic clusters.

Pros of Scalenut

  • Free plan to produce up to 2,000 pieces of content per month.
  • Simple-to-use interface.
  • Compatible with Semrush, WordPress, and Copyscale, among other marketing platforms.
  • Very good at producing long-form content.
  • Free credits aren't available in plenty.


Rytr's AI writing software optimizes the content creation process with GPT3 technology. This free AI tool for content creation is well-versed in language models.

Users specify a use case, give context, establish a tone of voice, and then create content that may be modified further. Rytr supports more than 30 languages and has a plagiarism detector, an SEO tool, and an image generation option.

rytr ai tool

Top Features of RYTR

  • Integrated rich text editor.
  • Chrome, WordPress, and other plugins.
  • Gives people instructions on how to write.
  • You can format and edit the produced content to meet your needs.

Pros of RYTR

  • 10,000 characters can be generated monthly under Rytr's free plan.
  • Access to every use case and feature.
  • The output is frequently brief and not designed for long-form content.
  • On restricted plans, running out of characters in a given month is simple.


Simplified is a marketing-focused multimedia AI content creator and management platform. This AI tool generates engaging AI text for ads, eCommerce, sales copy, business profiles, blogs, and more, with over 40 types of copy.

With the long-form editor, you may use this AI tool to create a fresh copy from the start, rework already-written content, or enhance the content

simplified ai tool

Top Features of Simplified

  • Multiple media creation tools at one location.
  • Scheduling social media posts across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • An easy user interface is ideal for a new AI writer.
  • AI is also applied to the creation of non-text content.

Pros of Simplified

  • Offers many Quick AI tools, including Background Remover, Eraser Tool, Video, Image Format Conversion, etc.
  • The Simplified user interface has a very slick and contemporary look.
  • With Simplified, you receive a sizable library of more than 70 AI use cases that cover all common areas.
  • AI text creation is constrained compared to alternative content creation AI tools.
  • Accessing social network accounts may be cumbersome.
  • Layout and graphics tools aren't too modern.


Thus, these were some of the top 5 free AI tools for content creation. With the help of these tools, you may create high-quality content for your websites, blogs, social media accounts, products, etc.


  • Q1: Why should I use an AI tool for content writing?
    With AI content writing tools, your task will move forward quickly and efficiently. By producing content, you can better manage your time.
  • Q2: Can AI effectively write for content creators?
    AI writing software might be an excellent addition to writing blog articles, adverts, landing pages, and other types of content.
  • Q3: Can AI writing tools compete with humans in quality?
    Despite its ability to produce content, AI lacks the originality and viewpoints of human writers. You can get the proper responses if you give the correct prompts. But generic questions will give you answers that a human writer can deliver better.
  • Q4: How reliable are AI writing tools?
    Since AI writing tools are educated on language models, they provide their best estimate on organizing content by the texts they have read.
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