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How to Clear Image Using Online Tools

Eleanor Reed
Eleanor Reed Originally published Jun 25, 23, updated Mar 21, 24

Using online tools to clear an image has become easily available. Online tools can help you get your intended results, whether you want to remove a noisy backdrop, improve clarity, or make tweaks to improve the look. This post will introduce you to various famous clear image quality online tools and give steps with pictures on how to clean a picture quickly. So, are you excited to know the best clear image online tools? If so, then without a second thought, read on!

In this article
  1. Part 1: What Causes Unclear Images?
  2. Part 2: Online Tools for Clearing Images
  3. Part 3: Tips for Avoid Unclear Images
  4. Conclusion

Part 1: What Causes Unclear Images?

Multiple factors that impact the overall quality and sharpness of the image might lead to blurry photographs. Here are some of the most common reasons why a picture may look unclear:

1. Motion Blur

When using the camera in automatic mode in dim light, motion blur creates hazy images of poor quality.

2. Movement of Camera

Any movement or shaking of the camera while taking a picture might cause blurriness.

3. Poor Grip

If your hands are trembling or you're holding the camera incorrectly, it will produce fuzzy images.

4. Wrong Focus

When capturing pictures, blurry out-of-focus spots result from improperly focusing the camera on an item.

5. Low Quality

Images of low resolution have fewer pixels, which makes them less precise and detailed. This may occur if photos are taken with low-quality cameras or have been overly compressed or shrunk.

So, these are the reasons behind the unclear images. If you want to get rid of fuzzy photos, I am sharing the best Online image repair tools to repair the fuzzy pictures in the following part.

Part 2: Online Tools for Clearing Images

No doubt, you take the required precautions and follow the proper steps to shoot clear images. But fuzzy photographs do sometimes appear. The good news is you can fix them using some clear image quality online free tools listed below:

Fix 1: Repairit Old Photo Restoration

The first online image repair is Repairit - Old Photo Restoration. With its robust AI algorithm, Repairit is an outstanding online image repair tool that can help you clear images. Whether you want to improve the colors, sharpen fuzzy regions, or remove scratches, Repairit can help.


The Key Features That Will Help

A list of the new features that Repairit has to offer is shown below. Let's examine them now.

  • Repairit guarantees that any scratches on antique photographs will be successfully removed.
  • It enhances the sharpness of your face with a sophisticated picture restoration technique.
  • This image repair online tool can repair 300 photographs every month.
  • It supports 24 different file types for fixing photos and videos.
  • Quite compatible with all gadgets.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Repairit: Restoring Old Photos

Visit Repairit - Old Photo Restoration's official website, log into your account, and follow the steps below.

Step 1: A blue window (like the one below) will appear on your screen when you first access the website. Tap the "Upload Image" button to upload an outdated photo you want to restore.

upload the image

Step 2: Select the chosen photo from the new window on your screen, then click "Open" to continue.

repair image

Step 3: After your image has been successfully uploaded, click "Start" to start the restoration procedure. Depending on how much work has to be done on your appearance, it will take a moment or a few seconds.

begin repair the image

Step 4: Wait for the image to be processedbefore moving on. When finished, several iterations of the recovered image will appear on the left.

Step 5: Then, tap the "Download" button after choosing the one you think is best for you. All of the repaired versions of your photo are also available for download.

save an image

You may repair unclear images online for free by carefully following the steps above. Remember to do things correctly.

Fix 2: Repair Unclear Photographs with Fotor

Fotor is a web-based picture editor that may be used to restore fuzzy or damaged images. You won't need an account to repair photographs, but you must create one or sign in with your Google ID to preserve the results.

Here's how to use Fotor to restore blurry photos:

Step 1: Navigate to the Fotor website and pick "Photo Editor" from the "Get a Quick Start" menu.

fotor app

Step 2: Drag the image into the editor or use the "Open Image" command to choose a blurry photo from your device.

open an image

Step 3: When you press the "1-Tap Enhance" button, the photo will fix the blur.

Step 4: You may continue to tweak the image with size, effect, exposure, and so on to match your specific demands.

choose adjust option

Step 5: View and save your clean image.

Fix 3: Clear Images Using Photoshop

Next, I have Photoshop. Photoshop is the industry standard in photographic software. However, it may also be used to fix fuzzy or corrupted photographs. Here's what you should do:

Step 1: Launch Photoshop and navigate to the "Filter" menu item on the top menu bar. Select "Sharpen" from the Filter menu.

choose sharpen option

Step 2: Select the "Shake Reduction Filter" to automatically scan and restore the blurry image. The scanning process will be displayed in the progress bar.

choose shake reduction

When the scanning is finished, Photoshop will show a clean image.

Fix 4: Repair Image Online, Repair Image Online

Picverse is a complete photo-editing software that uses AI to enhance and fix images. Here's how to use Picverse to sharpen a blurry photo:

Step 1: Select a fuzzy image and add it to the editor by dragging it in or by choosing File > Open to add it from your PC or Mac.

browse for images

Step 2: From the Tools panel on the left, select the "Adjust" tab. You can choose between "Manually" and "Automatically." However, the "Automatically" option might not provide desired outcomes.

adjust option

Step 3: "Manual" mode provides a variety of configurable tools. After that, switch to the "Detail" tab in "Manual" mode.

Step 4: Make adjustments using the Sharpness and Details slider. As a finishing touch, while still in "Manual" mode, scroll to the "AI adjust" tab and choose "Enhance." After making your adjustments, click "Apply."

ai adjust

This is how you can clear image quality online.

Part 3: Tips for Avoid Unclear Images

You have read the reasons for unclear images and how to clear them using online image repair tools. But did you know there are several excellent techniques for taking clear pictures without blurring them?

Here's how to avoid unclear photos:

  • Maintain a solid grip on the camera and position it accurately. Your hands should not be shaking.
  • To shoot images, you must be creative.
  • Choose a quick shutter speed if you need to capture perfect images.
  • Correctly focus the camera on the object.
  • Consider how far you are from where you are shooting images. A greater distance from the item will result in blurry images.
  • A high-quality lens is essential for capturing high-quality images.


That's it! Unclear images can be frustrating, whether you take them for enjoyment or your job. But they can be repaired. And you can do it by using the abovementioned four clear image quality online tools. However, I strongly recommend going with Repairit Old Photo Restoration.

Eleanor Reed
Eleanor Reed Mar 21, 24
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Eleanor Reed
Written by Eleanor Reed
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