Artificial intelligence (AI) is now having a "hot topic" moment as tools like ChatGPT show the public how strong and capable it is becoming. Now, this new generation of "generative" AI tools has demonstrated that the field is no longer limited to university research. Far from becoming the latest "viral sensation," AI has evolved into a tool that anybody can use to transform the way they perform many daily jobs. What tools should everyone learn to use to understand what AI is now capable of? To emphasize how you may use them immediately, I have developed an article introducing the top 6 free AI tools for beginners.

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    1. For Writing:
    2. For Videos: Lumen5
    3. For Arts:DALL-E 2
    4. For Audio:
    5. For Photos: Cleanup.Pictures
    6. For AI Voice: Murf AI

Part 1: What Exactly is AI?

Suppose you're one of those people who only recently became interested in AI after discovering one of the most popular viral apps. In that case, you might ask how these technologies differ from the concept called "artificial intelligence." For over a century, science fiction has delighted us with tales of sentient robots that are sometimes nice and other times not so kind. For the most part, individuals will have first seen the phrase in that genre.

But, when using the word AI nowadays, it means a system called "machine learning." This refers to software algorithms that can learn — growing more robust and better at carrying out one specific task. It is because they are exposed to more data, unlike robots in movies, which simulate every facet of natural intelligence. It involves the creation of intelligent machines that can think, learn, reason, and problem-solve like humans.

Machine learning has powered many ground-breaking products that have transformed how people live. These include anything from online information searches on Google to purchasing on Amazon. Thanks to the most recent generation of AI tools, people can use AI for every work they can conceive.

The ultimate goal of AI is to create machines that can mimic human cognitive abilities and enhance our efficiency, productivity, and overall quality of life.

Part 2: Top 6 AI Tools of Different Usages For Beginners

It is no surprise that many incredible AI tools are now available to people. I am sharing handy free AI tools for beginners.

1. For Writing: is a helpful tool for creating top-notch content without any plagiarism. It assists in writing, brainstorming, revising and summarizing information. Simply tell the app your writing needs, whether it's a blog article, social media post, press release, or job description. It even helps with poetry creation and outlines for any topic or theme. tool

Main Features of

  • Notion AI can quickly produce summaries of your Notion pages. When you want to compose a conclusion, this can be extremely helpful.
  • Notion AI can help you write more clearly, correct your language, and even alter the tone of your content.
  • Notion AI generates checklists, tables, and other action items from the text.
  • Notion AI may summarize a complete page or specific chunks.

2. For Videos: Lumen5

The Lumen5 is a free online video-creation tool that offers several features. These features make it simple to create videos. It includes beautiful themes and varied formats for usage on many social networking networks. This AI tool creates a whole movie sequence using the photos from your input text. The tool also provides a unique selection of pictures and video clips that you may use for your finished production.

lumen5 ai tool

Main Features of Lumen5

  • With Lumen5, you can add logos, watermarks, and typefaces to your movies to make them more distinctive.
  • Lumen5 provides comprehensive analytics and insights to track the effectiveness of your videos.
  • You can upload your movies straight to sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. It is possible because of Lumen5's direct interaction with several social media networks.
  • The site provides editing tools so you can adjust and improve your movies.

3. For Arts: DALL-E 2

Open AI produces realistic visuals and art using any natural language description. It is the company behind DALL-E 2. The application may produce unique, realistic photos and artwork that subtly illustrate the words you provide. Guess what? It blends qualities, ideas, and aesthetics to produce digital pictures.

dall-e2 ai tool

Main Features of DALL.E

  • Images generated by DALL-E 2 can have high resolutions, often up to 1024x1024 pixels.
  • Depending on the input word prompt, DALL-E 2 can produce visuals that are frequently strange, distinct, or have never been seen before.
  • It may produce incredibly accurate and cohesive visuals from verbal descriptions.
  • This AI tool supports image inference. This feature allows you to input a picture and have the model provide a textual description corresponding to the image's content.

4. For Audio:

Lalal is a free AI tool for beginners that extracts clear stems from audio files, separates music, and eliminates voices. Using this tool, you may synthesize the recordings without distorting their original quality. tool

Main Features of

  • You may isolate or remove vocals from an audio recording using's vocal removal function.
  • makes use of AI algorithms to offer automatic audio editing features.
  • Both novice and expert users may use the platform's user-friendly interface to access audio editing tools.
  • Real-time audio editing features are available on It allows you to preview and modify your audio as you apply various effects and manipulations.

5. For Photos: Cleanup.Pictures

Cleanup.Pictures is another AI tool for beginners. It is used for editing photos. With this AI tool, you can edit photos to remove undesirable elements such as people, flaws, and objects to get the ideal image. And, it is possible with the inpainting technique. ai tool

Main Features of Cleanup.Pictures

  • Users can remove undesired backgrounds from their photographs.
  • The AI technology can recognize and delete undesired items or distractions from an image.
  • The tool can analyze and change image properties to improve visual quality.
  • Cleanup.Pictures provide customization options. This option allows users to fine-tune the automatic alterations to their liking.

6. For AI Voice: Murf AI

Murf AI is a text-to-speech engine. This AI tool lets you generate natural-sounding synthetic vocal recordings in 15 languages. This output may be integrated into automated marketing and voiceover creation processes. tool

Main features of Murf AI

  • Murf AI can generate voiceovers from text
  • This AI tool can generate a wide range of speech types and accents, making it versatile for content development.
  • Murf AI Voice Generator determines the tone and structure of the supplied text first.
  • Murf AI can change speech settings to produce a more customized and personalized voice.


These were the top 6 free AI tools for beginners. For people who are just beginning their AI journey, these AI tools offer accessible platforms and resources. So, make sure to try them.

Louie Morgan
Louie Morgan Mar 20, 24
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Louie Morgan
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