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Why and How to Download Videos via URL?

Amy Dennis
Amy Dennis Originally published Mar 25, 23, updated Apr 24, 24

Internet today makes it easy for people to view different types of videos that interest them on many platforms.

However, a common problem arises because you must first depend on an active internet connection to access and stream those content. So, what do you do if you face a low or no connection condition?

Downloading the video offline is the next natural step, but many platforms do not provide that direct feature. In this condition, users can do the video download by link. In this post, that is the main point of discussion, including points like why and how to download video from the link.

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In this article
    1. Ability to edit further
    2. Having no internet connection
    3. Easy to share
    4. Region-related barriers
    5. Free access
  1. How to Download Videos from Online URLs?
  2. Bonus Tip: What to Do If the Video Damages During Download?

Part 1: Why Should You Download Videos Offline?

id="part1"There are many reasons why people want to download any URL link or video from a website instead of streaming the content. Here are some of the commonly noticed ones.

1.  Ability to edit further

The video files available on the streaming platforms directly are not editable. As a content creator, for example, a YouTuber that wants to post edited song videos from movies, downloading the content first is necessary. Then, editing the video using another video editor software is possible.

2.  Having no internet connection

People in different areas of the world can access content online, thanks to the interconnected network support available. However, while it is possible for many people to get an internet connection now, other factors like electricity and power capacity can influence user experience.

For example, people living in an area with frequent power failures may have trouble connecting to the internet when power loss occurs. They cannot connect to a WiFi router, so they cannot view content, even if they typically have internet access in their location. Thus, in this case, users want to use link download video to get their shows/movies offline, so they are not dependent on power connections.

3.  Easy to share

Sharing different video files across platforms or apps is not always simple. This is due to the streaming and content distribution laws the streaming providers exercise. In that case, you must download the file to share it how you want.

For example, users that want to share Instagram reels they see on the app on WhatsApp stories can press the Share option for it. But, the video gets added to the story section as a link that other viewers have to click on to be redirected to Instagram to watch.

In this case, if you want to share such a video and want your contacts to see it on your WhatsApp story directly, you must video download from the link.

4.  Region-related barriers

Many areas and OTT platforms that showcase different content types, like TV shows and movies, have regional regulations in place. Only people living in the said region can view the content. So, if you want to watch shows from other countries, you can use a video download link to save them offline if you have their URL.

5.  Free access

Many streaming service providers only allow subscribed members to access the platform and watch the available content, like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. So, downloading is the better alternative for people who want to watch the shows but do not have enough money to subscribe. 

Part 2: How to Download Videos from Online URLs?

Now that you know why one needs to download link video files, the question arises about how to do so. Different tools are available now for this process, both internalized and externalized, with their benefits and flaws.

  • In-built video viewers on the desktop- Users can utilize device-based viewing tools to watch the files offline. For example, Windows users can download and record their on-screen video using the Game Bar feature. However, it is complex to handle for most technologically challenged users and those without access to PCs.
  • In-app downloading function- Some streaming platforms, like Netflix, allow users to download the shows they watch for offline viewing. However, this is only accessible if you subscribe to said platform and have a paid membership plan. Plus, you can view the downloaded episodes or movies on Netflix only within Netflix.
  • Online downloaders- These are the platforms where users utilize the link to video download Many online downloader tools are available that are easy to access and free to use. Plus, the process for video link download PC is simple to follow. Some online tools do not have limitations in file size, but that differs from tool to tool.

Bonus Tip: What to Do If the Video Damages During Download?

After following the video download by link process, some users can experience quality-related issues. This happens for unprecedented reasons, like connection issues, improper file use, or other internalized errors.

In this case, you need to fix the downloaded video condition. Repairit video repair tool is a suitable option to try for this process.

Repairit- Basic overview

Wondershare Repairit is a high-grade tool for quick and direct video repair after damage. You can also activate the advanced repairing feature to get automated fixing benefits while using this app.

Free Download
Free Download

It is simple for most professional- and beginner-level users alike and does not further harm video file quality. Instead, you can insert any video file and fix all corruption signs in the file smoothly.

Best features:

  • Add multiple video clips and repair them in groups.
  • Compatible with video file formats, like MOV, MKV, AVI, MP4, etc.
  • Works with varying various devices and platforms.
  • Suitable with videos recorded via different camera types.
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Overall, many users need to get their online available video content offline for better editing, sharing, and viewing experiences. In this context, you should download the video from a link using the online downloaders mentioned. Go through the options mentioned to select the best one for you.

Amy Dennis
Amy Dennis Apr 24, 24
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Amy Dennis
Written by Amy Dennis
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