You must invest in costly technology and learn about video editing to produce your videos. In any instance, you cannot make changes to a final work. Refilming the footage is all that is necessary to restart the procedure.

But despite outsourcing the procedure, you can use AI video makers to make the whole thing more affordable, scalable, and quick. Users may make video clips using AI with no tools and utilizing AI human video generator at scale. This article will demonstrate ways to set up an AI movie maker to create an AI video in this post on the blog.

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What is an AI-powered video creator?

AI video maker creates videos using sophisticated AI algorithms; the process involves giving the software either raw footage or a script to make a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing film. The data is then analyzed by the application that runs.

The AI video creator can create various movies, including instructional videos, product demonstrations, social networking videos, and several more. Text-to-video is the method most frequently used by AI producers to produce videos. The program creates a movie once the user puts the text into it.

How does an AI video generator work?

An AI movie generator uses machine learning strategies to analyze and interpret information. The tool's subsequent activity is to use its expertise to create a relevant video, which entails the following steps:

  • Intake of data: This is the initial phase, which requires the program to ingest the content, which might be unprocessed video footage, a written document, or any other relevant information.
  • Assessment: The program uses machine learning algorithms to assess the data, find pertinent content, and choose the setting for producing the film.
  • Making Video: In this situation, the computer software will utilize its comprehension to create a cohesive, attractive, and helpful film.
  • Clip editing: Once the video is produced, it may be honed to add the last few details, and a finished product can be made.

AI's Role in video content production

  • Boost Sales

A fascinating video may affect consumers' purchasing decisions and increase revenue.

  • Increase Traffic

When it comes to increasing traffic to your website, nothing can match the effectiveness of video content.

  • Encourage Social Shares

On social networking sites, videos get more views and shares than photos and text.

How to Make a Creative AI Video in 4 Steps?

Recently, AI-generated commercials are highly prevalent. Many companies and individuals employ AI human video generator technologies to produce exciting and shareable material. Here are the four steps that you need to do if you intend to create movies leveraging AI:

1. Add Media

The initial step is to upload all of the video's material, including the photos, text, and any necessary short clips. Add pictures or videos to the storyboard from your PC or stock photo collections. You may submit your materials to most video generators to make videos.

adding media

2. Customize

You must edit and tweak your movie when the program has finished. Add text, audio recordings, and narration to make your AI video unique. Most AI film creators have a customization feature that lets you choose your film's appearance.


3. Export

Editing completed, export the document. Get the different ratios and definitions of your artificial intelligence movie.


4. Publish

Share it directly to your blog or on Facebook or Twitter.

Best AI Video Generators in 2024

The best AI human video generator may help organizations improve their marketing strategy and reach a broader audience by simplifying some demanding labor processes in video production, boosting productivity, and offering customization choices.

The AI video creator can create various movies, including instructional videos, product demonstrations, social networking videos, and several more. Text-to-video is the method most frequently used by AI producers to produce videos. Find below the to for tools to create videos to get more views and shares.

1. Runway

runway interface

Runway's AI human video generator free makes creating and editing high-quality movies simple and quick. One of the best features of the application is that you never require any prior designing or video production experience. Instead of going through the occurrences to cut or segment the movie, mark the file segments you wish to remove, and Runway will take care of it.


  • Create films from scripts or articles;
  • Modify text for a video;
  • Create shareable highlights reels for videos;
  • Instantly describe and caption videos.
  • There are further chances for time savings on the Runway.
  • It can produce compressed log videos and generate movies from blog postings.
  • Lacks flashy animations and visuals
  • Templates occasionally do not suit the look.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Pricing: $12. per user, per Month

2. Raw Shorts

dashboard of raw shorts

The artificial intelligence (AI) creativity marketplace Raw Shorts. Since Raw Shorts uses automatic editing advances in technology, your short movie will be ready for broadcasting in minutes, compared to other AI video makers. Content producers that wish to expand their video promotion tactics should use this tool.


  • Specifically created for advertising
  • You are free to reuse any video content.
  • It enables you to customize your films, creates automatic subtitles, and even creates unique images from documents.
  • Raw Shorts provides an intelligent library for classifying your work.
  • Electronic brand matching
  • Editing creates AI-generated YouTube videos for other social media platforms.
  • Poor customer service

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Pricing: $8/Per Month.

3. Lumen5

interface of lumen5

You may turn the content into captivating visual tales for promotion and awareness of your company using the video-creation tool Lumen5. The program handles everything else; all you need to utilize is a pattern. It seeks for layouts that complement your text, extends them on a beautiful background, and is quite aesthetically pleasant..


  • It can edit films
  • Create collages from your photographs.
  • Quickly resizing videos
  • Add effects, graphics, and filters.
  • Many opportunities for modification
  • There are several price tiers to choose from.
  • Outstanding user interface
  • The free plan has few features.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Pricing: $29 per Month

4. FlexClip

dashboard of flexclip

FlexClip allows you to use the recording device, a graphic tablet, and screen recording capabilities all in one place, enabling you to turn a simple love song into a professional advertisement rapidly. The online price of this AI human video generator is now reasonable. In addition, you may add words to your videos and upload several tracks to use as the lyrics to your soundtrack.


  • Change the font, size, color, and positioning of the subtitles
  • The logical interface
  • Intriguing graphics and visual effects
  • Compatible with all movie formats.
  • Without any downloads or installations
  • With 1080p capability, free text, video,
  • Audio libraries can use a variety of text and visual effects.
  • Several limitations come with the free version.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Pricing: $119.88 billed annually

How is AI Video Generator shaping the world of video creation?

AI video creators are altering the way we produce videos. Free AI human video generator may produce pertinent, aesthetically pleasing, and coherent films using artificial intelligence techniques to assess data and comprehend context. This type of technology is reliable, consistent, adaptable, and scalable. It also saves time and money.

Human AI video generator currently does various tasks, including constructing plots based on the information provided, producing ideas for images, automating voiceovers, producing subtitles. You can use AI video makers to make the whole thing more affordable, scalable, and quick. Users may make video clips using AI with no tools and utilizing AI video generators at scale. It can even offer thumbnail concepts to present the completed movie.

The development of AI video generators is ongoing. In the years to come, AI will facilitate the production of videos even more, gradually simplifying the procedure for you. By adapting to various kinds of learners, AI-powered solutions used in video creation may increase the remembrance of your information. The teams of developers and end users may greatly benefit from AI-driven video creation features.

Conclusion: Video content is essential for marketing in the digital age

Tools for creating AI generated human video can be helpful for many different teams in many other sectors. Even if they do not have experience in video creation, teams from advertising to education may rapidly generate interesting video content with AI video generators. We may anticipate even more cutting-edge uses of AI in the advertising sector as this technology develops.

AI-powered courses are ideal for organizations of all sizes since they can accommodate many students. By employing AI human video generator, businesses can future-proof their educational initiatives and ensure their relevance and effectiveness for years.


  • Can I customize AI-generated videos?
    You can make it uniquely yours by changing text, colors, fonts, songs, and many other aspects of a film.
  • Is it free to turn text into video?
    You can turn Word into a video for free in specific online programs. You can also embed the movie on websites or post it on social media.
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