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Effortless MP4 Video Compression Online: Simplified Techniques and Tools

Eleanor Reed
Eleanor Reed Originally published Jun 25, 23, updated May 23, 24

Are your video files big and want to compress it with the help of an online mp4 compressor? Videos have become an essential part of our lives in the digital age, whether for pleasure, education, or business presentations. Large video file sizes, on the other hand, can be difficult to store, share, and stream. Here's when MP4 video compression comes in handy. MP4 video compression is the technique of lowering the file size of an MP4 video while maintaining its quality.

mp4 video compression online

Several internet tools are now available that make it simple to compress MP4 videos. These technologies enable users to upload videos, select compression settings, and compress them immediately on the platform. This post will look at simple approaches and tools for online MP4 video compression, allowing you to optimize your films for various uses while saving storage space and assuring seamless streaming.

In this article
  1. Why Is It Necessary To Compress An MP4 File?
    1. TYPE 1: Lossy Compression
    2. TYPE 2: Lossless Compression
    1. METHOD 1: Modify MP4 Video Output Settings
    2. METHOD 2: Use MP4 Cutter to Trim Your MP4 Video File
    3. METHOD 3: MP4 to FLV or WMV conversion
    2. TOOL 2: Media.io
    3. TOOL 3: FreeConvert
  2. Comparison of the Tools Listed Above
  3. Bonus Tip: What If Your Photo Gets Damaged Or Corrupted
  4. Closure

Why Is It Necessary To Compress An MP4 File?

Compressing an MP4 file serves various functions. It reduces file size, allowing for more efficient storage and transmission. This is critical in today's digital landscape, where high file sizes can strain storage systems and consume a lot of bandwidth during transfers.

the need to compress mp4 video file

As compressed MP4 files can be swiftly uploaded and downloaded, they are easier to share over the Internet and email. Compression is especially important in streaming services, where it allows for seamless playback by lowering data transfer requirements. Users may minimize storage space, increase data transfer speeds, and improve overall streaming and sharing experiences by compressing MP4 files.

Types of Video Compression

TYPE 1: Lossy Compression

Lossy compression is a video compression method that reduces file size by permanently eliminating information deemed unimportant to human vision. It provides better compression ratios than lossless compression but at the expense of some video quality.

lossy video compression

Lossy algorithms assess the video data during the compression process and remove less obvious or redundant details, such as high-frequency noise or slight color fluctuations. This results in a decreased file size, which also means some visual information is lost. MPEG (including MPEG-4 and H.264) and AVI are popular lossy video compression formats. When efficient file size reduction is a priority, lossy compression is often utilized for online video streaming, video-sharing platforms, and multimedia apps.

TYPE 2: Lossless Compression

Lossless compression, as the name implies, is a video compression technology that keeps all of the video's original information without sacrificing quality. It accomplishes compression by locating and removing superfluous data inside the video clip, resulting in a smaller file size without sacrificing visual integrity.

lossless video compression

Lossless compression is frequently employed in circumstances when retaining the original video quality is critical, such as professional video editing, archive storage, or when the video must go through numerous editing or processing processes without degradation. At the same time, lossless compression produces better video quality but greater file sizes than lossy compression.

Typical Methods for Reducing MP4 Video File Size

METHOD 1: Modify MP4 Video Output Settings

Step 1: Drag your MP4 video file into the main interface.

Step 2: Click the Format icon on your MP4 video's right side. Select one of the profiles and then click the gear Settings icon.

Step 3: Change the video quality to Customize in the Edit Profile window. You can later choose the video encoder, resolution, frame rate, and bitrate. To make a new compressed MP4 profile, click Create New.

Step 4: To export the compressed MP4 movie, click Convert All. After MP4 compression, go to the Converted section to see the output.

METHOD 2: Use MP4 Cutter to Trim Your MP4 Video File

Step 1: Launch the converter. To browse and add your MP4 video, click Add Files. Here’s an example of Tipard Video Converter Ultimate:

open the converter

Step 2: Select the Scissors symbol next to your MP4 file. You can divide videos into segments with specified start and end times here. To save the MP4 video clip, click Save.

trim the video

Step 3: Combine many MP4 video snippets into a single file if necessary. To compress MP4 video, select Convert All.

combine snippets and save the video

METHOD 3: MP4 to FLV or WMV conversion

Step 1: Launch the converter. To import your MP4 files, click +.

Step 2: Expand the Convert All to list in the MP4 compressor software's upper right corner. MP4 files can be batch compressed to FLV or other formats. Of course, you may convert MP4 to other formats by clicking the Format icon. Customizing profile settings is possible.

Step 3: To convert MP4 files to FLV or WMV format, click Convert All. You can decrease the size of an MP4 video by converting it to a smaller file.

A Few Online Tools for MP4 File Compression


If your MP4 video file size is manageable, you can also utilize an online video compressor to compress your MP4 video. There are numerous online MP4 video compressors available. This post will use mp4compress.com as an example to demonstrate how to reduce video file size online.

mp4 compress user interface

Step 1: On your phone or PC, go to mp4compress.com.

Step 2: Click Select File to import a 500MB MP4 video. Then, to confirm, click Upload Video File.

Step 3: MP4Compress will automatically compress MP4 video online. So please be patient while the MP4 online compression is completed.

Step 4: Click Download File to save the compressed MP4 file to your computer.

Features of MP4 Compressor

Feature 1: Customizable settings
Feature 2: Preset Profiles
Feature 3: Batch processing

TOOL 2: Media.io

Media.io is an excellent video compression tool that helps you to decrease the size of your video or audio clip without sacrificing its original quality. The process for compressing videos is similarly quite straightforward.

media.io command line interface

Step 1: Drag & drop the file to be compressed.

Step 2: Choose an output format from a list of 1000 alternatives.

Step 3: Click the Compress button.

The speed is 30 times faster than a standard video compression tool.

You are free to compress any video you choose. Whether it's a 4K video or a 480p resolution, Media.io will quickly compress it. Because of the smart output capability, you can easily alter the video size with a single click.

Features of Media.io

Feature 1: Supports over 1000 different video formats.

Feature 2: There is no watermark.

Feature 3: Intelligent output settings.

Feature 4: It's as simple as dragging and dropping.

TOOL 3: FreeConvert

FreeConvert is a simple online conversion/compression tool for your pictures, videos, audio, and documents. Although scary, it is rather simple and allows you to convert your video or music file to any format & size you require. This is by far the best MP4 compressor available.

Step 1: Select the type of file you want to compress (picture, document, audio, video). It will take you to a screen where you have to upload the file.

Step 2: Select the format in which you want the result.

Step 3: After receiving your instruction, the video will do the labor while you wait for the result.

It also protects your privacy by removing your uploaded files from their server after processing.

free convert user interface

Features of Free Convert

Feature 1: Audio, video, and image converter/compressor are included.

Feature 2: Supports a wide range of output formats.

Feature 3: Only available online.

Feature 4: Files are safely uploaded using the HTTPS connection.

Comparison of the Tools Listed Above

There are various online tools available for compressing MP4 file formats. Let's take a look at three well-known tools: MP4Compress, Media.io, and FreeConvert.

MP4Compress has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to upload your MP4 films and select the necessary compression settings. It allows you to alter video quality, resolution, and file size, making it simple to tailor the compression to your needs.

Media.io is well-known for its adaptability, supporting various video formats, including MP4. It provides various compression options, including entering the desired output file size or selecting from predefined compression settings. Media.io also includes tools such as video editing and format conversion.

Another dependable program for compressing MP4 files online is FreeConvert. It provides simple compression features like video quality adjustment and file size reduction. It also allows you to select the target output file size or keep the video's original resolution.

Overall, all three technologies are effective for online MP4 file compression. The decision is based on your requirements, interface preferences, and any other functionality you desire. You should check out each tool to see which one best meets your needs.

Bonus Tip: What If Your Photo Gets Damaged Or Corrupted

Wondershare's Repairit - online photo repair has built a competitive and user-friendly image repair solution. Using its simple interface, you can rapidly convert damaged images to format and restore data. You can use Wondershare Repairit to recover unreadable photos. It acknowledges the value of images in your life because they hold treasured memories. Let's have a look at how to erase white spots from images with Wondershare Repairit.

online photo repair by wondershare repairit
Step 1: Upload Damaged Images

Drag your damaged photographs into the photo repair functional area or upload them using the "+Add" button to begin started.

When you're through uploading photographs, the interface will display information about each one.

Step 2: Start The Repair Process.

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Step 3: Review And Save Your Photos.

After completing the Quick Repair or Advanced Repair, you may examine the images and select which ones to copy to your local computer.

To see and download photos, click the "preview" and "download" icons. Click "Download All" to download all repaired photos at once.


MP4 video compression is a necessary procedure that helps us to minimize video file size while retaining acceptable quality. With the availability of many web programs, compressing MP4 videos has become straightforward. These technologies make compression easier to use by offering user-friendly interfaces and intuitive features, making it accessible to both pros and casual users.

In any case you have damaged and corrupted photos, you can use Wondershare Repairit Online Photo Repair to fix them. It is a good tools that can fix your photos with just a few clicks. You may optimize your films for many reasons, improve storage efficiency, and assure smooth streaming experiences by using these simple approaches and tools for MP4 video compression.


  • FAQ 1: What exactly is MP4 video compression, and why is it significant?
    Answer: The technique of lowering the file size of an MP4 video while keeping an acceptable level of quality is referred to as MP4 video compression. It is significant because reduced file sizes make video storage, transport, and streaming easier, particularly over the Internet.
  • FAQ 2: How can I easily compress an MP4 video online?
    Answer: Various online programs can help you with the MP4 video compressing process. These tools often allow you to upload your video file, select your compression settings, and then compress it immediately on their platform. After that, the compressed video can be downloaded and utilized as needed.
  • FAQ 3: What methods of MP4 video compression are routinely used?
    Answer: Lossy compression and bitrate reduction are two popular MP4 video compression techniques. Lossy compression discards less visible data to human eyes, resulting in a smaller file size. Bitrate reduction reduces the amount of data processed per second, which results in a smaller file size but may sacrifice some video quality.
    compressing mp4 video online
  • FAQ 4: Do online MP4 video compressing programs have any limitations?
    Answer: While online MP4 video compressing tools are helpful, they have certain drawbacks. The maximum file size for compression may range between platforms. Furthermore, certain tools may limit video resolution, time, or format compatibility. Before using any instrument, it is critical to understand its specific limits.
  • FAQ 5: What elements should I take into account when compressing an MP4 video?
    Answer: It's critical to balance file size and video quality while compressing an MP4 movie. Consider the desired amount of compression (smaller file size versus better quality), the intended use of the video (e.g., streaming, archiving), and the viewing devices of the target audience (e.g., mobile, desktop). Experimenting with different compression settings can assist you in determining the best balance for your specific needs.
Eleanor Reed
Eleanor Reed May 23, 24
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Eleanor Reed
Written by Eleanor Reed
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