You are aware of how much people enjoy watching videos, and that you need to produce more of it. So, now is a fantastic time to start.AI video generators have made it simpler than ever to produce videos from text without the use of actors, cameras, or video editing expertise. This approach is a great way to improve your content development efforts because it is not only affordable but also scalable. So, do you want to know which is the best free AI video generator? If yes, then read this article as it will explain the 6 best free AI video generators.

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  1. What Exactly AI Video Generator Is?
    1. GliaCloud
    2. Hour One
    3. Lumen5
    5. Pictory
    6. Designs.AI

Part 1: What Exactly AI Video Generator Is?

Before knowing the best AI video generator for free, it is quite important to understand what exactly an AI video generator is. So, let’s define it!

An artificial Intelligence video generator is a way to create beautiful videos. You can make a video without any tools, an editing facility, or a high-end video editing program by using a free AI video generator. The AI tool will automatically assist you in creating a video if you only provide it with input. With these tools, you can quickly convert a blog article into a video.

Part 2: Top 5 Free AI Video Generators

As you know what exactly AI video generator is. Now, it is useful to know the top 6 AI video generators. So, let’s see free AI video generators below:

1. GliaCloud

GliaCloud converts articles from news websites, business websites, and lifestyle websitesinto videos.It can make a video from any data that needs to be extracted. To highlight particular points in your movies, you can use many GliaCloud capabilities. To select the ideal agent to represent your videos, you can add background music. And, then manually record your voice, or use the robot voice generator provided by GliaCloud.

gliacloud video generator


  • Make as many as 50 videos.
  • Get access to millions of photos, videos, and GIFs.
  • Summarization of text automatically.
  • It supports 1080p-quality high-resolution videos.
  • Up to 60 gigabytes of upload storage are available.


  • A 14-day free trial and variable pricing are available with GliaStudio. However, you will have to complete a form for this trial.
  • No prior knowledge is necessarydue to the simple user interface.
  • English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and more languages are all supported.
  • For better video quality, there are many templates and licensed media components.
  • Websites that load quickly and have been optimized for SEO.
  • A seamless and ideal user experience.
  • Not simple to maintain over time.

2. Hour One

Another AI video generator for free is Hour One. This AI video generator collaborates with companies including Intel, and Microsoft. You can ask for a unique character to symbolize your business or utilize virtual humans as presenters in your films. Also, it contains many accents, rhythms, and voices so you can use the ideal vocal combination for your characters.

hour one video


  • Published videos that last up to three minutes.
  • Customized characters.
  • Access to stock media is unrestricted.
  • Includes more than 60 languages.


  • The Hour One plan is free forever! It also offers premium plans, with monthly starting prices of $30.
  • You can set your brand colors with this for a better technique.
  • Price ranges that are affordable and tiered.
  • the choice to purchase additional minutes as needed.
  • the editor's ability to create images from text.
  • The inability to adjust fonts
  • The editor sometimes runs slowly and has glitches.
  • AI avatars don't appear realistic enough to be considered lifelike.

3. Lumen5

A.I.-powered Lumen5 is a video creator that assists you in producing interesting video material. Lumen will automatically discover the ideal audio and graphics based on any type of content that you provide, such as a blog entry.

lumen5 ai video


  • Every month, an infinite number of videos.
  • Captions are generated automatically.
  • Millions of stock pictures and movies are available in the content collection.
  • There are numerous templates available.
  • Allows for the resolution, color, and text to be changed for videos.


  • Other plans start at $19 per month and are available in addition to their free unlimited plan. You can use them to invite team members and remove the Lumen5 logo.
  • Using a drag-and-drop interface, Lumen5 is simple to learn and utilize.
  • It may quickly transform your blog post into a video.
  • Works incredibly well for social media videos that are brief.
  • Your company branding can be configured once in the AI movie maker, and it will be used for all of your videos.
  • Perhaps more laborious to use than other online AI video creator tools.
  • For the ability to use stock films or modify the video editor's colors and fonts, you must purchase the "beginning" plan.
  • The majority of stock video content is American-focused.

4. Veed

The next AI video-creation tool is Veed which provides a variety of templates for users to select from. Depending on your tastes, sector, and style, you can choose a template. Without prior experience or design expertise, you can produce AI videos using Veed in a few minutes. The text, photos, and video that you supply are used to automatically create the videos. The videos can also be altered to reflect the branding and aesthetic of your company. video generator


  • There are interactive multimedia templates and a soundtrack library available.
  • User-friendly, simple-to-use interface.
  • The speed of video rendering is impressive.
  • The fundamental design has an excellent resolution.


There are four price ranges on

  • Free Plan: Appropriate for occasional, ten-minute videos (watermarked)
  • Basic: $15 per month, with 720 minutes of subtitle creation time per year.
  • Pro: Auto subtitles are $20 per month for 1440 minutes per year and include a brand kit.
  • Business: Subtitles, personalized templates, and analytics are $75 per month for 8000 minutes.
  • Quick rendering speeds for videos.
  • Simple to use and learn.
  • Makes excellent videos for social media platforms of all kinds.
  • Mobile use is challenging.
  • Video exporting can be challenging for some people.

5. Pictory

Anybody looking for AI video editing solutions can choose Pictory. It makes it simple to make professional-looking videos for any social media site thanks to a variety of tools and possibilities. The AI generator is also user-friendly. So, anyone with no prior training or experience in video editing can edit videos rapidly. This is a great option for producing professional personal or marketing videos quickly at a cheap cost.

pictory video generator


  • Offers a huge selection of templates that may be altered to meet any requirement.
  • Automatically creates new videos using existing content.
  • Every video on Pictory has transcription added automatically.
  • You can check out Pictory's “Basic” pricing level for free before you decide to purchase it!


  • Standard Level: $19 per month, with a monthly production limit of 30 films and a maximum of 10 hours of video transcription.
  • Premium: $39 per month; up to 60 videos and 20 hours of video transcribing every month.
  • Creates videos quickly by matching stock videos to your text or voice!
  • Quickly transforms blog entries into videos for social media!
  • Beginners may use it with ease.
  • Text-to-speech AI voice generator is included, making voiceovers for videos simple and fast.
  • Includes the use of stock footage, which keeps the monthly cost low.
  • Has a superb online creative community on Facebook.
  • Has a free trial but the software does not have a free version.
  • The audio sometimes cuts off, according to some users, although this does not seem to be a regular problem.

6. Designs.AI

You can create attractive videos from your blog posts and articles with the video generator. This AI video generator helps you swiftly design logos, films, and banners. The website also offers a collection of stock images and video clips that you may use for your project. Without needing expensive tools or software, high-quality videos may be made using Simply choose a template, edit it as desired, and create a video that wows your viewers. generator


  • Make multiple projects.
  • Unlimited production of videos.
  • More than 20,000 templates are available.
  • Provides access to 170 million photos and over 10 million videos.
  • 50 voices and more than 500K audio files are available.


The following two pricing packages are available from Designs.AI:

  • Basic plan: This plan, which costs $29 per month, is ideal for people who want to make brief movies.
  • Pro plan: Small teams and business owners that require expert video editing and templates should choose this option. Your monthly expense is $69.
  • Cost-wise, the basic edition is excellent.
  • Use their risk-free trial to test it out.
  • Suitable for those who struggle with branding and visual design.
  • Numerous video templates for various types of websites.
  • It takes sometimes for the video to upload.


So, that’s it! These are the free AI video generator tools. So, if you are looking for a way to save time and money while designing your creative projects, do try these AI video generators for free.

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