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The final stage of producing audio tracks is audio mastering. Simply put, audio mastering or music mastering refers to giving fine touches to your song. It covers preparing a track for distribution, making sure that it is consistent across the file, and improving the overall sound effects. The process of music mastering includes optimizing peak and average volume levels and fine-tuning your audio track.

You can achieve a balanced level by using equalization or compression tools. Hundreds of similar software are available in the market. Choosing a random one may not be worth it. To make this job easier, we have spent hours searching for credible best free mastering online tools. This article presents a brief summary and key features of each online song mastering utility.

The 6 Best Free Online Audio Mastering Tools to Benefit From

Though a long list of online song mastering utilities is available, selecting reliable ones often becomes a difficult job. But you don’t need to worry, as we have listed the top-rated free online music mastering tools.

1. Maztr

It is an autonomous online audio mastering utility that understands the users’ requirements based on their settings using its intelligent engine. This tool offers native support for cloud storage. This feature enables you to download songs sitting from anywhere across the world. If you want to get better control, you can select genre, intensity, and custom EQ settings.

The best thing associated with Maztr is that you can produce unique sound effects with this tool. It also helps you avoid generic sounds that are usually created by traditional online music mastering utilities. These factors have contributed to setting this audio mastering tool apart.

online audio mastering with maztr


$0 (free trial), $4.99 per month (MP3 Plan), $9.99 per month (Pro Plan), and $19.99 per month (Pro Plus Plan)

Key Features

  • It features unlimited MP3 audio mastering
  • You can download unlimited tracks with this tool
  • You can get 1 MP3 stem per day
  • It allows you to preview the track unlimited times unless it gets smooth
  • It comes with affordable paid plans

2. Ian Knowles Mastering

The drag-and-drop mastering feature makes this online software an ideal choice for fine-tuning your tracks. Everything is associated with the browser, so you don’t need to download or upload files. In addition, Ian Knowles Mastering is perfect for releases, streaming, and demos. This tool comes with a one-of-its-kind online mastering suite, namely “Blackbox.”

The Blackbox helps you add loudness and quality to your track and provides you with the perfect balance to match top-notch productions. In addition, it utilizes analog-style audio mastering to consider user preferences when configuring settings. With Ian Knowles Mastering, you can enhance the quality of all genres, including Indie, Breakbeat, Rock, Hip Hop, Pop, Dance, and the list continues.

song mastering online for free with ian knowles masteringr


Free to use

Key Features

  • You can upload audio files easily with drag-and-drop features
  • It features ceiling control, clarity, brightness, loudness release, stereo cut frequency, compression, and much more.
  • This tool makes audio fine-tuning very easy.
  • You have the option to extract the output file at any sample rate in WAV and AIFF formats.It comes with a dynamic range, integrated loudness, LUFS, and RMS loudness metering.

3. Mastering Box

It is another incredible free online music mastering software that is known for offering quick mastering outcomes. This tool configures perfect mastering settings by analyzing the spectral and dynamic characteristics of your song. Thousands of people from around the globe know this tool for featuring easy and fast processing.

This utility was introduced by a team of dedicated and professional musicians because they were on a mission to help other musicians with a compact production process that produces hi-res songs or music. One thing that sets this online song mastering tool apart is that you can upload more than one song and master them simultaneously.

song mastering online free with the mastering boxr


It masters your audio tracks for free

Key Features

  • It carefully analyzes the audio characteristics and processes them accordingly.
  • You can introduce proper loudness and improved quality to your songs with this tool.
  • It comes with EQ control settings.
  • This tool enables you to master a single song quickly. You can master the entire album as well within a few minutes.
  • Mastering Box maintains a good frequency balance to produce a clean sound.You have the option to upload audio files from your phone into its mobile app.

4. AI Mastering

This is a well-known free online music mastering utility that offers high-quality music mastering. In addition, AI Mastering takes your songs closer to professional music by improving loudness and sound quality.

The powerful limiter of AI Mastering balances the dynamic range and loudness of your audio tracks to produce balanced music. In simple words, when it comes to improving your music skills, this tool is listed at the top. It keeps you fully focused when giving fine touches to your audio tracks.

free online audio mastering with ai mastering


You can master your audio for free with this tool

Key Features

  • The user interface is appealing that offers drag-and-drop features
  • You can master unlimited songs online
  • The customization of output formats, mastering level, and target loudness is available.
  • This tool performs loudness and spectrum analysis to help you produce music close to commercial tracks.It utilizes the power of Machine Learning to master music efficiently.

5. Landr

It is a cloud-based online music mastering tool. Unlike many other similar utilities, Landr is considered the industry leader when it comes to audio mastering at an affordable price. This utility features the integration of different platforms. In addition, you can master audio files of any format with this unique tool. With the effective use of Artificial Intelligence, Landr masters your songs to match them with the world’s current music demands. You can balance individual songs throughout the album and maintain high-quality sound for them. Many users are big fans of the listening experience Landr offers. It does not matter whether you are an experienced musician or new to the music industry, Landr will be your helping hand.

free online music mastering with landr


$0 (free trial), $19.99 per month (monthly plan), and $11.99 per month (billed annually)

Key Features

  • It features file management and digital workstations for mastering music.
  • This tool offers support for cloud backups.
  • Different audio mastering options, like Open, Balanced, and Warm, are available.
  • You get free samples from all popular genres.AI mastering provides you with volume matching.

6. Major Decibel

This tool makes digital audio mastering very convenient and quick at the same time. The primary goal associated with Major Decibel is to master all kinds of music. This utility doesn’t utilize the support of any 3rd party audio hardware or software while processing tracks.

It uses advanced signal-processing techniques for music mastering to provide a better listening experience compared to most commercial equipment. All you need to do is upload your song and leave the rest on the powerful servers of Major Decibel. It does its job within minutes.

online song mastering with major decibel


$0 (free trial), $6 per month (monthly plan), and $25 per month (billed annually)

Key Features

  • With the free trial, you can master two songs per month.
  • You get three audio mastering options, e.g., high, medium, and low.
  • It features 5 different equalization options after mastering your music, including Warmer, Neutral, Bright, Warm, and Brighter.
  • It allows you to upload a sample file for reference audio mastering
  • This tool comes with multiple music mastering settings and options

Final Words

When creating good quality music, mastering plays a crucial role. The key processes of audio mastering include; stereo enhancement, equalization, compression, and limiting. It varnishes your music to provide an unmatchable listening experience on all devices. Commercial songs are always launched after getting fine-tuned by professional audio mastering utilities.

Today’s market has a long list of desktop-based and online song mastering tools. Millions of users prefer using online utilities because they don’t ask you to download any application on your operating system. The discussion above has presented the 6 best free mastering online software to try in 2024 and beyond.

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