How to Adjust Color and Transform Your Photos Overview

Adjustment is necessary to alter the photo's primary color to make it appear professional. There are multiple tools and Software that can easily provide you with various features to adjust the color of the photos. It is important to adjust dull pictures' colors to make them vibrant and clear.

The color adjustment process involves balance, hue, brightness, contrast, etc. Adjusting the different components of color enhancement can improve a photo's overall quality and appearance. Most people do not understand how to adjust the color and saturation of the image. So many AI tools give you auto adjustment features that help you to enhance the image's color.

What's the difference between Color adjusting and Color replacing?

Color existing and color replacing are two different techniques that involve photo editing. The color-adjusting process involves fixing the image's brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, shadow, etc. You can enhance the overall look and quality of the image with the help of color-adjusting tools.

Color replacement is the process involving the change of the main color of the image. The color-replacing process is used to change the main color of the image. In case you want to hide or show a single color scheme on screen. However, color replacing is a far different process than color adjusting.

What Can You Actually Do With Adobe Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is a popular software used for photo editing and color adjusting. It is a very popular software for creating variable projects and professional editing.

color balance interface

You can experience multiple features in this Software like editing photos, creating graphics, designing web pages, creating digital art, editing videos, etc. All this photo creation is possible through a single platform Adobe Photoshop. Now with Adobe Photoshop, everything becomes easy and quick regarding photo editing.

Besides simple editing and existing color, the user can develop the images and create art in high pixels. Adobe PhotoShop has a wide range of tools you can explore while editing or modifying Photos.

List of Popular Tools to Adjust Color of an Image

Looking for the best tools to adjust the color in your photo? We got it all for you! Multiple applications and Software can present you with variable options for adjusting the image's colour. Most importantly, you need to understand how this Software can help you with colour adjustment.

With powerful color-adjusting tools, you can experience multiple features in Repairit Online AI photo Colorizer. With powerful AI technology, you can enjoy the auto-adjusting feature that guides you with picture color correction. Using the AI photo Colorizer, you can easily enhance old photos' color.

1. Repairit online AI Photo Colorizer:

Repairit Online AI photo Colorizer is the most powerful Software that can adjust hue color, contrast, brightness, etc., with a simple process. You can easily process black and white pictures in colorful pictures with the powerful AI of Repairit.

repairit online ai photo colorizer editing

The Software supports multiple formats and can process up to 30 MB of images. This tool is mostly used for restoring historical pictures and giving life to dull and gray-scale images. Experience the smartest feature in Repairit online AI Photo Colorizer tool.


  • Color eyes black and white images with the help of AI.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Restore old and damaged images.
  • Convert images into multiple formats.
  • Fast processing.
  • Multiple options for customization.
  • Produce realistic images.
  • It's free and easy to use.
  • Require further editing.
  • Require Internet connection in some editing.


  • Free for 3 photos
  • One-month license $ 9.99

2. Adobe Photoshop:

Adobe Photoshop is a widely used software for editing and creating high-quality pictures. Professional designers and artists photographers widely use the Software for various purposes. You can experience a wide range of features and tools in Photoshop that includes color adjustment, image layering, retouching, etc.

adobe photoshop editing

Adobe PhotoShop has multiple preset colour settings you can apply to your photo to automatically enhance the photo's colour. Additionally, if you set any preset colour setting, you can adjust the effect's power and ratio on the photo by moving the slider.


  • Powerful masking tools.
  • Preset color settings.
  • Advanced photo editing capabilities.
  • Support multiple image formats.
  • High-quality results.
  • Quick access guide to learn to edit.
  • A vast range of editing tools.
  • Compatible with other Adobe software for extracting image
  • A high-specification system is required.
  • Multiple features unlock when you buy a paid subscription.
  • Complex interface


  • 7-day free subscription.
  • Monthly package at $ 31.49.
  • Early billed monthly package at $ 20.99.
  • Yearly upfront package at $ 239.88.

3. Lightroom:

Lightroom is another popular software developed by Adobe. The Software is specifically programmed to edit images and make the color adjustment. Two main components of Lightroom, i.e. Lightroom Classic for desktop and Lightroom CC cloud-based version.

adobe lightroom editing

You can experience features and automated presets to adjust the image's colour. Moreover, Lightroom gives you many advantages in announcing the quality of the image without reducing the size and resolution of the image. Learn everything about Lightroom and all features you can experience with this Software.


  • Non-destructive editing capabilities.
  • Advanced colour correction.
  • Support multiple file formats.
  • Cloud storage is available for storing photos.
  • Automated Presets.
  • Integrate with mobile devices.
  • Multiple adjusting tools.
  • Smooth processing.
  • Complex interface.
  • Advanced editing features are not available.
  • Multiple editing options are available on subscription plans.


  • Lightrooms with 20GB cloud storage: $9.99 per month or $ 119.88 per year.
  • Lightroom with 1TB cloud storage: $ 19.99 per month and $ 239.88 per year.

4. Capture One Pro:

Capture One Pro is a professional-grade photo editing software. The Software is designed to fulfill the need of the user to process professional quality images. No matter if you have an average-quality camera, you can enhance the picture quality with the help of Capture One Pro.

capture one pro editing

It allows the user to adjust white balance and fix the image's exposure, contrast and saturation. Additionally, this Software provides you with advanced layer-based editing tools to make precise photo adjustments. Moreover, you can directly connect your camera with this Software, which will easily drag the images from storage.


  • Raw image processing.
  • Advance color grading.
  • Layer-based editing.
  • Lens Correction.
  • High-quality raw image processing.
  • Lens Correction tools.
  • Customizable user interface.
  • Advanced colour grading capabilities.
  • Complex usability.
  • Limited asset management capacities.
  • Expensive to access the full version.


  • Free trial
  • Monthly subscription at $ 24.
  • Annual subscription at $ 179.

5. GIMP:

GIMP (GNU image manipulation program) is a free and powerful software for editing images. It has multiple functions and tools that enable you to adjust colour and make your picture look vibrant. The application is available for Windows, Macbook, and LINUX operating systems.

gimp editing

The interesting part is that you can customize your screen layout so it will come easy for users to access the tools quickly. GIMP also supports plugins and scripts, allowing users to add new tools and features. Moreover, GIMP also supports multiple file formats, making it easy and reliable.


  • Image editing software.
  • Customizable interface.
  • Support plugins.
  • Multiple color correction features.
  • Free and open source software.
  • Usable in Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Comprehensive image editing tools.
  • Smooth processing.
  • Complex working.
  • Does not support CMYK color mode.
  • Performance issues


  • Free Software.

6. Color Efex Pro:

Color Efex Pro is a plugin software that provides various features and tools for colour adjustment online. This Software is designed to work as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and other standard photo editing applications.

color efex pro editing

You can experience more than 50 filters and effects while using this application. It has multiple preset and automated filters that can create different visuals in the image. It is a popular tool for photographers and web designers to create artistic and unique images.


  • Multiple filters
  • Selective adjustment
  • Customizable presets
  • U-point technology
  • Quick and easy response.
  • Automatic colour correction tool.
  • Precise colour adjustment.
  • Multiple colour effects.
  • Sometimes they provide Poor results.
  • Multiple errors.
  • Extreme colour enhancing.


  • 30-day free trial.
  • Nik Collection 5 at $149.
  • DxO ViewPoint4 at $ 99.

Advantage of Hue/Saturation Tool in Photoshop

Hue/saturation tool is an image editing tool that permits the user to adjust the hue saturation intensity of the image. These tools can enhance the overall quality and colour of the image. You can fix the hue and colour saturation to make the image more vivid and bright. If you can understand the use of these two editing components, it becomes very easy for you to adjust the image's colour.


It is very necessary to understand the color contrast of an image to adjust the colours in different applications. Much Software can help you in different fields to enhance the overall color and reduce the grain of the image.

We shared a list of tools that are more efficient and powerful in adjusting the colour in different Software. With the help of these colour adjusters, you can produce professional-quality images on your desktop. Therefore read every spec of the tools to find your best source for photo editing.


  • Q1 What app can change the color of your picture?
    Most photo editing apps can change the colour of the picture. Changing the colour and adjusting the colour are two different things. You can easily change the colour by adjusting the saturation. To enhance the color, you should use brightness, contrast, hue, etc.
  • Q2 How do I adjust color in Photoshop?
    There are multiple ways to adjust colour in Photoshop. It completely depends on the user if they want to adjust the color manually, or you can use presets to fix the contrast.
  • Q3 How do I add a color adjustment layer in Photoshop?
    Photoshop layering allows you to add color and different layers in different parts. With the photoshop adjust colour of layer process, you can focus on the precise detailing of the image. Therefore it gives you a diversity of editing and adjusting image color.
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