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Getting Ready to Print: Top CMYK Color Code Converters

Eleanor Reed
Eleanor Reed Originally published Dec 13, 23, updated Apr 09, 24
best tools for converting to cmyk

Using a subtractive color model that starts from an all-white background, the CMYK format, which stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black), subtracts light, reproducing colorful results in print. That makes CMYK the top format for the printing stage of the design process.

However, other design stages use different color representation systems. Computers use HEX and RGB, while RAL is excellent for painting on physical surfaces.

That creates a need for CMYK color-code converters, and today, we’ll show you what they are and the benefits of using them. We’ll also provide a list of the best tools for these conversions.

In this article
    1. CMYKTool
    2. Convert a Color
    3. RapidTables CMYK to RGB
    4. Color Designer Convert CMYK to HEX
    5. Nix Sensor Color Converter
    6. URL-Decode CMYK to HEX

What Are CMYK Color Code Converters

CMYK color code converters are digital tools that help designers transform their artwork’s colors into the CMYK system, getting the design ready for the printing stage. They’re also great for converting colors from CMYK into other color systems.

For example, converting CMYK to RAL prepares your artwork for another phase – painting on physical surfaces.

Benefits of Using Color Code Converters

Transitioning between design stages requires converting colors from one format to another, and color code converters can significantly help the process, bringing various benefits to the table:

  • Color Consistency and Precision – Different graphic design apps, systems, and platforms use different color representation systems, and color code converters are an excellent way to ensure consistency between them;
  • Effortless Communication – Using color-code converters can benefit graphic and web design teams, letting colleagues share colors and avoiding confusion typical to describing colors or screenshotting your designs;
  • Efficient Workflow – Whether manually used through a website or design tool or integrated into scripts for automated processes, color code converters can significantly enhance your workflow and streamline your design processes.

While the aforementioned benefits mainly apply to graphic and web designers, CMYK color-code converters can have other advantages that depend on your work. What’s certain is that these tools are necessary, so let’s check out the best ones.

Best CMYK Color Code Converters

Now that we know more about color code converters and the benefits of using one, we can jump into the best tools for the job. Below are the top six CMYK color code converters of 2023.


cmyktool cmyk color code converter

As its name suggests, CMYKTool is a perfect website for handling conversion to and from the CMYK color system. The website can effortlessly handle CMYK to RGB, RAL, HEX, NCS, HSL, LAB, and PMS conversion and vice versa, but it also features other helpful tools.

Additions like the CMYK generator, color wheel, and color picker, the ability to pick CMYK and RGB values from an image, grayscale conversions, and the complete Pantone CMYK color guide make CMYKTool the best RGB to CMYK converter for any graphic or web designers working with this color system.


  • The website supports conversions from RGB, RAL, HEX, NCS, LAB, HSL, and PMS to CMYK and vice versa;
  • CMYKTool has additional color tools like a CMYK color wheel, color picker, and generator;
  • You can easily extract RGB and CMYK values from an image with RGB and CMYK pickers.


There are no pricing plans, as CMYKTool is entirely free to use.

  • CMYKTool is a web-based app accessible on any device without downloads or installs;
  • Conversions to and from CMYK into other color systems are quick and effortless.
  • The website exclusively deals with the CMYK color system.

Convert a Color

convert a color cmyk converter

Rickard Westerlind created Convert a Color as the most straightforward color conversion website. It’s characterized by a simple and colorful interface with color codes and nothing else, and it’s a great option if you’re looking for a straight-to-the-point CMYK color-code converter.

However, as the screenshot suggests, this website isn’t the answer if you’re after a graphic designer toolkit and other helpful color tools. While it handles HEX, RGB, HSL, and CMYK color conversions, Convert a Color can’t do anything else.


  • The website supports HEX, RGB, HSL, and CMYK color systems;
  • RGB color codes include both the 8-bit and normalized modes;
  • Using ALT + left-click generates a random color.


You can use Convert a Color for free.

  • The website features a straightforward design and is effortless to use;
  • Color conversions are simple, quick, and accessible.
  • Convert a Color doesn’t offer anything else besides color conversions.

RapidTables CMYK to RGB

convert cmyk to rgb with rapidtables

Regardless of what type of calculator, converter, or quick tool you’re after, RapidTables probably has it. It’s a website filled with quick reference info and helpful tools for unit, weight, length, or power conversion, math calculations, web design and development, text and PDF files, and so much more.

Color conversions are also a part of the website, and RapidTables supports five color systems: HEX, RGB, HSV, HSL, and CMYK. You’ll find an exact formula under the converter and a table with the most widely used conversions in the two chosen formats.


  • The website has ten color code converters based on CMYK, RGB, HEX, HSL, and HSV formats;
  • RapidTables features a color wheel chart and an online color picker, making it useful for graphic designers;
  • You can access hundreds of other calculators, converters, and helpful tools on the website.


RapidTables is an entirely free website.

  • Converting to and from the five support color systems is incredibly fast;
  • The free website is HTML5-based, making color conversions accessible on all devices.
  • RapidTables had weird graphical glitches when accessing the site on a desktop.

Color Designer Convert CMYK to HEX

convert cmyk with color designer

Color Designer is the perfect website for you if you’re a graphic designer or use multiple color tools daily. While the website’s primary purpose is to help users create color palettes and generate tints and shades out of them, it includes a few other color tools that will undoubtedly make it worth your while.

Add to that an entirely free service, a simple interface, and Adobe integration, and you’re getting an excellent all-around tool for dealing with color theory or handling pictures.


  • Color Designer provides a color mixer, image color picker, palette, gradient and random color generators, color inspector, and palette-from-image maker;
  • You can convert to and from any of the five color systems – RGB, HEX, HSL, CMYK, and HSV;
  • There are Color Designer add-ons for Adobe XD, Photoshop, and Figma.


You can use Color Designer for free.

  • Besides conversion, the website includes seven other color tools, 18 color palettes, and nine color shades;
  • Color Designer includes everything a graphic designer might need.
  • Conversions are limited to only five color formats.

Nix Sensor Color Converter

nix sensor cmyk color converter

Nix Sensor is primarily a business selling color sensors that streamline your workflow and give you full access to NCS, Pantone, and RAL color systems. Besides the sensors, the company is known for its Nix Print Pro printing software and an easy-to-use color converter.

You can find the converter on Nix Sensor’s Resources page. While somewhat limited in color system support, Nix Sensor’s color converter fully supports CIELAB, sRGB, CMYK, HEX, and XYZ.


  • The converter supports conversion to and from CMYK into four other color systems;
  • Users can change the illuminant and reference angle for input and output values when converting;
  • Nix Sensor converter runs on an HTML5 website, making it quick, easy to use, and accessible on all smart devices.


The website is completely free to use.

  • You can adjust the reference angle and illuminant for both color systems;
  • It’s simple, free-to-use, and swift.
  • Nix Sensor’s color converter is somewhat limited in terms of color systems.

URL-Decode CMYK to HEX

cmyktool cmyk color code converter

Primarily a web developer toolkit with hundreds of utilities like text to binary, numbers to words, and data calculator, URL-Decode also has excellent color system conversion features.

On top of IP tools, number utilities, unit converters, string utilities, and other web developer tools, URL-Decode also provides various color converters. CMYK converters like CMYK to HEX account for seven of these, making the website perfect for web designers and developers working with colors.


  • URL-Decode supports RGB, HEX, CMYK, HSV, and Pantone color systems, letting you convert to and from any of these formats;
  • There’s a list of 500+ colors with names and exact HEX, RGB, HSV, and CMYK values for each;
  • It’s a web-based converter with quick previews and fast conversions.


URL-Decode is free.

  • The website includes 14 converters, with four converting to CMYK and three converting from other formats into CMYK;
  • Conversions are quick and free.
  • You can’t convert from Pantone (PMS) to CMYK colors.

Bonus Tool - Wondershare Repairit Online Photo Colorizer

repairit online ai photo colorizer

While the tools above are fantastic at converting to and from the CMYK color system, they’re not the only way to improve your design’s colors. Websites like Repairit Online Photo Colorizer can work wonders with your artwork, as AI can significantly improve the colors and details of your images.

Wondershare Repairit Online Photo Colorizer primarily focuses on restoring old photos and colorizing B&W pictures, but its features make it an excellent color-adjusting companion. They include the following:

  • Retouching images, whether you’re repairing old ones, colorizing B&W photos, or adjusting your design’s colors, only takes three simple steps;
  • The tool’s AI engine is excellent at recognizing different artwork elements and enhancing their color details;
  • It supports five widely used photo formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, WEBP, and BMP;
  • Uploading and downloading photos is exceptionally safe, thanks to the website’s 2048-bit encryption;
  • Online Photo Colorizer operates on a webpage, making it easily accessible on any smart device with a web browser, without needing to download or install anything.

Give Wondershare Repairit Online Photo Colorizer a go, as you can try the tool for free for the first three images up to 5MB in size. If you like it, you can get a monthly subscription for $9.99 or a yearly one for $48.99, equaling $4.08 per month.

With these, you can enhance up to 300 pictures per month and up to 300MB in size. There’s also a desktop version of Wondershare Repairit, which removes all limitations.


The CMYK is among the only formats that accurately represent your digital artwork’s RGB and HEX colors on a printed surface, making conversions to CMYK necessary. Converting CMYK to other formats is also a great way of moving to the painting stage or finding colors that work well when printed.

That’s where CMYK color-code converters come in, and you can pick between CMYKTool, Convert a Color, RapidTables, Color Designer, Nix Sensor, and URL-Decoder, depending on whether you’re after conversions only or a complete graphic design toolkit.

Pairing CMYK color code converters with advanced AI tools like Wondershare Repairit Online Photo Colorizer can benefit your graphic and web design skills and elevate your image-editing game.

Eleanor Reed
Eleanor Reed Apr 09, 24
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Eleanor Reed
Written by Eleanor Reed
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