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Have you used SurveyMonkey to create surveys for personal or business needs? Whichever it is, you must have encountered a situation where you had a question or two about a survey, its functions, or its formatting. If so, you had to use the SurveyMonkey contact email.

We’ll help you understand how to find and contact the SurveyMonkey email address and what other contact channels SurveyMonkey has. Moreover, we’ll cover how responsive these contact channels are. That way, you’ll know how to contact SurveyMonkey by email and get all the answers you need.

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What is SurveyMonkey?

SurveyMonkey is an online website that helps you create and distribute surveys. It allows users to create surveys simply and quickly. With numerous question formats and editing tools, your surveys can look professional and organized.

Moreover, SurveyMonkey can help you track respondents and contact non-respondents again to remind them to participate in your survey. If you provide SurveyMonkey with an email list, it’ll send out your survey via email to all the given email addresses. Additionally, it’ll provide you with a link you can attach to your emails.

Furthermore, survey creators can export the gathered data into other programs for a more complex data analysis. SurveyMonkey offers a free version. However, the free version has its limitations. Thus, if you’re using the Basic Plan (free plan), you’ll have a limit on the number of responses and some features.

If you want to enjoy the full experience of SurveyMonkey with no limitations, check out their pricing plans for individual plans, team plans, and enterprises. If you have any questions, refer to the SurveyMonkey email address.

What Is the SurveyMonkey Contact Email?

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SurveyMonkey is one of the most popular products of the company Momentive. If you have a question on how to start creating surveys, how to analyze the results, or why something isn’t working, you can contact SurveyMonkey via their contact email.

Their contact email is available on their website. They offer email support in several languages, such as English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. However, only support in English is available 24/7, even during holidays – for the rest, it’s only during working hours.

How Does the SurveyMonkey Contact Email Work?

If you have any questions for the SurveyMonkey support team, it’s very easy to contact them. There’s no need to search for the support email address, then send an inquiry when contacting SurveyMonkey email support – you can do it directly from your account. Here’s how:

  • Step 1: Log in to your SurveyMonkey account.
log in to surveymonkey
  • Step 2: Click on the Information (i) button.
  • Step 3: Then click on Contact Support.
contact support in surveymonkey
  • Step 4: From the drop-down menu, select the option that best describes your problem.
select your problem in surveymonkey
  • Step 5: Then, choose the area of the website that your problem is about.
  • Step 6: SurveyMonkey will provide articles related to your inquiry.
  • Step 7: If the suggested articles aren’t helpful, click on Request Support.
  • Step 8: Fill in the form with the requested details of your problem.
  • Step 9: Click Submit to send your inquiry.

Other SurveyMonkey Contact Channels

help bot in surveymonkey

Email support is one of many ways to ask SurveyMonkey for help. There are other contact channels available, including the following:

  • Help Bot
  • Help Center
  • Email support
  • Phone support

Help Bot gives great no-human interaction assistance with basic questions. You can also go to the Help Center and find articles in the FAQ that help with common issues. Lastly, SurveyMonkey offers phone support if you need a dedicated professional to assist you.

However, Help Bot, Help Center, and email support are available to all users and can be used anytime. Phone and 24/7 priority email support are available only to their paying customers. Therefore, having the phone support option and appearing as a priority in SurveyMonkey’s inbox comes with your pricing plan.

Which SurveyMonkey Contact Channels are included in pricing plans?

pricing plans for surveymonkey

As mentioned, there are several SurveyMonkey contact channels available to users. However, depending on your pricing plan, you’ll get different contact support. Thus, let’s cover all four support contact channels.

Help Bot is a quick and easy solution for easy and frequent questions. This support channel is available to all users, paying and non-paying. Thus, whether you’re using the Basic (free) Plan or any of the paid plans, you’ll have Help Bot at your service.

The second support channel of SurveyMonkey is the Help Center. Since it is a blog with numerous helpful articles, it is also available for all SurveyMonkey paying and non-paying users.

Email support is of great help as you can ask specific questions about your specific problem. However, the speed of response depends on your pricing plan. Thus, Premier and Advantage plans will get priority over other plans regarding email support.

Lastly, phone support is the best and quickest contact channel SurveyMonkey offers. However, this feature is available only to Premium and Enterprise pricing plans. Even though it’s the best support option, phone support is available from Monday to Friday from 3 am to 8 pm Eastern Time.

How Responsive Are SurveyMonkey Contact Channels?

help center in surveymonkey

Since we mentioned four SurveyMonkey contact channels, let’s review how responsive each of them is. Firstly, we have the Help Bot. SurveyMonkey Help Bot can be of great help when you have minor problems that are frequent and easy to fix. Since it’s a bot, the response is immediate, and you get an answer or a follow-up question in seconds.

Secondly, we mentioned the Help Center. We can’t test how responsive it is as we aren’t waiting for a response but instead looking for an answer ourselves. However, SurveyMonkey Help Center is incredibly beneficial and rich in information.

Thirdly, email support in various languages is available only at limited hours. However, email support in English is available 24/7. But how responsive are they? Email support has proven very responsive, and you can get the answer as soon as an assistant is available. However, their inbox can get flooded with inquiries, and you may need to wait for an answer.

If so, it could be helpful to have 24/7 priority email support, which means your emails will appear at the top of their inbox and get answered first. Lastly, phone support is the most responsive option. Since the last two options are for paid plan users, they are the fastest and most responsive.


The bottom line is you can contact SurveyMonkey anytime if you have any questions about their program. SurveyMonkey offers a contact email that allows users to contact an assistant and get help quickly.

Besides the SurveyMonkey email address, you can get help via the Help Bot, Help Center, and phone support. All these contact channels are very responsive and helpful. If you have questions about your surveys, use the SurveyMonkey contact email or any other contact channel they offer.

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Mack Wilson Mar 20, 24
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Mack Wilson
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