What Is AI Music Video Generator?

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Mack Wilson Originally published Mar 25, 23, updated Mar 20, 24

The music industry has been profoundly impacted by artificial intelligence (AI). Historically, it is the music industry that breakthrough technologies have been most disrupted. It constantly evolves how music is consumed, from records to cassettes to CDs to streaming. The same is true for how music is created. AI music generators have made music composition and production more accessible and efficient. Additionally, AI also provides amateur musicians with a new way to improve their creative process.

Do you want to know all about AI music video generator tools? Then keep reading!

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  1. What is an AI Music Video Generator?
  2. AI and Music Video Production
    1. Amper Music
    2. Ecrett Music
    3. OpenAI – MuseNet
    4. Soundraw
    5. Amadeus Code
  3. Comparison With Similar Products
  4. How to Use AI Music Video Generators
  5. The Future of AI Music Video Generators

Part 1. What is an AI Music Video Generator?

Music generators that use artificial intelligence (AI) use machine learning algorithms to produce music. They analyze existing music data and generate new compositions in real time based on that information. Consequently, music producers do not have to spend hours composing and writing music from scratch to create new pieces of music.

To generate AI music, a program analyses existing music data, such as musical compositions, sound recordings, and musical scores. By analyzing this data, machine learning algorithms are trained to generate new pieces of music using the patterns and structures they've learned.

Advantages of AI Music Video Generator

Now that you are aware of what an AI music video generator tool is and how it works. Let us look at some of the amazing benefits of these tools.

  • The AI music generators generate music in different styles. These programs can generate music in various styles, including classical, jazz, rock, hip-hop, and electronic dance music.
  • AI music generators are a versatile tool for music producers who want to create new and unique musical styles that are impossible with traditional music production techniques.
  • The technology is not only affordable, but it also allows you to create a personalized experience for your users in a short amount of time, which means you will be able to grow your business quickly.
  • Media companies can produce content much faster using AI-driven technology, reducing the need for manual labor. Production on a large scale can benefit greatly from this.

Now that you understand what an AI-generated music video tool can do for you. Let us explore the best ai music video tools.

Part 2. AI and Music Video Production

Similarly to other fields of application, AI in music simulates mental tasks as well. A prominent feature of AI algorithms is their ability to learn from previous data, such as computer accompaniment technology.

It does this because AI is capable of listening to human performers and accompanying them. Artificial intelligence generates algorithms and new music by analyzing large amounts of musical data and learning its composition patterns.

Based on the data it receives, tech can learn about the unique properties of music and produce something new. A computer can also compose music in response to a live performance using artificial intelligence.

The use of artificial intelligence in music covers a wide range of applications, including composing, producing, performing, as well as marketing, and consuming music. Additionally, for controlling music players, voice recognition technology and natural language processing have also been developed. You might have already witnessed a video generated by ai techniques.

Let us look at some of the prominent examples.

Examples of AI techniques used in music video production

    1. Video 1:
    1. Video 2:

You can see for yourself that AI music is not necessarily a new topic but rather a visionary one. For years, artificial intelligence has been showing its impact on the music industry. Since about half a decade ago, AI-generated mindfulness ambient music, rights-free music generation for content creators, and automated mixing and mastering have all matured into significant industries.

Additionally, AI is also being used to enhance the quality of the video. However, using artificial intelligence (AI), it is possible to detect blurry and distorted areas in video footage and automatically correct them to improve the video's overall quality. This is a neat trick that even the best humans might not be able to accomplish.

Artificial intelligence is transforming the world of video production in a number of subtle and complete ways, including automatic video editing and AI-generated content. However, do you want to know more about the future of AI music video generators? Then keep reading!

Part 3. Top AI Music Video Generators

A number of AI music video tools are available online that can help you create videos. However, I have compiled a list of handpicked tools to help you create music videos for your business or social media. My selection of these five tools is based on their ease of use, affordability, and outstanding results.

1. Amper AI Music

Our top pick for the best AI music generator is Amper Music. It is one of the easiest-to-use AI music generators, perfect for those just starting with AI-generated music. Due to its ability to create musical tracks from pre-recorded samples, Amper does not require a deep understanding of music theory or composition.

Once these are converted into real audio, they can be modified with music keys, tempo, individual instruments, and more. You can tune the entire instrument if you're trying to achieve a specific mood or vibe.


Content creators or individuals who want to produce soundtracks for games, movies, or podcasts will find the cloud-based platform a great choice. As an artist, you have even more options with the premium edition.


  • Music formats and presets are available.
  • Feature-rich free version.
  • Soundtrack editing capability.
  • Enhance existing tracks.
  • User-friendly.
  • Soundtracks can be edited.
  • The free version has certain limitations.
  • Quite expensive.


  • Annual Plan- $83 per month.

2. Ecrett Music

Ectrett Music is another great ai generated music video tool. Using it anyone can create music clips by training on hundreds of hours of existing songs with Ecrett Music. Both amateurs and professionals will enjoy the tool's simple interface and large selection of scenes, emotions, and genres.

ecrett music

In addition to the AI music generator, it has a royalty-free music generator so that you don't have to worry about licensing issues. In order to use the tool, you first select one of the Scene, Mood, and Genre options before clicking "Create Music." The tool then creates the music based on your choices, so you get different music every time.

However, with just a few clicks, you can also customize instruments and structures. The instruments include Melody, Backing, Bass, and Drums. Let us have a look at some of its other amazing features.


  • Royalty-free music.
  • Straightforward and comprehensive user interface.
  • An easy way to create music.
  • Plans with multiple subscription options.
  • User-friendly.
  • The free trial version is available.
  • Cannot edit soundtracks.


  • Individual Plan- $ 4.99 per month.

3. OpenAI – MuseNet

The AI industry's biggest name, OpenAI, has its own online AI music generator called MuseNet. The company states that the tool can generate songs with up to ten different instruments and music in up to 15 genres.

musenet ai generator

Another unique feature of OpenAI's MuseNet is its ability to mimic famous composers like Mozart, as well as today's top composers. Based on data retrieved from the internet, the tool uses deep neural networks to evaluate music on a long-term basis. Although MuseNet offers a lot of AI-generated music on Soundcloud, it still does not allow you to create your own.


  • A wide variety of samples are available.
  • Emulates both old and modern composers.
  • A neural network with deep learning.
  • A wide range of samples are available.
  • You can't generate your own music.


  • Free trial-
  • Visionary- $8 per month.
  • Venture- $32 per month.

4. Soundraw

Soundraw is another great AI music generator that allows you to customize a song with AI-generated phrases, among other things. With the tool, you can easily generate and customize new music through the combination of AI and manual tools.


You can improvise and tune a single piece of music using the platform's customization feature. You can use the generator to create music for free, but you must subscribe to download unlimited music. Let us look at some of the most amazing features of Soundraw.


  • The AI-generated music can easily be browsed through and customized.
  • It allows you to specify the tempo, genre, instruments, and length of your music.
  • Aids to re-edit the soundtracks that you previously created conveniently.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Composes music using AI and manual tools at the same time.
  • Compatible with Google Chrome and Premiere Pro.
  • You cannot use it for free.


  • Monthly Plan- $19.9 per month.
  • Annual Plan- $16.6 per month.

5. Amadeus Code

Our list of the best AI music generators is completed by Amadeus Code, which anyone can use. Using this app, you can quickly create new melodies.

amadeus code

With Amadeus Code, you can play chord progressions of some of the best-known songs on the planet. By using these, you can create new structures for music compositions. Additionally, you can also use gestures to create new songs or recreate specific segments of songs you've already composed.

Do you want to know more about the amazing features of Amadeus Code? Keep reading!


  • Audio and MIDI files can be exported.
  • Easily create new melodies.
  • Create brand new songs with gestures.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Data sets that are powerful.
  • There may be a problem with the quality of the produced music.


  • Free trial available.
  • Premium Plan- $9.99 per month.

Part 4. Comparison With Similar Products

With artificial intelligence, you can create high-quality video content with little investment. Whether creating videos for social media or business, these 5 best AI music video tools will help you produce amazing videos.

However, in my opinion, Ecrett is the best AI music video generator tool on the list. I strongly recommend this tool because it has an attractive yet simple-to-use interface. Additionally, it produces amazing results in a short time span. Furthermore, there are also a variety of pricing plans to suit all budgets.

Despite that, I recommend you be clear about your needs before choosing any tool for creating AI-generated music videos. List your priorities, then choose the video generator tool that suits you most.

Part 5. How to Use AI Music Video Generators

Most of AI music generators use deep learning based on large amounts of data. It is a simple process to collect many music tracks, process them, and feed the data to artificial intelligence. Initially, results may seem clumsy, but with practice and supervision, they improve.

However, are you wondering how AI Music Video Generators work? If so, then you can follow these steps. We are creating a music video using Ecrett.

Step1 Launch Ecrett Music on your desktop.

launch ecrett

Step2 Click on create music.

create music

Step3 You can select and create.

Note: Select at least one from scene, mood, and genre. After you have set up your music, click create music.
select and create

Step4 Customise your music.

customise music

Step5 To manage your music, click on manage.

manage video

Once you have successfully created the music of your choice, you can conveniently download it. However, to help you get the maximum out of the ai music video tools, I have compiled a few effective tips. Do you want to know these tips? Let us dive in!

Tips on how to get the most out of each tool

  1. Clarity should be prioritized: Ensure your AI music video has easy-to-understand visuals. To avoid confusion or overstimulation, keep the color palette limited and the visual elements clear.
  2. Don't complicate things: In order to create an effective AI music video, you don't have to use complicated visuals. The use of simple shapes, visuals, and animation is usually more effective than the use of complex, intricate visuals.
  3. Make use of creative visuals: You should keep your visuals simple but still make them interesting and creative. Utilize eye-catching and compelling visuals to represent the AI music.

Part 6. The Future of AI Music Video Generators

With the advancement and evolution of AI technology, the impact of AI music generators on the music industry will increase in the coming years. Music producers will be able to engage audiences more effectively as AI music generators become more sophisticated.

There is no doubt that this will result in a more dynamic and diverse music industry, with a greater variety of music styles and moods. An emerging trend is the use of AI music generators to create personalized music. In the future, music producers will use AI algorithms to analyze the musical preferences of individual listeners and produce music tailored to their tastes.

Music specifically designed for listeners will result in a more personalized and engaging experience. I want to emphasize that this is just the beginning. The advancements in AI music generators that are just around the corner may be beyond our comprehension or ability to predict.

However, it would not be wrong to say that there might be some challenges as well as opportunities in the future. Are you excited to know them? Let us begin with opportunities.

The benefits of AI Music Generators

A major benefit of AI music generators for music producers is the ability to generate new music quickly and efficiently. Music producers no longer have to spend hours writing and composing music from scratch with AI music generators.

With the AI music generator, the user only needs to input a few parameters, and the rest will be handled automatically. Consequently, music producers will be able to focus more on other aspects of their work, such as marketing and distribution.

Furthermore, AI music generators can also help music producers create new and unique musical styles. As a result of the machine learning algorithms used in these programs, innovative and creative music can be generated.

The Challenges Faced by AI Music Generators

Despite the many benefits AI music generators will offer the music industry in the future, there are also several challenges to overcome. Some critics of AI-generated music claim it lacks emotion and creativity.

The reason for this is that AI music generators rely on existing music data to create new pieces, and they lack the human touch that makes good music so distinctive. Some audiences may find AI-generated music impersonal and generic, which can limit its appeal.

Music producers and AI experts are developing algorithms that can capture the emotional and creative elements of music, which will help to make AI-generated music more appealing to audiences. However, AI may never fully replace music producers but rather augment their workflow and creative processes as another tool in their toolbox.

In comparison to fully AI-produced music, AI-assisted music production may be more palatable to critics. In addition to legal protection, AI music generators face another challenge. It is not protected by copyright law since AI-generated music is considered digital intellectual property.

This can make it difficult for music producers to protect their AI-generated music and ensure they receive appropriate compensation. There is a growing movement to establish legal frameworks that provide protection for AI-generated music and allow music producers to receive compensation.


Ultimately, AI music generators are providing music producers with new and innovative ways to create music and engage audiences. Despite challenges such as a lack of emotion and creativity in AI-generated music, as well as the issue of legal protection, AI music generators have a bright future in the music industry. AI music generators can shape future music industry trends with continued development and innovation.

The trend of using AI to enhance human creativity, create personalized music, and add excitement to live music performances is set to continue. It is anticipated that AI music generators will provide music producers with new and exciting ways to create music. Additionally, listeners will enjoy a more dynamic and diverse musical experience as they become more sophisticated.

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Mack Wilson Mar 20, 24
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