This article helps you learn how to empower your product management by listing the 5 best AI tools for product managers.

the best ai tools for product managers

Though Artificial Intelligence has been around for a while, it has started doing wonders after the increasing popularity of ChatGPT. With the introduction of OpenAI ChatGPT, thousands of AI-powered tools have been introduced to streamline your significant tasks, from market research to content creation and digital marketing. The same is the case with the product management industry.

AI-assisted tools for product management are developed to increase the efficiency of product managers. At the same time, these utilities create more career opportunities for those planning to step into the product management industry.

Out of hundreds of AI tools for product managers, we have spent hours searching for the 5 best utilities you can trust. Let’s get into the specifics of how these tools help product managers stand out.

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The 5 Best AI Tools for Product Managers

Every utility holds some unique features to empower your product management and comes with different pricing policies accordingly. A brief description, price, and key features of every tool are part of the discussion presented below.

1. Midjourney AI

Due to creating unmatchable pictures, Midjourney AI has become an incredible AI-powered tool for product management. It has the ability to take different instructions or inputs and produce outcomes accordingly. Rather than exploring images from any source to make your visuals and presentations appealing, you can count on Midjourney AI. It makes this process easy and cost-effective.

With this amazing product management utility, your product vision will always be inspiring for every single viewer. Plus, it helps you make your decks give a professional look. If you are a creative person who understands technicalities, Midjourney AI will surely produce stunning results.

If you look at the customer reviews of this tool, you will find them satisfactory, which is a green signal that you can use this utility to empower your product management.

generate art using midjourney ai

Price: $0 (free trial), $10 per month (basic package), $30 per month (standard package), and $60 per month (pro package).

Key Features

  • You can create amazing images with text using Midjourney AI.
  • Technical command over the text prompts.
  • Imitate popular art illustration styles.
  • You can modify even minor changes in every image you create with this AI-assisted tool.

2. Collato

Are you looking to explore some specific information associated with a particular product from hundreds of files or documents? Can't you spend hours searching for what you need? Don't worry! The Collato will be your assisting hand in this regard. This is a perfect AI tool for product managers that acts as a collective brain of your team and makes things easily accessible for every single user.

With the Collato, every product manager can integrate various tools and sync them into visual maps. Doing this makes every file easily accessible for you and saves you a lot of time, making the overall process extremely efficient. The basic goal of Collato is to incorporate the users’ feedback and develop a product that perfectly matches the users’ needs. In addition, this tool can be integrated with different applications, like Slack.

find product information with collato

Price: $0 (free trial), $99 per month (pro plan), and custom pricing for enterprise plans.

Key Features

  • It assists product development teams in revolutionizing innovation and collaboration, thereby eliminating information silos.
  • You can integrate different popular utilities with Collato, including but not limited to Google Docs, Confluence, Google Drive, Miro, Figma, and Jira.
  • This tool makes it easy to access information using its GPT-3-powered search engine.
  • With a single click, you can access your documents, tickets, and designs from integrated tools.
  • It keeps your data protected by allowing you to add specific information to your knowledge map.
  • The browser extension of Collato is expected to come soon. It will enable you to build knowledge maps. It will help you convert any web information into an easily accessible piece of knowledge.

3. Notion

If you are looking for an efficient tool to create action items and summarize notes, there is nothing better than using Notion. It is considered among the best AI tools for product managers. It comes with the latest AI features to enhance your product management experience and improve productivity.

Notion helps you streamline the overall product management workflow. This tool enables you to create company wikis and product roadmaps. In addition, it lends you a helping hand in boosting your communication abilities.

Moreover, it is best known for reducing the time you need to spend on a range of repetitive jobs, like summarizing your content. One thing you must be familiar with is that you will have to pay separately for the AI feature, as it is not part of the standard package.

notes taking with notion

Price: $0 (free trial), $10 per month (plus plan), $18 per month (business plan), and custom pricing for enterprise packages. To add an AI feature, you will have to pay $10 per month extra.

4. Mixpanel

Are you a market researcher or a product manager? Looking for a versatile utility to assist you in product management? If yes, you must try Mixpanel, and you will surely be surprised to see the outcomes it produces. This tool helps you track user behavior and engagement in real-time. It assists businesses and brands in making worthy decisions based on the driven data.

Mixpanel offers great support for informed decisions about marketing tactics and product development. In addition, this tool lets you know how users or consumers usually interact with a specific product or item. Moreover, it also allows you to identify patterns.

You can validate all assumptions using the obtained data to prioritize tasks, keeping their importance in mind. Hence you can get better results without leaving any task to your luck or chance.

track user behavior and engagement with mixpanel

Price: $0 (free starter plan), $20 per month (growth plan), and $833 per month (enterprise plan).

Key Features

  • It provides you with the option to track particular actions or events performed within the products by the users.
  • The incorporation of AI technology into Mixpanel assists you in creating different funnels and analyzing the journey of various users.
  • This tool allows you to determine how often users return to your product. This is how you can determine the rate of user retention. Simply put, this feature helps brands understand how satisfied users are with their products.
  • As a business owner, you can test different product variations with Mixpanel using its A/B testing feature. It helps you determine the user experience. This functionality enables market researchers to determine the impact of using different marketing tactics.
  • Considering the behaviors and attributes of the users, Mixpanel allows you to create different groups of your user base.
  • You can monitor user behavior and activity in real-time with Mixpanel.


When it comes to transcribing and recording meetings, TLDV will surely be worth using. It is an incredible GPT-powered utility designed specifically to share your meeting online, record videos, and transcribe. It is one of the very few AI tools for product managers that make it easy and convenient for you to present your complex ideas in front of clients or stakeholders in an effective manner.

What users love the most about this AI-assisted product management tool is its ability to take notes of long meetings quickly and summarize them in an easily understandable way. When conducting interviews, it is crucial to pay full attention to the subject you are talking about, and it becomes very easy with TLDV. This is how you can make your conversation more fruitful, and AI performs the complex task of note-taking.

record and transcribe meetings with tldv

Price: $0 (free plan forever), $23 per month (pro plan), and custom pricing for enterprise plans.

Key Features

  • The share and clip functions are very easy.
  • It enables you to record Google Meet and Zoom calls automatically.
  • You can easily integrate TLDV with Salesforce and Hubspot.
  • It comes with the AI-powered note-taking feature.
  • The facility of auto-labeling for names and speakers is available.

Final Words

Well, it seems just the start of AI-powered product management tools. A lot more is expected to be revealed in the near future. These tools are expected to revolutionize and innovate the product management industry. Be it targeting your customers with effective communication abilities, analyzing user behavior, or performing in-depth market research, AI tools for product management have got you covered.

It is true that a number of similar tools have recently been introduced to the market, but selecting one to rely on is indeed a difficult job. We have made this task easier for you by listing the 5 best AI tools for product managers.

These AI-powered utilities come with the ability to improve the product management process and lend you a helping hand to make data-driven decisions and get fruitful outcomes. Give the above guide a quick read.

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