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Enhance videos with powerful AI algorithms.

  • Sharpen, denoise and unblur videos to retrieve the best visual appeal.
  • Fix all AI created video issues like video blurry, grainy, black screen, etc.
  • Upscale video to 4K resolution to get a cinematic viewing experience.
  • No limit to the video size and number.
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7 Must-try 4K Video Quality Enhancer

Louie Morgan
Louie Morgan Originally published Apr 10, 24, updated Apr 10, 24

We've all faced low-quality videos – shaky hands, bad lighting, or weak hardware can spoil recordings.

If you're wondering how to fix this, you're in luck. Artificial intelligence (AI) now enables video enhancers to upgrade low-resolution videos to 4K quality. Video upscalers enable you to correct colors, fix imperfections, and enhance your clip's quality. With these tools, even amateur projects can look pro.

However, picking the best software for upscaling video quality can be tough. But don't worry. Here, we'll introduce you to the top 7 AI video enhancers. Pick the best suited for your needs.

In this article
    1. Repairit 4K Video Enhancer
    2. AVCLabs 4K Video Enhancer
    3. VideoProc 4K Video Upscaler
    4. TensorPix Video Enhancer 4K
    5. Neural Love 4K Video Enhancer
    6. Topaz Video 4K Video Enhancer
    7. Vmake 4K Video Enhancer

Why Is It Important to Upscale Videos to 4K?

Video enhancers offer a range of features that can enhance your footage in various ways, including:

1. Upscaled resolution

2. Enhanced lighting

3. Improved stability

4. Noise reduction

5. Brightness adjustments

6. Image cropping, rotating, or flipping

7. Creative filters

8. Effects and animations

So, which is the best video quality enhancer? Depending on your project, you might need more than one, but there are standout apps that excel above the rest.

7 Best 4k Video Quality Enhancers

Want to improve your videos to stunning 4K quality? Check out this list of the 7 best 4K video quality enhancers.

1. Repairit 4K Video Enhancer

repairit 4k video enhancer

Repairit 4K Video Enhancer brings your videos to life with advanced AI. It swiftly removes blurs, enhances clarity, and eliminates noise for top-notch visual quality in seconds. Your videos will appear clearer, sharper, and more polished. Thus, providing a superior viewing experience for your audience.

Key Features

  • Easily improve video quality with AI by clarifying blurry footage and reducing noise.
  • Turn ordinary videos into cinematic gems with 4X video upscaling for an immersive viewing experience.
  • Repairit is the go-to AI enhancer for all your needs, from TV to family videos.
  • Repairit AI Video Enhancer enhances MP4, MOV, and 3GP video formats.
  • Works with the video file types you usually use, like MP4, MOV, and 3GP.
  • Has a 10-second preview feature to see the improved video before making any changes.
  • Offer fast and hassle-free enhancement without delays or issues.
  • Repairit's free service has limits; it can't fix video files larger than 3GB.
  • Limited customization options.

Supported System

Windows & Mac

To enhance videos using powerful AI algorithms, just follow these 3 steps:

Step 1: Use powerful AI algorithms to enhance videos. Start by selecting AI Video Enhancer from the More Types Repair interface.

ai video enhancer

Step 2: Click the +Add button or drag and drop the videos you wish to enhance.

add button
icon note
Note: Supported video formats include MOV, MP4, MKV, 3GP, AVI, FLV, MPG, and WEBM. It can repair multiple video formats simultaneously.

Step 3: The videos you've added will appear on the interface. Click Start Enhancing to begin the video enhancement process.

start enhancing
icon note
Note: On the right side, you'll find the Output Resolution options: 100%, 200%, and 400%. Choose one to enhance your videos for sharper quality.

Step 4: You can preview the improved results once the video enhancement process is complete. Then, click the Save All button and select a destination folder to save them on your Windows system.

save all
Try Repairit Video Enhancer to Upscale Your Videos to 4K

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2. AVCLabs 4K Video Enhancer

avclabs 4k video enhancer

AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI uses AI to transform low-resolution and blurry videos into HD, 4K, or 8K resolutions. It boosts the quality of your video by eliminating noise, artifacts, and blurring for optimal brightness, contrast, and saturation levels.

AVCLabs Video Enhancer offers both single-frame and multi-frame models to enhance various types of video footage. The single-frame model processes each frame to maintain the best video quality. On the other hand, the multi-frame model processes multiple frames simultaneously to reduce flickering and maintain motion continuity.

Key Features

  • Uses advanced face detection, recognition, and refinement technology for clear visibility.
  • It eliminates noise and grain from videos caused by low resolution, different encoding, poor lighting, or camera shake.
  • This tool enhances contrast and removes pixelation.
  • Its simple interface makes video enhancement easy for everyone.
  • Many customization options for face clarity. This includes face refinement, noise and grain reduction and removes face pixelation.
  • Slow processing of enhancing videos.
  • It lacks advanced features like SDR to HDR upscaling and audio track mixing, focusing mainly on basic enhancement.
  • Results may vary with AVCLabs; scenery footage looks better than portraits.

Supported System

Windows & macOS

3. VideoProc 4K Video Upscaler

videoproc 4k video upscaler

VideoProc 4K Video Upscaler enhances 1080p videos to 4K resolution without sacrificing quality. This tool enhances old, blurry, or grainy videos and photos. Real-time AI Super Resolution and dynamic GPU performance adjustment guarantee efficient and compatible operation. It also offers various AI features like frame interpolation, stabilization, and denoising.

Key Features

  • Remaster 1080p to 4K with AI or non-AI traditional methods.
  • Real-time AI Super Resolution for optimal efficiency.
  • Dynamically adjust GPU performance for better compatibility.
  • Versatile AI features, including frame interpolation, stabilization, and AI denoise.
  • Easy-to-use interface for quick setup
  • GPU acceleration ensures fast rendering and smooth recording
  • Functional controls for instant video merging
  • Produces both standard and high-quality video outputs
  • The free trial offers basic features and limits media file duration to 5 minutes.
  • Lack of collaboration, social sharing, and media overlay tools

Supported System

Windows & macOS

4. TensorPix Video Enhancer 4K

tensorpix video enhancer 4k

TensorPix Video Enhancer 4K provides an effortless solution for enhancing video quality. Users facing low-resolution, blurriness, or artifacts in their videos can trust this AI-powered enhancer for 4K results. TensorPix transforms old videos into vibrant and high-definition resolutions.

Key Features

  • TensorPix fixes low resolution, blurry details, and various artifacts for 4K quality results.
  • This AI-powered enhancer quickly enhances numerous videos, regardless of length. The GPU-accelerated cloud servers process videos at lightning speed, 100 times faster than the average office computer.
  • Enjoy the convenience of a 100% online platform without downloading or installing extra software.
  • Enhance and upscale multiple videos simultaneously, even from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Upscale video quality in less than 3 minutes.
  • 100% online. No expensive or complex installation is needed.
  • Best for both – video and image enhancement.
  • Limited customization options for face clarity.
  • Needs a stable internet to process quickly.

Supported System

SaaS & Web Browsers

5. Neural Love 4K Video Enhancer

neural love 4k video enhancer

Neural Love 4K Video Enhancer is an innovative web-based AI tool that uses advanced neural networks to enhance your videos. It improves visual clarity and upscale resolutions and enhances overall video quality. This is accessible through any web browser for unmatched convenience.

Key Features

  • Capable of handling various video enhancement tasks, including adding textures and removing compression artifacts.
  • Simultaneously processes hundreds of videos, optimizing the local computer performance.
  • Ensures privacy and security with encrypted file storage, guaranteeing that only you can access the results.
  • Free AI video enhancer.
  • Provides resolution upscaling for better visual clarity.
  • Fast and efficient processing.
  • Limited customization options compared to downloadable software.
  • Maximum video size of 100 GB and a maximum duration of two hours.

Supported System

Web Browsers including Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc.

6. Topaz Video 4K Video Enhancer

topaz video 4k video enhancer

Topaz Video 4K Video Enhancer is the AI editing platform trusted by major film studios and creative professionals worldwide. With it, you can effortlessly supercharge your footage and unlock its full potential. It uses 24 AI upscaling models for production-grade tasks like video upscaling, deinterlacing, motion interpolation, and shake stabilization.

Key Features

  • Enhance details from human faces in standard definition footage using the tool’s facial recognition.
  • Upscale video resolution without sacrificing quality, handling unwanted artifacts caused by traditional upscaling methods with just one click.
  • Achieve spectacular visual quality with resolutions from 4K to 16K.
  • Process videos directly using your existing hardware without offloading or remote servers, ensuring full security.
  • Uses different 24 AI upscaling models.
  • You can enhance and upscale videos to 4K/8K. Additionally, you can deinterlace interlaced videos and restore old footage.
  • Offers a 30-day refund guarantee.
  • Earns praise from users and experts alike for its quality and performance.
  • It may not handle certain video types, such as fast-moving scenes or intricate textures.
  • It could sometimes introduce unwanted artifacts or distortions like shimmering or flickering effects.
  • Relatively high cost compared to other video enhancement tools ($299).

Supported System

Windows & Mac

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7. Vmake 4K Video Enhancer

vmake 4k video enhancer

Vmake 4K Video Enhancer is a premier online AI tool for enhancing low-quality videos into 4K at 30FPS and beyond. Vmake offers a seamless enhancement experience without heavy software installations. There's no sign-up required. This online tool can be used for commercial purposes.

Key Features

  • 4K video enhancement capability for unparalleled visual clarity.
  • Background and watermark removal to ensure focus on your content.
  • Video stabilization for smooth and steady footage.
  • Optimize your videos with Vmake's quality enhancer for maximum impact. This will help you to have greater audience interaction and conversion rates.
  • No sign-up is required.
  • Supports various video formats like MP4, MOV, and more.
  • Batch processing for up to 3 videos.
  • Fast enhancement.
  • No downloadable application is available.

Supported System

Web Browsers.


Don’t let blurry and pixelated videos disrupt you from producing engaging content. Try these different 4K video quality enhancers to find your perfect fit.

Repairit 4K Video Enhancer improves video clarity and eliminates noise with AI technology. AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI transforms low-resolution videos into HD, 4K, or 8K resolutions. Additionally, TensorPix Video Enhancer 4K quickly fixes low-resolution and blurriness issues. And Vmake 4K Video Enhancer transforms low-quality videos into 4K resolutions.

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  • In what situations are 4K Video Quality Enhancers most helpful?
    4K video quality enhancers improve old movies and videos to 4K, making them stream smoother on low bandwidth without losing quality. They also maintain clarity when zooming or cropping, useful for security footage review or video editing.
  • Do 4K Video Quality Enhancers also improve audio quality?
    These enhancers mostly boost video quality, but some can also make simple audio improvements, such as reducing noise or adjusting sound levels.

    However, the audio enhancements are limited. For significant sound quality upgrades, users may still need specialized audio software or hardware along with the video enhancer.

  • What ethical concerns arise with 4K Video Quality Enhancers?
    There are several ethical concerns with video enhancers. First, they might misrepresent the original content, which is a big deal in documentaries or news. Second, enhancing videos can risk privacy, especially if they reveal private details in sensitive settings. Lastly, over-enhancing old or historical videos could change their original meaning, affecting their authenticity and integrity.
Louie Morgan
Louie Morgan Apr 10, 24
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Louie Morgan
Written by Louie Morgan
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