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The Top 9 Best AI Music Mixer Software for Sound Mixing

Mack Wilson
Mack Wilson Originally published Oct 17, 23, updated May 23, 24

So you are looking for an ai music mixer software to try AI in your production process. No worry, you’ve come to the right place! Artificial Intelligence has made tremendous progress in various industries, including music production. With the advent of AI technology, musicians and producers now have access to powerful AI audio tools. This can enhance their sound mixing and mastering process.

best ai music mixer software for sound mixing

Without further delay, let’s explore AI audio tools and the benefits they are trying to bring to music production. Also, the top 9 AI music-mixing software options are available to professionals.

In this article
    1. Tool 1: Landr
    2. Tool 2: Amadeus Code
    3. Tool 3: AIVA
    4. Tool 4: Amper Music
    5. Tool 5: iZotope Neutron 4
    6. Tool 6: Audionamix XTRAX STEMS
    7. Tool 7: Oeksound Soothe2
    8. Tool 8: Waves Nx Virtual Mix Room
    9. Tool 10: Accusonus ERA Bundle

Part 1: What is an AI Audio Tool?

AI audio tools are software applications that utilize artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze, process, and manipulate audio recordings. These tools can assist in various aspects of music production. These include sound mixing, mastering, and even generating musical compositions. They are designed to streamline the creative process, save time, and ultimately produce high-quality audio. There are many different types of AI audio tools available with various applications.

The technology is still evolving, but it shows a lot of promise in revolutionizing the way music is produced and mixed in the future.

Part 2: The Benefits of AI Mixing & Mastering

The benefits of AI mixing and mastering in the field of music production are substantial. And have transformed the way professionals approach their craft. Following are some key advantages of using AI for mixing and mastering.

Speed and Efficiency: AI-powered mixing and mastering tools can dramatically reduce the time required to finalize a track. They can handle repetitive tasks, such as setting levels, EQ adjustments, and compression. Much faster than manual methods, freeing up more time for creative decisions.

Consistency: AI ensures a consistent level of quality throughout the audio production process. Unlike human engineers, AI algorithms don’t suffer fatigue or inconsistency. This means that every track or album will have a standardized level of quality, eliminating variations that can occur during manual processing.

Enhanced Sound Quality: AI algorithms are capable of fine-tuning audio recordings with precision. They can identify and address issues like noise, distortion, and imbalances that might be difficult to detect by the human ear. This leads to a cleaner, more polished final product.

Customization: Many AI mixing and mastering tools allow for a high degree of customization. Musicians and producers can fine-tune the AI’s recommendations to match their artistic vision. This flexibility ensures that AI serves as a valuable tool in the creative process rather than a replacement for human creativity.

Accessibility: AI has made advanced audio processing techniques accessible to a wider range of music creators. Novice musicians and producers can use AI tools to achieve professional-quality results without an in-depth understanding of complex audio engineering concepts.

Part 3: Top 10 AI Music Mixing Software

The list of the best ai music mixer software helps to provide a platform for everyone. Whether you plan to use these tools for professional or personal use, our list has the top AI audio tool. This will make your process a smoother experience.

Tool 1: Landr

Landr is an AI-powered audio tool that lets you make music, work together on it, master it, share it, and sell it. You can do more with audio creation from one easy-to-use interface. LANDR is praised as the first and best AI audio tool. Big names in music like Seal, Lady Gaga, and Gwen Stefani use it.

landr ai music mixer

The drag-and-drop interface in LANDR is great and makes it easy to master songs. The suite also comes with custom mastering tools that help you make the best tracks without having to spend extra money on extras that don't work with the main program.

Key Features Of Landr

  • Boasts of a large selection of curated samples
  • 30+ exclusive VST (virtual studio technology) plugins
  • Unlimited online masters and revisions with full album mastering

Tool 2: Amadeus Code

Amadeus Code is an AI-powered music composition app that allows users to create high-quality music tracks in a matter of minutes. Its AI algorithms analyze music tracks and generate new melodies based on the user’s inputs. The app is free to download, but some features require in-app purchases.

amadeus code music mixer

Key Features of Amadeus Code

  • AI-driven songwriting tool.
  • Generates musical ideas, melodies, and chord progressions.
  • Inspires music composition and creativity.

Tool 3: AIVA

AIVA (Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist) is an AI music composition software that uses deep learning algorithms to create original music compositions. It’s been used by some of the biggest companies and composers in the world.

aiva music mixer

AIVA is an excellent option for professional composers looking for an AI tool to help them create original music compositions. Its deep learning algorithms produce high-quality results.

Key Features of AIVA

  • AI-based composition tool.
  • Generates orchestral music compositions.
  • Valuable for composers and producers seeking original compositions.

Tool 4: Amper Music

Amper Music is an AI music composition software that allows users to create high-quality music tracks in a matter of minutes. Its AI algorithms analyze music tracks and generate new melodies based on the user’s inputs. It’s affordable, with pricing starting at just $9.99 per month.

amper music mixer

Amper Music is a good choice for musicians looking for an affordable and user-friendly AI music composition tool. Its AI-powered composition engine produces quality results.

Key Features of Amper Music

  • Enable users to create custom music tracks using AI.
  • Offers versatility in adding original music to projects.
  • Suitable for content creators and music producers.

Tool 5: iZotope Neutron 4

This innovative software utilizes machine learning algorithms to analyze your music and provide tailored mixing and mastering solutions. This will make your tracks sound more polished and professional. One of the standout features of iZotope Neutron 4 is its AI-powered mix assistant.

izotope neutron4 music mixer

What’s more, iZotope Neutron 4 has a visual mixer feature. It allows you to see and adjust your mix in real-time, making it easy to identify and correct any problem areas. Plus, with an improved track analysis system, you can be confident that your mix will sound great on any playback system.

Key Features of iZotope Neutron 4

  • AI-powered mixing tool.
  • Provides intelligent track assistant features.
  • Advanced audio processing capabilities, including EQ and compression.

Tool 6: Audionamix XTRAX STEMS

Audionamix XTRAX STEMS is an AI-powered music separation tool that allows users to separate vocals, drums, and other instruments from music tracks. Its AI algorithms analyze music tracks and extract individual stems, making it easy to create remixes and mashups. Its pricing starts at $99.

audionamix xtrax stems music mixer

Audionamix XTRAX STEMS is an excellent option for musicians and DJs looking to create remixes and mashups. Its AI-powered music separation technology produces high-quality results.

Key Features of Audionamix XTRAX STEMS

  • It uses AI to separate audio tracks from mixed audio files.
  • Ideal for remixing and editing existing music.
  • Extracts vocals, drums, and other individual elements.

Tool 7: Oeksound Soothe2

Oeksound Soothe2 is an advanced audio processing tool designed to address and eliminate unwanted resonances and harsh frequencies in audio recordings. It is particularly valuable for sound engineers, producers, and musicians looking to enhance the clarity and quality of their audio tracks by taming problematic frequencies.

oeksound soothe2 music mixer

Its advanced controls and real-time visualizations make it a great choice for both beginners and professionals.

Key Features of Oeksound Soothe2

  • It uses AI algorithms to detect and suppress unwanted resonances and harsh frequencies
  • It comes with a spectrum analyzer and a real-time frequency visualizer
  • Offers advanced EQ and compression controls
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS

Tool 8: Waves Nx Virtual Mix Room

It is a mixing tool with 3D audio technology. It creates a realistic virtual mixing environment to help you achieve an immersive and realistic soundstage. One of the standout features is the advanced reverb and delay controls. These controls allow you to fine-tune the sound and give complete control over the spatial dimensions of your mix.

waves nx virtual room music mixer

Another impressive feature of this tool is its head-tracking capability. It adjusts the sound based on your head movements, creating a truly immersive experience. It lets you move around the virtual room and hear the sound change in real time. Just as you would in a real mixing studio.

Key Features of Waves Nx Virtual Mix Room

  • Utilizes spatial audio technology for immersive mixing.
  • Offers an AI-driven virtual mix room experience.
  • Enhances spatial awareness and sound positioning.

Tool 9: Accusonus ERA Bundle

The Accusonus ERA Bundle is a comprehensive collection of audio repair and enhancement tools. This leverages AI and advanced algorithms to streamline audio post-production processes. It is designed to address various common audio issues and enhance the quality of audio recordings. Making it an essential tool for professionals in music production, podcasting, film, and other audio-related fields.

accusonus era bundle music mixer

Its range of plugins and easy-to-use interface make it a great choice for both beginners and professionals.

Key Features of Accusonus ERA Bundle

  • Offers AI-powered audio cleanup and enhancement tools.
  • Includes noise reduction, voice leveling, and audio restoration features.
  • Streamlines audio post-production processes.

Part 4: Tool Comparison

Among the listed AI music-mixing software options, assessing your specific needs and preferences is crucial. Consider factors such as your level of expertise, the type of music you produce, and your desired functionalities. Our list of the best AI audio tools has something for everyone.

For professionals seeking a comprehensive solution with advanced AI-driven mixing and mastering capabilities. iZotope Neutron 4 stands out as a powerful choice, offering intelligent track assistance and a wide range of features.

However, if you're looking for AI-driven composition and creativity enhancement, Amadeus Code and AIVA excel in generating musical ideas and melodies. Ultimately, the ideal tool for you will vary depending on your unique production requirements and workflow.

Part 5: What if the downloaded audio file is Corruptedhot

When you convert audio files, there is a chance that they will become corrupted. You can quickly resolve it with an expert solution. Wondershare Repairit Audio Repair is one such option.

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Free Download
fix audio file with wondershare repairit audio repair

It is a tool that is becoming increasingly popular for dealing with numerous audio-related concerns. You can use it to restore your files to their original state. Furthermore, this program can assist you with a variety of audio file types, including AAC, WAV, M4A, MP3, and others.

Additionally, you can recover your audio files from a variety of sources, such as recording software, downloadable resources, portable voice recorders, and more. As a result, you can use Wondershare Repairit Audio Repair to fix any problems that arise with your audio files after you convert them.

Part 6: Conclusion

Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the music industry, from composition and generation to mastering and mixing. Overall, AI music mixing software has transformed music production, making it more accessible and efficient for musicians and producers.

The top 10 AI music mixer software options listed here showcase the diversity of tools available to professionals, catering to various aspects of music production. With AI's continued evolution, these tools are essential for musicians, promising a brighter future for music production. Additionally, the recommendation of Wondershare Repairit ensures audio integrity, making this an indispensable guide for music professionals.

Mack Wilson
Mack Wilson May 23, 24
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Mack Wilson
Written by Mack Wilson
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