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Ultimate Guide To Fix Your Sound Problem With Ease!

Kelly Sherawat
Kelly Sherawat Originally published Apr 18, 23, updated Apr 15, 24

Sometimes, you might be frustrated from working for eight straight hours a day. Therefore, listening to your favorite music will help relieve some tension. Unfortunately, when plugging in the headphone to the computer, you surprisingly discover no sound there in your device!

What to do in such miserable cases? Can you fix the sound with ease? Don't worry! This page provides excellent insights into how you can resolve your sound issues, regardless of your device. So let's proceed to the details.

fix no sound issues
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    1. Computer
      1. Causes on Computer
      2. Solutions on Computer Systems
    2. Smartphones
      1. Causes on Smartphones
      2. Solution on Smartphones
    3. Browsers
      1. Causes On Browsersr
      2. Solution on Browsers
    4. Software
      1. Causes on Software
      2. Solutions on Software
    5. HDMI
      1. Causes on HDMI
      2. Solutions on HDMI
    1. Speaker Buzzing
    2. Bluetooth Stuttering
    3. Audio File Corruption (Some Popular Formats)

Devices, Causes, And Solution for Various Audio Issues

Where can sound issues occur? There is no single place of disparity for sound issues. They can be found in various devices and platforms. The following Picture will show you the most common devices of sound not working issues.

find out the causes of no sound problem

Device 1: Computer

Having trouble with edited podcasts, music, and videos on your computer due to compatibility issues with your current operating system? Here are three popular operating systems that may help resolve these sound problems and improve your media playback experience: Windows and macOS.

  • Windows: A compatible operating system that caters to almost every music software. Audio corruption can easily happen on Windows OS.
  • macOS: This operating system provides built-in protection against malware and viruses to protect user information. So it's not that vulnerable to sound issues. However, other causes might also result in no sound issues, such as hardware problems and outdated drivers.

# Causes on Computer

The main cause on computer audio problems might be in audio drivers. But your hardware might also have become faulty, or some wrong audio settings will cause no sound on computer problems. Here're the most common reasons:

causes on computer

Cause 1: Wrong Audio Settings

If your computer's audio settings are not configured properly, it can lead to audio corruption. This may include incorrect sample rate, bit depth, or format settings that result in distorted sound.

Cause 2: Outdated Audio Drivers

Outdated or corrupted audio drivers can cause issues with your computer's sound. This can result in static or distorted sound, or even no sound at all.

Cause 3: Muted Volume of Computer

It's possible that your computer's volume may be muted, resulting in no sound or low volume. This can be easily fixed by checking your volume settings.

Cause 4: Defected Speakers Connected to Computer

If the speakers connected to your computer are defective or damaged, it can lead to distorted or poor-quality sound. It's important to ensure that your speakers are working properly and are not damaged.

# Solutions on Computer Systems

computer devices

Windows 7

If you are a Windows 7 user and facing issues across your device's speaker, you must consider the following guidelines:

Windows 10:

Windows 10 users can find problems with their sound, its settings, and different audio services. Find out how it can be resolved across such devices:

icon note
Note: The above 2 articles are related to the "no sound" problem on Windows 10. However, other issues might also happen with this system. They are "sound not opening" and "audio services not responding."

Windows 11

People new to Windows 11 might face sound issues due to software glitches. Stuck in this problem? Here is the fix!

Laptop Issues:

Has your laptop been malfunctioning with its sound for no particular reason? Discover what can be done to resolve laptop no sound issues in general:

Moreover, we also prepared the exact and professional solutions for specific laptop brands, including ASUS, HP, and Acer. Therefore, please check if your laptop belongs to one of the following brands.

Besides, the external speakers on a laptop might sometimes quit working. So here is the solution to this error on Windows 10 and Laptops:

Mac Issues

Mac devices can also report problems of no sound results or issues with output devices. Find solutions to the issues with Mac sounds below:

Audio Service Issues

Sound is always driven by an audio operating service. Problems in audio services can lead to no sound, which can be resolved with guidelines like the below:

Device 2: Smartphones

Are you not hearing anything from your new smartphone? There are two mobile devices systems in the industry: Android and iPhone. Once there is a sound problem, you can't play any of your voice notes, music, or videos across your smartphone:

  • Android: This is a versatile smartphone operating system built to provide more applications to users. Some Android devices like Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO can play music of good quality.
  • iOS: iOS is a system that we're all familiar with. It's commonly used in the iPhone family of mobile phones. Also, iPhones generally have better sound and more volume than Android.

# Causes on Smartphones

Mobile devices can face multiple sound issues after software updates. For example, bugs and different software glitches. What's more, sound issues can also be dominant under human negligence. Let's find more detailed causes:

causes on mobile devices

Cause 1: Cache of Music App is Full

If the cache of your music app is full, it may prevent the app from playing music. Clearing the cache can help resolve the issue.

Cause 2: Mobile Damaged by Water

Water damage to your mobile device can cause issues with the internal components, including the audio system. In this case, the device may need to be repaired or replaced.

Cause 3: Issues with Device's Operating System

An issue with the device's operating system can cause music to stop playing or skip. Updating the operating system or resetting the device to its factory settings can help resolve the issue.

Cause 4: Device Volume is Turned Down to Low

If the volume on your mobile device is turned down low, it may prevent music from playing audibly. Increasing the volume can help resolve the issue.

Cause 5: Headphone Jack or Speakers Are Not Clean

Dirt or debris in the headphone jack or speakers can cause issues with audio playback. Cleaning the headphone jack or speakers can help resolve the issue.

# Solution on Smartphones

smartphones issues


Can't hear anything across a video while streaming it across your Android? Find the perfect solution to this problem with the help provided below:


Issues of sound across an iPhone can be due to problems with the device's software. Fix the issues of sound on your iPhone with the following briefs:

Device 3: Browsers

It is not always the devices that contain problems with sound. See what browsers have to show with sound problems:

  • Chrome: Uses a fast JavaScript engine (V8) that makes searching easier. It's available for Windows and Mac systems.
  • Microsoft Edge: You can use this browser to explore the wanted information on Windows. Also, you can watch videos, listen to music, and so on.
  • Firefox: This browser is designed for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. Like many browsers, you can use it to browse video and audio web pages. Of course, common audio problems can also happen with it.

# Causes On Browsers

If you are trying to watch videos on YouTube from your browser but find “no sound” problem, you should check your browser settings. Apart from facing sound issues while enjoying Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram on your browser, different extensions can also be a major hurdle to hearing proper sound across it.

causes on browser

Cause 1: Browser Cache is Filled Out

If the browser cache is filled out, it may prevent sound from playing. Clearing the browser cache can help resolve the issue.

Cause 2: Issues in Browser Settings

If the browser settings are not configured correctly, it may prevent sound from playing. Checking and adjusting the browser settings can help resolve the issue.

Cause 3: Sound of a Specific Website Not Allowed

If the sound of a specific website is not allowed in the browser settings, it may prevent sound from playing. Allowing sound for the website in the browser settings can help resolve the issue.

# Solution on Browsers

If your Chrome is not returning any sound to you, look into the following guidelines to resolve issues with its sound:

Device 4: Software

If you are using any software on your device, it might show some sound anomalies. Find out how a certain software can malfunction while managing sounds:

  • OBS: Offers a flexible system with powerful features, all in a free and open-source environment.
  • Spotify: Find the best streaming music experience under a free and ad-less system.
  • FL Studio: Provides a digital audio workstation that helps create professional-level music and audio.
  • And many more: There are several other software that uses audio where they can face sound issues.

# Causes on Software

Sometimes, you do not hear any sound from the software. Whether it is a sound recorder, streaming application, or a media player, there is a chance of issues in the sound settings. What's more, some other reasons can also cause no sound issues to the software:

causes on software

Cause 1: In-depth Program Issues

Audio may not work if the program that you are using is experiencing issues. This may include bugs or other software glitches.

Cause 2: Audio Driver is Not Updated

If your audio driver is not updated, it may cause issues with the sound output. Updating the audio driver can help resolve the issue.

Cause 3: Volume Muted across Software

If the volume is muted in the software that you are using, it may prevent audio from playing. Checking the volume settings in the software can help resolve the issue.

Cause 4: Other Competitive Software Conflicting

If you have other competitive software installed on your computer, it may conflict with the audio settings, causing issues with sound output. Uninstalling or disabling the competitive software can help resolve the issue.

#Solutions on Software

different audio editing software

Sound problems across software can be due to a problem with the software or the device that operates it. The following details answers to all software-related concerns with sound:

Device 5: HDMI

The “no sound” problems are not restricted to the generic devices of our everyday use. See what kind of devices depict sound issues in the daily space:

  • HDMI: Provides high-resolution video results and quality sound for a better user experience.

# Causes on HDMI

Cause 1: HDMI Cable Issues

If the HDMI cable is damaged or not connected properly, it may cause audio corruption issues on HDMI.

Cause 2: Outdated HDMI Driver

If the HDMI driver is outdated or corrupted, it may cause audio issues on HDMI.

Cause 3: Incorrect Audio Settings

If the audio settings on the computer are not configured correctly, it may cause audio corruption on HDMI.

Cause 4: Device Compatibility Issues

If the computer or the device that is connected to HDMI is not compatible, it may cause audio corruption on HDMI.

Cause 5: Interference from Other Devices

If there are other devices near the HDMI cable that can cause interference, it may cause audio corruption on HDMI.

# Solutions on HDMI

Devices like HDMI cables are used to enhance user experience. With no sound issues, the details provided below can be used to fix such special issues:

If None of The Above, Check Out Videos and Audio Files For Corruption

The symptoms of audio getting corrupted may include distorted or muffled sound, crackling noises, and low volume. In some cases, there may be no sound at all, or the audio may cut in and out intermittently.

For users who have other problems with audio and video files, they can consider going across the following details:

audio file corruption

Other Sound Issues and Their Fixes

Apart from the "no sound" concern across your devices, there are other types of sound issues that you can face. Find some prominent issues along with their fixes below:

Speaker Buzzing

Hearing a lot of buzz coming out from a sound when you are trying to run it across your device? Do check your connected audio cable, or try looking for the cause of the electrical noise in between. If you wish to know more about how to fix the speaker buzzing, you can look into the following:

Bluetooth Stuttering

While hearing your favorite songs in the car connected to your smartphone from a Bluetooth connection, you might hear unnecessary stuttering. Although the major cause of this problem is a bad signal, you can have this covered by following:

Audio File Corruption (Some Popular Formats)

Sometimes, your audio file format gets corrupted for any particular reason. From a problem in its metadata to an attack from malware, there can be many reasons for audio file corruption, regardless of its format. To find how you can repair different audio file formats, you can find the right guide ahead:

How Can You Protect Yourselves from No Sound Problems?

Want to avoid getting into sound problems? There's always a way to avoid such problems across your devices and platforms. Let's find out how!

  • Always check your device's volume settings.
  • Keep your audio drivers updated.
  • Change audio devices or restart them to resume operations.
  • Clean audio jacks and speakers.
  • Avoid downloading software that conflicts with each other.

One-Stop Solution: Professional Sound Repair Tool

Wondershare Repairit
Wondershare Repairit's audio repair feature can fix various audio-related issues such as corrupted or damaged audio files, distorted sound, and more. Its advanced algorithms analyze and repair audio data to restore the original sound quality, and its intuitive interface allows users to repair audio files without any technical expertise.


Have you worked out the sound issues present across your device? If not, get help from the resources provided on this page to escape this miserable situation. What's more, you can use Wondershare Repairit to repair all kinds of problems with your sound in a blink of an eye!

Kelly Sherawat
Kelly Sherawat Apr 15, 24
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Kelly Sherawat
Written by Kelly Sherawat
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