OBS Audio Not Working? Check These Easy Methods!

Fix OBS Sound Not Working

An overview of OBS sound and see how to "OBS sound not working" with 5 methods.

There are many professional uses of audio in our daily life. Multiple platforms provide audio management services, from recording audios for presentations and podcasts to editing audios for embedding into videos. OBS Studio is one such platform designed to provide expressive audio recording and editing services. However, amidst the use of this tool, many users report issues such as OBS no sound.

This article is designed to provide users with highlights on what causes the issues of OBS no audio. Following this, we will also discuss and provide comprehensive guidelines for solving these issues.

Part 1: Overview of OBS Studio

Starting our discussion from what OBS Studio is, it stands among the top-rated, accessible, and open-source software for recording audios and videos. Common among live streamers, this platform provides services for Windows, Mac, and Linux users likewise. OBS Studio is one of the most advanced tools for high-quality audio recording.

interface of obs studio

The ability to capture high-performance real-time audio allows users to mix the audio throughout a recording effectively. Making recording excessively progressive will enable users to set up multiple scenes that can be easily switched through through transitional properties. With such advanced tools available for recording, OBS Studio makes audio management exceptionally simple and lucrative.

Although its workflow requires the user to know little about audio editors and their features, OBS Studio is one of the best programs for businesses and work activities.

Part 2: Possible Causes of OBS No Sound

Before we go into a comprehensive discussion on how a user can resolve OBS no sound on their computer, it is essential to know the causes that essentially make audio editing difficult for users across the platform. Once the user understands the grounds of the problem within the audio of the platform, they will be able to make tentative steps for resolving the OBS sound not working issue.

  • There is a mere possibility that the computer's sound settings may be muted, which is why there is no sound across OBS. In other cases, the settings might have been adjusted so that OBS's sound may have been muted.
  • The computer might be exposed to malicious malware that has infected OBS Studio with a virus, making it useless for managing audios. There can be multiple glitches that would effectively make things difficult across OBS.
  • Audio being recorded across OBS Studio may get corrupted for uncertain reasons. You might not be hearing any sound across OBS because of the issues within the audio rather than the platform.
  • There might be certain third-party audio management services functioning within the computer that may be hindering the process of OBS Studio. For example, multiple software might not allow the user to take control of the computer's audio settings.
  • You might have selected the wrong audio output in the settings, which is why you might observe OBS audio not working.

Part 3: Try These Methods to Fix OBS No Audio Issue

With an overview of the platform and the causes leading to OBS studio no sound across the computer, we shall now look ahead to the methods that can be used to resolve the problem. You will surely be able to play your audios properly across OBS Studio after using these remedies.

Fix 1: Unmute the OBS

For the first remedy, you can try checking the OBS's sound across your computer's Volume Mixer. There is a possibility that the sound across the platform may be turned off from the Volume Mixer for no specific reason. However, to discover this across your computer, you need to follow the simple set of steps featured below to figure out why OBS studio audio not working:

Step 1: Access the "Speaker" icon on your computer's taskbar.

And right-click on it to select the option of "Open Volume Mixer" within the list.

access the volume mixer settings

Step 2: On the window that opens up, you need to click on the "Speaker" icon.

It beneath the OBS Studio bar to unmute the platform's volume.

unmute the obs studio

Fix 2: Tweak OBS Audio Settings

If we consider that the system sound settings are perfectly fine and are not setting up any problem for the user, it would be appropriate to check the audio settings across the platform itself.

There might be a chance that the OBS audio settings might show some irregularities in their functionality. Thus, it would be best if you considered checking the settings and making changes that you find perfect for the case. Go through the steps to know more about the process of performing this task:

Step 1: You need to launch OBS Studio on your computer.

And proceed to the "File" tab on the taskbar at the top of the window. Select " Settings " option out of the options available in the drop-down menu.

select the settings option

Step 2: Move to the "Audio" section from the left pane across the new window.

In the "Channels" option, you need to make sure that the settings are set to "Stereo."

set stereo as channels option

Step 3: Proceed into the "Global Audio Devices" section on the same screen.

And set the audio device you are using for the "Desktop Audio" and "Mic/Auxiliary Audio" settings. You can even set the settings to "Default" for both options to configure the default sound devices across the platform. Make sure to reset OBS Studio before using it again.

adjust global audio devices

Fix 3: Remove Other Audio Playing Programs

You might face issues in managing your audios across the computer if you have other third-party applications installed across it. If these applications take control of the audio devices in the background, they won't allow OBS Studio to function correctly.

Try keeping yourselves away from using OBS Studio competitors such as Camtasia, Movavi Screen Recorder, and Lightstream Studio, as they might prevent the user from playing the audios perfectly across the platform. Remove all such audio-playing programs from your computer so that you can avoid the issue of OBS no desktop audio within the device.

Fix 4: Use Audio Repair Program

What if the problem lies across the audio instead of the platform itself? The case of OBS no sound does not always direct to the issues with the platform, but it can be a case of corrupted audio. There are multiple causes of the audio getting corrupted, which then makes it useless. If you have audio with a clipped sound or humming sections, the need to repair these audios gets evident.

Wondershare Repairit is known for providing the user market with the option of repairing audios with ease. Its ability to repair corrupted audio makes the operation excessively simple and essential to execute. Users can find this tool to be exceptionally proactive, as it automatically resolves the existing problems within the audio file. To know more about how you can use Repairit to resolve the issue of the OBS audio not working, go through the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Launch Repairit Audio Repair Tool

Start by launching Wondershare Repairit on your computer. Proceed to the "More Types Repair" section in the left panel, then click "Audio Repair".

access audio repair tool

Step 2: Add Files and Samples to Repair

To start with the process, click on the "+Add" button to import the corrupted audio file. Click "Repair" to open a pop-up asking for the reference audio. Add the sample audio as a reference and click on the "Start Advanced Repair" button.

initiate the advanced audio repair

Step 3: View Results and Save Repaired Audio

Once the audio is repaired, it is displayed across the next window. You can view the results by clicking on the "Preview" button. Once satisfied, click on the "Save" button to export it across the computer.

preview and save repaired audio

Fix 5: Reinstall OBS Studio

If none of the provided methods are resolving the problem of OBS no audio across your computer, it is best to try reinstalling the platform across your computer. This would restore the platform entirely for you and exempt all issues that exist within it. Follow the steps below to reinstall OBS Studio with ease:

Step 1: Launch the Run Program on your computer by tapping the shortcut keys of "Windows + R".

As a new window opens up, type in "appwiz.cpl" and press "Enter" to open the "Program and Features" window.

execute the command

Step 2: Locate the OBS Studio application in the list across the "Uninstall or change a program" section.

Right-click on the program and select the "Uninstall/Change" option to uninstall the program.

choose the uninstall option

Step 3: Lead in to the browser and access the official website of OBS Studio to download.

And install the software again on the computer.

access obs studio official website

Step 4: Following this, launch the "OBS Studio Installer" on your computer.

And follow the on-screen instructions, such as specifying the "Destination Folder" where you want to install the OBS Studio.

start installing obs studio


In this article, we have had a comprehensive discussion on the issue related to OBS no sound. With a complete overview of the causes that lead to such a scenario, this article has focused on some essential methods that can be tried out to resolve the OBS no audio issue within the computer.