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How to Fix Audible Book No Sound Issue?

Undoubtedly, audiobooks are highly convenient; you can enjoy the news, songs, and other content in several situations anywhere and anytime. The popularity of Amazon's audiobooks service, audible, has increased in response to the increasing demand for audiobooks. But why are people unable to listen in the audible? Is there a technical fault or any other? If you're wandering for the same, you have come to the right page. To help you out, I have inquired about several reasons behind the audible no sound issue and enlisted a couple of solutions to fix it. So, read on!

Part 1: What is Audible?

The platform in which Amazon creates and offers audiobooks is called audible. They are available for purchase without a subscription (free), or if you have one, you can borrow them to stream.

audible books

If you ask-do, do audible books cost money to purchase? Simply put, yes. The monthly costs of subscription models are predetermined, but the cost of individual titles can vary greatly. With its growing popularity, you can find most audiobooks on an audible platform that you can listen to and enjoy.

A wide variety of content, including radio and TV shows, is available on Audible. It was created 25 years ago to make it easier for customers to instantly download their preferred audiobooks to their Android, MacOS, iOS, Kindle, etc., devices.

Part 2: Why Audible Won't Play Sound?

It isn't enjoyable if the audible app is not playing sound when you just want to listen to books. However, audible is one of the best streaming platforms that offer you quality results, but if this is causing the sound error, there must be a technical fault or other several reasons behind it. Read below all the reasons why audible won't play sound.

audible no sound

Reason 1: If the audible app is not running correctly. It can be because of poor internet connection or improper installation.

Reason 2: If the musical content is missing, this can be either downloading error or poor quality content.

Reason 3: Audio stops abruptly, skipping audio, and background noises are some causes behind audible won't play sound.

Reason 4: If the audible is not playing sound, then there can be a device error, and to resolve this, you need to change the device.

Part 3: How to Fix Audible No Sound Issue?

Based on these reasons, I have mentioned universal solutions to fix audible no-sound issues with less effort.

1. Check the Volume of Your Device

Before making technical assumptions, it is better to check the default option, which is your device's volume. Then, make sure the device has total volume and no other issues. For instance, if the laptop's volume is zero, then raise it and test whether you can listen to audible.

Here's how you can check the volume on your laptop:

  • Click on the speaker's icon from the right side of the windows.
  • If this won't work, press the mute button from the keyboard.

windows volume

2. Force Stop and Reopen the App

Sometimes there might be the cause of connectivity that further gives program running error. The easy solution to this problem is to stop and reopen the app. Here's how you can do it.

  • Go to the app settings, and you'll find the force stop option at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the force stop option, and the app will be closed in a few seconds.

audible force start

  • Now, wait for a few minutes or restart your phone. Then reopen the app and see if the issues have been resolved.

audible app

3. Uninstall and Install the Audiobook on Your Device

One of the common ways to resolve the error is to uninstall and install the Audiobook on your device. If you need to reinstall the Audiobook on your device, follow the given steps:

Step 1: First, remove the Audiobook from the library.

Step 2: Once the Audiobook is deleted from your device, you can download the Audiobook again.

audible app

Step 3: Go to the search menu and enter Audiobook you want to download.

Step 4: Tap on the library button at the bottom of the screen, and you'll see the Audiobook in the library.

Step 5: Tap on Audiobook you want to download and wait for a few seconds.

4. Use Audio Repair Tool to Fix the Downloaded Audio

If none of the above tips works for you, then don't worry. Try Wondershare Repairit!

Wondershare Repairit is one of the best ways to repair corrupt downloaded audios, videos, and files within minutes.

Wondershare Repairit

1,010,994 people have downloaded it.

  • Repair damaged audios with all levels of corruption, such as audio not working, clipping audio, humming audio, rumbling audio, sibilant audio, out-of-sync audio, etc.

  • Repair audios of diverse formats, including MP3, M4A, FLAC, AAC, WAV, etc.

  • Repair damaged or corrupted audios from mutiple devices: portable voice recorder, recording software, shooting apparatus, SD cards, phones, hard drives, USB flash drives, etc.

  • Compatible with Windows PC, Mac OS, and supports PC to mobile transferring/sharing.

Follow the given steps to recover audio files on windows.

Step 1: Download the Wondershare Repairit on Windows.

Step 2: Add corrupted audio files on the Wondershare Repairit tool from your windows.

Navigate to More Types Repair, and choose the audio repair option and tap on Add button. Then add files you want to repair.

add files in repairit

When your files are uploaded, you'll see the Repairit tool showcase each file you have uploaded like this-

repair files

Step 3: Tap on the repair option to begin the repairing procedure.

When you add sound samples with the same audio format as the corrupted ones, a window notifies you that all audio of the same format will be affected by the sample audio.

advanced repair

Step 4: Repairit will take a few seconds to repair the corrupted files.

Once done, you will have a preview option to listen to the audio before saving it to another folder. Check the preview option as follows:

save repaired audio files

If you're satisfied with audio quality, save the audio with another path, and you'll see the pop-up like this.

files repaired success

What if you have iOS? Don't worry; Wondershare Repairit works on Mac as well. Here's how you can repair audio files on Mac.

Step 1: Download Wondershare Repairit on Mac and choose the More Types Repair option, and then Audio Repair.

There you'll see an +Add button. Click on add and upload corrupted files that you want to repair.

add files

When files are uploaded in Repairit, you can see the detailed information of the files, like this-

advanced repair files

Step 2: Once you're okay with uploaded files, click on the advanced repair option to start the repairing process.

Then, a new window will appear showing sample audio files with the name and formats.

sample audio files

Step 3: Repairit will show you sample files with a preview option to test the sound quality.

preview audio files

If you're satisfied with the output, save with a new name on your computer.

save audio files

When the files are saved successfully, a small pop-up "saved successfully" appears on the screen like this-

repaired audio files


So, your query regarding "audible no sound" has been resolved. I hope my easy guide has helped you to get back your audio on audible. I request you to follow the step-by-step process to avoid any further issues and must perform in-depth research on causes before moving to any technical solution. Another thing I recommend you that choose Wondershare Repairit for repairing corrupted audio and video files without stressing the format. Try it & observe the quality!

* Some of the above codec formats may need to be supported by system.