The Most Comprehensive Direction of the International Day of Happiness

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Happiness is a topic that gets discussed a lot. This is because prioritizing happiness can lead you to live a better life overall. Happiness can lead to several benefits in performance, relationships, health, and much more. That’s why the UN chose to create the International Day of Happiness in 2013 as a method to recognize the relevance of happiness and well-being in our lives. On this day, happiness is recognized as a fundamental human right.

However, most people are usually clueless about celebrating this day. This article will explore the most comprehensive direction of the International Day of Happiness. It covers how you can make yourself and those around you happy. Without further ado, let’s take a look.

All You Should Know About International Day of Happiness

the international day of happiness

Do you know how the holiday came to be and the reason behind it? This section gives details on all you need to know about the International Day of Happiness.

1. Theme

The International Day of Happiness theme continues to change with every passing year. In 2014, people shared authentic images of what makes them happy to reclaim happiness from the fake commercial pictures of joy we see every day. With a ‘Reclaim Happiness’ theme, thousands of people shared images on social media platforms.

In 2015, the theme was on relationships, and it stressed the importance of good relationships. On this day, people acknowledged how disconnected and lonely they felt and reached out to new people. This way, many people made new positive connections.

2020 took a different turn with the ‘Happier Together’ theme. People acknowledge what we all have in common on this day instead of focusing on our differences. It was clear that when we are together, life is better and everyone is happy. Therefore, people celebrated common humanity and found a way to make people happy.

For 2021, the theme was ‘Happiness for All, Forever.’ This theme means that happiness is a crucial part of your well-being. Therefore, it is important to feel happy no matter what. For 2022, the International Day of Happiness’s theme is Keep Calm, Stay Wise, Be Kind. These three factors are essential to attain happiness successfully. 

2. Date

The International Day of Happiness date is March 20 every year. This special day serves to remind people worldwide that happiness is a human right and requires celebration.

3. Significance

significance of the international day of happiness

The significance of this special day is that it recognizes the need for an essential thing in everyone’s life. The goal of the International Day of Happiness is to acknowledge the significance of happiness. The UN felt that it should be a universal goal in everyone’s life. The UN also created the holiday to recognize happiness in public policy objectives. The idea is to acknowledge the need for an inclusive and balanced approach to economic growth.

4. History

The UN started the International Day of Happiness celebration in 2013 officially. However, they passed the resolution for this holiday on July 12, 2012. Bhutan initiated the idea by emphasizing the importance of national happiness over national income. Therefore, the UN General assembly adopted the resolution to recognize happiness as a fundamental human right.

In the past year, the celebration of this holiday had attendees like celebrities and world leaders. Pharrell Williams showed his involvement with the event by composing a worldwide hit called ‘Happy.’ Numerous events occurred globally in previous celebrations. There have been dances, drop-ins, walks, conferences, and social media trends to celebrate this happy day.

Meaningful Ways to Celebrate International Day of Happiness

Most people wonder how they can go the extra mile to celebrate the happiness on the International Day of Happiness. Luckily for you, we have some exciting ideas on how you can spread joy to the world and yourself on March 13. This section will mention some of the most meaningful ways to celebrate the International Day of Happiness. 

  • Make Someone Smile 

make someone smile

On this International Day of Happiness, while you’re trying to explore the things that make you happy, you should make someone smile. The best way to truly celebrate the International Day of Happiness is by sharing your happiness with others. Many times, doing nice things for other people can boost your happiness.

By giving your energy or ideas to someone, you play a part in advancing a deeper community. It also helps you create a sense of common purpose with others. Some acts of kindness you can engage in on this International Day of Happiness are writing a letter to your family and friends, sending a special email, and much more. You could even share interesting files you think people would love to bring some cheer to them on this day. 

  • Make Yourself Smile

make yourself smile

While you’re taking the time to make someone else smile on the International Day of Happiness, you should also invest in yourself. If there are new things you need to learn, you should start the process on this special day. Is there a new software or tool you have always wanted to try?

The International Day of Happiness is a great day to explore possibilities. You could even do something as easy and fun as learning new words every day. Try out activities you are curious about. By staying active and participating in things, you can increase your happiness. 

  • Share Brilliant Videos or Photos

share photos and videos

Another way you can celebrate this special day is by sharing brilliant videos or photos. You can share videos or pictures that make you laugh with your family and friends. This way, you know that when they watch it, they’re sure to smile too. On social media platforms, you can also share videos or photos in line with the celebration theme. By doing this, you can connect with the rest of the world and further the International Day of Happiness goal.

  • Learn a New Happiness Tool

learn new happiness tool

Learning is one way to improve your life. Therefore, today is a great day to learn something new. There are many websites where you can take new courses to increase your knowledge. By engaging in new things, your happiness and overall well-being will grow. Like everything in life, the more tools you have and understand, the easier life will become.

On the International Day of Happiness, you should commit to learning a new tool that you can utilize in the future. Organizations like Action for Happiness offer visitors resources to help you start your journey to happiness. You can explore the articles, books, and apps available to start your learning process.

  • Post the Celebration Badge on Your Social Media Pages

share the happiness on social media

Social media is a powerful tool you can explore to celebrate this special day. You can also spread the cheer by posting one of the International Day of Happiness badges on your social media pages. This action informs your friends and followers that you’re actively celebrating this day. You can also utilize the day’s hashtags or the theme to share your happiness with the world within seconds.

  • Create a Happy List

create a happy list

Sometimes, you can become happier by simply creating a list of the things that bring you joy. Anything can be on the list; it doesn’t matter how small or weird it is. As long as it makes you smile or brings you happiness, then it belongs on the list. Don’t judge the checklist to decide what belongs and what doesn’t.

You should also be specific about them as it will help to make the list fun. By creating this list, you’re also ensuring your happiness in the future which is the day’s goal. Whenever you’re in a bad mood or having a stressful time, you can simply take out your list. You can choose to simply read through them to give you that boost you need. Alternatively, you can try an item on the list and see if it improves your mood and lifts your spirit.

  • Organize Your Life

organize your life

You can also celebrate the International Day of Happiness by organizing your life. If you have trouble staying on top of everything, you can utilize one of the many apps out there to stay organized and set reminders. Try using task management apps to ensure you’re always aware of things you need to do.

Also, organizing your computer can also make you happy on this day. Clear out junk from your computer, delete old emails, wipe down the computer, or carry out a virus scan. When you’re aware that your PC is in excellent condition and your everyday life, it is sure to boost your mood. 

A Well-being Check for International Day of Happiness

Everyone has their definition of what happiness entails or the things that make them happy. That’s why there’s no particular tradition set globally for the International Day of Happiness. The idea is for you to feel content, therefore you should do everything that makes you happy. 

1. Celebrate ways of different countries and racial

celebrate ways of different countries

You can also share happiness with the world by celebrating the ways of different countries and races. Each country has a unique tradition and activities they indulge in to share their happiness. Each country also has special holidays that they consider a day of happiness. You can take part in this to share the joy with them. An example is the Coming of Age day in Japan, where they celebrate those who just turned 20 and made an entry into adulthood. 

You can also join China in celebrating their Mid-Autumn festival as it is a national day of happiness for the country. Indians spread happiness and joy with their family and friend on Diwali, and you could also do this. Brazil celebrates Lovers Day by sharing love and making others smile, and that’s a great way to connect with other people worldwide. 

2. Whether the videos, photos, or files that you shared were intact?

Check to ensure that the videos, photos, and files you share on this day are intact and that you don’t share corrupt photos and videos. However, there are situations when you’re looking to share a photo, video, or file, and it turns out corrupt. In such cases, you can use a repair tool like Wondershare Repairit to fix it in time and share it with the world to celebrate the International Day of Happiness. 

use wondershare repairit

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Therefore, you should use Wondershare Repairit on the International Day of Happiness to ensure you share beautiful photos and videos without corruption or damage to your family, friends, and followers on social media. 

3. Are there Special Activities?

There are no special activities on the International Day of Happiness. However, you can celebrate by making it a point to be social. Humans are generally social creatures, so you can organize a get-together or go to events on that day. Don’t take the day too seriously. Instead, ensure you have fun and laugh a lot on this special day. You can also get informed about well-being, mindfulness, and other methods to be in touch with essential things in life. By getting informed, you can develop a new outlook on life. 


There has been a tremendous shift in people’s life on what truly brings happiness. The International Day of Happiness is when you recognize where happiness is in your life and how you can make others happy. If you’re happy, celebrate and share it on March 20. This article offers you tips on how to cheer up on this special day and improve your happiness and well-being.

When you carry out these activities, you’ll feel a sense of connection and fulfillment with the rest of the world. The exciting part is that you can keep your photos, videos, and files intact with Wondershare Repairit. So you shouldn’t worry about the files you’re looking to share; you won’t lose them on the International Day of Happiness.