Review: The Best Free Photo Fixing Software

“Some of the photos that I copied recently into my computer did not open and some were half visible. I don’t know how to fix this. Please help!” - User on the internet.

Have you also been in a similar situation? Well, the majority of people that have corrupted or damaged photos think that there is no way to fix those photos. But, that is not the case, and the good news is that you can fix it quickly.

You can fix photos quickly using photo fixing software. But, there are many software programs out there, and it gets confusing to decide which one to use. Therefore, our guide will help you to choose the best free photo fixing software.

Part 1: Abstract of Photo Fixing Software

Photo fixing software programs are also known as photo editing software. These software programs are meant to manipulate the digital images that you take from your camera devices. But how do they help you fix your photos?

In simple terms, photo fixing software will take your digital image and apply functions to it. These functions may include colour saturation, scaling the image, transformation of pixels, etc. Due to their operation, these software programs help enhance the image; more precisely, they fix it.

Part 2: Best Free Photo Fixing Software Programs in 2023

Usually, people that want to fix their photos search the internet for free photo fixing software. However, tons of suggestions and promotional campaigns confuse them, and they waste a lot of their time.

Therefore, our well-researched tried and tested software programs list will help you not just save your time but also fix your photos for free.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a free photo editing software that is best suited for mobile devices. Adobe has a name for producing the best photo editing software programs. Still, none were free until Adobe launched this. It comes with an excellent set of features that helps people at the beginner level quickly edit and fix their photos.


Diverse Editing Features: It comes with photo saturation, exposure, spot removal, setting dynamic effects, and creating photo collages.

Live Sharing: You can edit and share photos online on your social media platforms.

Enriched UI: It has excellent user experience and minimalistic design, best suited for beginners.


Limited Format Support: It supports only JPG format, which can be troublesome if you look for other forms.

Flash Tools Usage: It still uses Flash tools that are deprecated.

Lack of Device Support: It does not come as a desktop application. So, professionals that wish to edit photos on their laptop devices can not benefit from it.


GIMP software interface

One of the top free photo fixing and editing software available currently in the market. What makes it better than Adobe Express is its advanced set of features that helps professionals. So, it is highly recommended if you are a professional.


Advanced Editing Features: GIMP includes selection and montage, cropping, saturation, colour adjustment, image enhancement, fixing, content-aware resizing, animated GIFs, personalised brushes, and much more.

Customisable Interface: Along with its great features, GIMP allows you to customise its interface fully. People that are used to specific interface patterns can benefit highly from it.

Open Source Advantage: The reason is that GIMP is open-source software, and a large community is behind its extensive set of features.


Limited Availability: You can easily download and install it on your desktop systems. Currently, you can not use GIMP on your mobile devices, unlike Adobe Photoshop Express.

Slow Learnability: Although its interface is customisable, for beginners, this can get a bit tough. It is also a bit difficult to learn if you have not used photo editing software before.

8-bit RGB Support Only: GIMP only supports 8-bit RGB support. Due to this, some of the colours are hard to render.

3. Paint .NET

Paint .NET software interface

Another interesting free photo fixing software is Paint.NET. A student of Washington State created it as a replica of Microsoft Paint. Paint.NET is very suitable for beginners and limited devices. Paint.NET comes with a much more straightforward interface as compared to GIMP. it is highly recommended for novice users and low-ended systems


Hotkeys Function: It also supports hotkeys functions. Hotkeys functions are best suitable for those photo editors that are looking to save up on their time.

Support for Low-ended Systems: GIMP works with minimal system requirements, so users with low-ended PCs can also use it smoothly.

Top-notch Features: Using Paint.NET, you can perform photo editing and fixing functions such as changing the digital image's brightness, contrast, curves, hue, gradients, layers, levels, etc.

3rd Party Integrations: On top of that, Paint.NET provides extra functionality with its ability to integrate plugins. Plugins allow photo editors to incorporate additional functionalities that the software lacks.


Lack of Advanced Features: The limitation of Paint.NET is its inability to provide advanced features that GIMP or other photo editing software provides.

Limited Devices Support: Another drawback of Paint.NET is its availability only for Windows PC.

No Project Work Support: It is one of the major disadvantages of this software. You can only import and edit a single photo at a time. It makes it highly inefficient for professional photo editors that like to work on multiple images.

4. Pixlr E

Pixlr E software interface

Pixlr E is a top-notch professional-level online photo editing software in this list. It is as good and powerful as any top desktop photo editing and fixing software.


Pro Features: It features levels, enhancement tools, sophisticated colour pickers, customised brushes, masks, exposure, and layers. It has a pretty similar interface to Adobe Photoshop Express. People even consider it better than Adobe Photoshop Express.

Extensive Devise Support: Along with its free web application, you can download and use it on your various native IOS or Android devices.

Multiple File Uploading Option: Its best feature is that it allows various file uploading options. You can begin your photo editing procedure just by the image url.


Paid Advanced Features: Some of its advanced features are also premium for which you have to pay. So, if you are looking for free advanced photo editing features, you have to look for other options.

Annoying Ads Popups: Since its a free software, the displayed ads can be annoying.

No Batch Editing: It lacks batch editing capabilities. Therefore, you have to compromise on delivery speed.

5. PhotoScape X

PhotoScape X software interface

If you want to edit photos like professionals but lack knowledge, PhotoScape X is the right choice for you. It allows the users to apply thousands of one-click filters and effects. On top of that, unlike other photo editing software, it is best suited for beginners interested in advanced features.


Extensive Filters Support: With PhotoScape X, you can have tons of filters to choose from for your photos. It can help you to auto-fix images in a minimal amount of time.

Multi-format Files Support: PhotoScape X supports multiple file formats. So you don’t have to convert your files into a specific form to use that.

Ready-Made Templates: Another impressive feature is that it also allows creative ready-to-go editing templates. Photo editing time can be cut short due to these templates.


Ambiguous User Interface: PhotScape X's drawbacks include its confusing user interface. New users find it tough to understand its interface. Also, compared to other tools such as GIMP, it has more minor features than them.

Performance Lag: It sometimes lags due to its slow rendering engine.

Limited Device Support: PhotoScape X also is available as a desktop version only. You can not use it from web browsers or as a mobile application.

6. InPixio 

InPixio software interface

InPixio allows quick and creative photo editing and fixing. It’s a pitch-perfect choice to create elegant and beautifully edited images. The best thing is its online sharing feature.


Photo Sharing Support: You can easily edit and improve your photos and share them right away to your social media accounts using InPixio.

Simple Graphical User Interface: With a simple interface, anyone with any technical expertise can get quickly familiar with InPixio.

Multiple Image Formats: It also supports all image formats. You can work with JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.


Cross-Platform Availability: It’s only available for desktop Windows and IOS. You can not use it on Android phones and directly from the internet.

Minimal Editing Features: Since it is made for quick editing, it provides minimal manual editing.

Watermarks: Using its free version has one more drawback of watermarks on each edited image from it.

7. Canva

Canva software interface

Canva is the most suitable tool for all your images if you are a social media content creator. It is simple to use and comes with a great set of built-in templates that helps you save time. Apart from photo editing, professionals also use Canva to design business cards, social media images, and logos. Suppose you are dealing with images that are low on pixels, dim on light, or grey-scaled. You can fix them quickly using Canva.


Extensive Graphics Support: Canva also has the highest number of graphics libraries, fonts, and colours than the other software programs mentioned in this list. You can also create photo animations with it.

Template Support: It comes with many professional templates that make the photo editing procedure faster.

3D Icons, Animations, and Images: Not just in-built templates, it also comes with an outstanding stock of 3D icons and animated images that you can use freely.


Real-time Collaboration: Since content creators and digital marketers mostly use Canva, its inability for real-time collaboration in photo editing makes it inefficient.

Cluttered UI: Some users have also found its UI cluttered. It’s hard to find relevant tools together on its toolbar menu.

Slow Learnability Curve: New users take a lot of time to get familiar with its usage due to its cluttered UI.

Bonus: Photo Repair Software - Wondershare Repairit

In some scenarios, you can use photo editing software programs to fix your images. But, it is not the case every time. When it comes to dealing with broken, damaged, or corrupted pictures, an alternative is required.

To solve issues related to damaged and corrupted images, you can use Wondershare Repairit software.

Introduction to Wondershare Repairit

Wondershare Repairit is a beautiful tool that helps you to repair corrupted images. Regardless of how damaged your photos are, Wondershare Repairit helps repair them in easy and quick steps.

But why Wondershare Repairit?

Well, what makes Wondershare Repairit stand out among the other software is its easy 3-steps photo recovery feature. Any user with little to no computer expertise can use it.

Here are some of its key features:

  • Repair Photos and Videos: It helps repair your damaged and corrupted photos and videos, no matter the intensity of the damage. You can perform the real-time repair just by its 3-step procedure.

  • Online Image Repair: It also allows you to repair your images online. You can begin rebuilding your pictures without the need of downloading the software program first.

  • Multiple File Support: Supports almost any format photo repairing, including JPEG, JPG, CR3, CR2, etc.

  • Supported Devices: A complete device-independent service. You can repair photos from your MAC, USB drives, hard drives, or any other device.

  • And much more!

Steps to use Wondershare Repairit

Step 1: Download and Install Wondershare Repairit from its Official Website and launch Wondershare Repairit. Select the Photo Repair function from the Interface Screen.

You can select the photo repair from the left side menu. Once selected, an Add button will appear. Then, click on Add button to add photos that you wish to repair. After clicking on the Add button, your file explorer will open. You can browse and select those photos that you wish to repair.

Step 2: Click on the Repair button to start Repairing your Photos.

After the photos are selected, you need to click the repair button. Once clicked, the photo repair process will start. The process might take some time, depending upon your system.

Step 3: Preview and Save images.

You can preview the photos that are repaired by Wondershare Repairit software. Click on the Save button to save the corrected images.

Note: If you feel that Wondershare failed to repair your photo accurately, you can go for an advanced photo repair option. The advanced photo repair works by taking a sample photo. Your sample photo must be taken from the same camera as the photo that you wish to repair.


Digital images can be corrupted or damaged due to any number of reasons. To fix the photos, you can use photo editing software programs. But, it’s not easy to choose one when there are excellent options available.

Our article has compiled a list of the best top 12 free photo fixing software programs in 2023 to save all your hassle. Although all of them are free, you can select one according to your needs depending upon your expertise, features you require, and the device where you wish to use it.

If you wish to repair a damaged photo, Wondershare Repairit is a highly recommended choice by us. Its 3-step photo repairing process and advanced photo repair make it highly reliable.