My computer fails to open some photos and marks them as corrupt. Some photos are not clearly visible. I don't know about the solution to this bug. Any recommendations?" - A user on the internet.

You might think that corrupt or damaged photos are of no use to you as your computer shows no way to open them. Well, there are some tools through which you can fix this issue easily in no time.

These damaged and corrupted photos can be fixed through free photo-fix software. However, due to many of them being available for users, it gets difficult to choose the appropriate and easy-to-use software.

Hence, our guide will provide details of the best software to fix photos.

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    1. What Photo Problems May Occur?
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    1. Introduction to Wondershare Repairit
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Part 1: Abstract of Photo Fixing Software and Common Photo Problems

Photo fixing software are also known as photo editing software, which refers to software for editing the digital image that is being captured by the camera.

How does this photo editing software fix the photos? Photo fixing software is capable of applying functions on the digital image, such as picture resolution, color saturation, and scaling the image. These software programs are the reason for enhancing the image with more accuracy due to their built-in capability to fix the bugged image.

What Photo Problems May Occur?

There are different types of problems or photo editing mistakes that may occur during photography for which photo-fix software may be required. Some common photo problems may include:

  • Too much sharpened image
  • Out-of-focus image
  • A lot of noise in the image
  • Bad lighting
  • Red-eye
  • Overexposure/Underexposure

All these problems can go away by using the right photo-fix software. But first, let’s see how we have selected them out of all the choices.

Part 2: How We Tested and Picked Out the Best 7 Photo-Fixing Software

In our quest to find the best photo-fixing software, we took several steps. First, we did research to make a list of software that could help fix photos. We looked at what people said about these programs, and we considered the opinions of experts and what the industry thinks.

Then, we tested these programs to see how easy they were to use and if they could really fix common photo problems like blurriness or lighting issues. We checked if they worked on different types of computers and could handle many kinds of picture files.

We also looked at the extra things they could do, like adding special effects or fixing lots of pictures at once. We made sure they didn't cost too much for what they offered and had good customer support. Based on all these things, we picked out the top 7 photo-fixing programs that we think are the best for people to use.

Part 3: 7 Best Photo Fixing Software in 2024

Finding an appropriate Photo fixing software on the internet becomes difficult for a user as information can be misleading and confusing. A lot of photo-fixing software is already present and can come up with suggestions that might not be useful for the user.

Hence, this guide will save you time in finding reliable and well-tested software that can fix your photos for free. Here are some best and most commonly used Photo Fixing Software:

  1. GIMP

One of the top free photo fixing and editing software available currently in the market. What makes it better than Adobe Express is its advanced set of features that help professionals. So, it is highly recommended if you are a professional.

gimp interface
  • Advanced Editing Features: GIMP includes selection and montage, cropping, saturation, color adjustment, image enhancement, fixing, content-aware resizing, animated GIFs, personalized brushes, and much more.
  • Customizable Interface: Along with its great features, GIMP allows you to customize its interface fully. People who are used to specific interface patterns can benefit highly from it.
  • Open Source Advantage: The reason is that GIMP is open-source software, and a large community is behind its extensive set of features.
  • Limited Availability: You can easily download and install it on your desktop systems. Currently, you can not use GIMP on your mobile devices, unlike Adobe Photoshop Express.
  • Slow Learnability: Although its interface is customizable, for beginners, this can get a bit tough. It is also a bit difficult to learn if you have not used photo editing software before.
  • 8-bit RGB Support Only: GIMP only supports 8-bit RGB support. Due to this, some of the colors are hard to render.
  1. Adobe Photoshop Express

The greatest free photo-editing app for mobile devices is Adobe Photoshop Express. It is well known that Adobe makes the greatest photo editing software. Still, prior to Adobe's release, none were free. It has a great feature set that makes it easy for users to edit and correct photographs, even for beginners, swiftly.

photoshop interface
  • Various Editing Features: It includes dynamic effect settings, photo collage creation, spot removal, exposure, and saturation.
  • Live Sharing: You can use your social network accounts to edit and share photos online.
  • Improved UI: Its basic design and superb user experience make it ideal for novices.
  • Restricted Format Support: If you're looking for other formats, it can be problematic that it only supports JPG.
  • Use of Flash Tools: It continues to make use of outdated Flash tools.
  • Absence of Device Support: There isn't a desktop version available. Therefore, It is not useful for professionals who want to edit images on their laptops.
  1. Paint .NET

For anyone looking for a free multi-level image editing solution, Paint.NET is among the top

free photo editing programs. Normally, only commercial software is allowed to have editable

layers; however, provides this feature without charge. Better yet, you can undo any

change because every edit to a layer is logged. interface
  • Engaging community: Take use of a vibrant community that offers guides, discussion boards, and add-ons to help you get the most out of the free photo editing program.
  • Streamlined: Enjoy streamlined versions of expert editing tools that are user-friendly enough for novices to use.
  • Not for pros to edit pictures: Professional photographers may find the software less interesting because it lacks the features and capabilities that they need to edit images.
  • Restricted text control: The program makes it challenging to get the right text effects in your pictures.
  1. Pixlr E

On this list, Pixlr E is a superb professional-grade online picture editor. It is just as strong and effective as any leading desktop photo correction and editing program.

pixlre interface
  • Pro Features: It has layers, exposure, brushes, masks, levels, enhancing tools, and advanced color pickers. Its UI resembles Adobe Photoshop Express quite a bit. Some even think it's superior to Adobe Photoshop Express.
  • Broad Support: You may download and use it on a variety of native iOS or Android devices in addition to its free web application.
  • Multiple File Uploading Options: The ability to upload files in multiple ways is its greatest feature. All you need to do to start editing photos is click on the image's URL.
  • Paid Advanced Features: You must pay for certain of its premium advanced features. Therefore, you'll need to search elsewhere if you're looking for advanced photo editing features that are free.
  • Pop-up Ads: Considering that this software is free, the advertisements that appear can be irksome.
  • Absence of Batch Editing: It is incapable of batch editing. As a result, you must give up on delivery speed.
  1. PhotoScape X

We believe that for everyone who needs to edit numerous photographs at once, Photoscape

X is the greatest free photo editing program. Any of Photoscape's tools can be used to batch

-edit images. However, the most popular batch tools, like Batch Resize, Batch Rename, and

Batch Format Change has special capabilities just for that purpose.

photoscape x interface
  • Many tools in the free edition: Take advantage of the free photo editing software's many tools and capabilities.
  • Ideal for Beginners: The software is perfect for novices who want to edit photographs because of its user-friendly interface and simple capabilities.
  • Freezes when handling numerous RAW files: Working with many RAW files might cause the software to freeze or become unresponsive, which can be quite annoying for the user.
  • Limited manual choices for proficient editors: The manual features and flexibility of this free photo editing program might not be enough for seasoned editors.
  1. InPixio

A free picture editor called InPixio is well-known for its one-click AI editing options. With

more than 100 exquisitely created frames, it is among the best free picture editing programs.

There are frames available in a variety of colors and sizes to suit a multitude of events and


The program's limited-time free edition comes with vignettes, textures, and effects in

addition to the frames. While InPixio's tools are all automated, you have the option to modify

images manually for even more control. Using this free photo editor, you may crop, change

the contrast and brightness, and add text.

inpixio interface
  • Options for both manual and automatic operation: Select an option to provide you freedom and control while achieving the desired outcomes.
  • A wide range of adjustable frames: With a vast collection of modifiable frames, you may add artistic touches to your images and designs.
  • Limited tool selection: In comparison to other free photo editing applications, the editing experience is limited by the software's small tool set.
  • Mac users cannot access the free version: To utilize the app, Mac users will need to subscribe.
  1. Canva

If you create content for social media, Canva is the best tool for all your photographs. It is

easy to use and has a fantastic collection of pre-made themes that will save you time.

Professionals use Canva for logo design, social media image creation, and business card

design, in addition to photo editing. Let's say you are working with low-pixel, poor-light, or

greyscale photographs. Canva can help you easily correct them.

canva interface
  • Rich Graphics Support: Compared to the other software tools on this list, Canva offers the most graphics libraries, fonts, and colors. With it, you can also make photo animations.
  • Template Support: A plethora of expert templates are included, which expedites the photo-editing process.
  • 3D Icons, Animations, and Images: In addition to pre-built templates, it also includes a fantastic library of 3D icons and animated images that you are welcome to utilize at no cost.
  • Real-time Collaboration: Canva's lack of real-time collaboration for photo editing renders it ineffective for content creators and digital marketers, who make up the majority of its user base.
  • UI Clutter: A few users have also reported that the UI is cluttered. Its toolbar menu makes it difficult to find all the necessary tools at once.
  • Slow Learnability Curve: Because of its complicated user interface, new users need a lot of time to get used to using it.

Part 4: Bonus: Photo Repair Software – Wondershare Repairit for [Online & Offline]

Photo fixing software may edit your photos in some cases, but it cannot guarantee the solution of damaged, broken, or corrupt photos. An alternate option is required for it and Wondershare Repairit can be the best solution.

Introduction to Wondershare Repairit

Wondershare Repairit can deal with all sorts of broken and corrupted photos. It has the ability to repair every damaged photo quickly and with easy methods.

But why Wondershare Repairit?

Well, Wondershare Repairit is better than other fixing software due to its 3-step photo recovery feature, which makes it different from others. Any user with little or no computer knowledge can easily use it to get the desired results.

Key Features

  • Repair photos and movies: regardless of the severity of the damage, it assists in restoring your corrupted and damaged photos and movies. Real-time correction can be completed with just three steps.
  • Online image repair: you may also use it to make online image repairs. You don't have to download the software before you can start reconstructing your photos.
  • Multiple file support: JPEG, JPG, CR3, CR2, and practically any other format photo repair is supported.
  • Compliant devices: an entire device-neutral service. Any device, including hard drives, USB drives, and Mac computers, can have its photos repaired.

Now, let’s see how you can use Repairit on your desktop without an internet connection.

Steps to use Wondershare Repairit Offline

Step 1: Download and install Wondershare Repairit from its official website.

wondershare repairit download

Step 2: Launch Wondershare Repairit. Go to More Types Repair > Photo Repair.

wondershare repairit interface

Step 3: Next, select the images you want to have repaired by clicking the Add button.

add photos

Step 4: Click on the Repair button to start repairing your photos.

repair button

Step 5: Once repaired, you can preview the photos.

repaired images

Step 6: To save the correct images, click on the save button.

save Button

Note: You can choose an advanced picture repair option if you believe Wondershare was unable to appropriately repair your photo. To begin using the advanced picture repair, a sample photo must be taken. The photo you want to fix must have been taken with the same camera as your sample image.

Steps to use Wondershare Repairit Online

If you dont want to get into the hassle of installing Repairit, you can avail its free online version.

Here is how you can use it to fix your photos.

Step 1: Go to the Wondershare Repairit Online.

repairit online website

Step 2: Upload the photo you want to fix by clicking on “Add.”

Step 3: Click on “Repair” at the bottom right corner.

repair button

Step 4: Once the processing is done, you can preview the image.

Step 5: If you are happy with the image, save it on your device.

the download Button

So, you can see that Wondershare Repairit is hassle-free and time-efficient. What more can you ask for?


Photo fixing software is used to fix damaged and corrupt photos through various methods, including editing. For a new person, it really gets difficult to choose the appropriate software.

Our guide gives you the seven best software for photo fixing in 2024, which are free and easy for the users. You can use any of them as per your suitability and liking. The pros and cons of each software in this guide will help you in picking one for use out of the best ones.

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