Valuable Things You Need to Know About Safer Internet Day

Safer internet day is celebrated on the second day of the second week of February every year to promote the safer and more responsible use of online technology.

Looking forward to celebrating the same but are unsure about where to start? Keep scrolling the page and get yourself updated with the detailed description on how to celebrate safer internet day in different countries.

Part 1: Basic Things to Know About Safer Internet Day

Before jumping into the tips to make the safer internet day memorable, it’s good to understand what it is all about. The “Safer Internet Day” is an initiative, aiming to make the Internet a safer and better place for everyone.

People are reminded and educated about the importance of using the internet responsibly without violating privacy terms and conditions.

From cyberbullying to digital identity to social networking, each year this day aims to raise awareness of emerging online issues and current concerns. It has grown beyond geographic boundaries and is celebrated in around 170 countries worldwide.

safer internet day

On this day, several local and national organizations join hands to raise online safety concerns and to boost awareness about legit Internet practices. They bring various topics to light such as data privacy and ownership, consent, identity threat, and more.

It is the 19th edition of SID this year with actions taking place across the globe. It will be celebrated on 8th February 2022 and will focus on different concerns, from gaming and chat to streaming and video.


SID was first celebrated in 2004 and was a part of the EU’s “Better Internet for Kids” policy, which aims to increase awareness and access to value-rich content for children and young people.

Check the list of themes used for Safer Internet Day until nowhere:

2022 All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online
2021/ 2020/2019 Together for a better internet
2018 Create, Connect, and Share Respect: A Better Internet Starts With You
2017 Be the change: Unite for the better
2016 Play your part for a better internet
2015/2014 Let’s create a better internet together
2013 Online Rights Responsibilities
2012 Discovering the digital world together safely

Part 2: How to Celebrate Safer Internet Day?

Since SID is celebrated worldwide, every country uses distinct ways of making the day remarkable. Scroll down the page to read more about how to celebrate Safer Internet Day in different nations across the world.

keep safe

In the USA

Connect Safely hosts all SID activities in the US and helps parents, youth, and educators to understand the world of technology in a better way. They create a series of videos for schools featuring digital experts and young creators to educate about online safety.

They also create programming based on several topics like social drama, social comparison, body image, misinformation, etc.

us safer internet day

In British

Fresh Mango Technologies organizes all SID activities in the British Virgin Islands. There are plenty of ways through which you can get involved in the SID activities.

  • Join conversations on social media.

You can actively participate in social media conversations about Safer Internet Day and share your thoughts and perspectives about this initiative.

Moreover, you can check what other schools, organizations, and charities are doing to celebrate this day. Download the social media packs with all graphic cards and tweets you might need to spread the word about SID.

  • Participate in events happening across the UK.

Plenty of events are hosted throughout the UK, promoting this initiate and talking about the theme. Taking part in these events is the perfect way to celebrate Safer Internet Day. You can easily find the schedule of events on different websites, outlining what event is happening and where it’s taking place at what time.

In Canada

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection (C3P) regulates the SID events and activities in Canada. As youth is spending time online, instances of cyberbullying and sextortion have increased. Keeping this concern in mind, they provide educational materials, resources, and services for families, educators, teens, and others so that they can protect the kids and young internet users from victimization.

canada safer internet day

In India

The DISC foundation mainly handles SID-related activities and events in India. It is a registered NGO initiated by a group of social engineers and IT professionals. The list of activities to get involved in Safer Innterday Day initiate are:

1. Digital Detox Camps.

2. Initiate strategic partnerships with key stakeholders.

3. Conduct advocacy and outreach programs.

4. Digital parenting session for child online protection.

5. Adopt best-in-class rehabilitation programs hosted worldwide

In Australia

SID is mainly regulated by the eSafety Commissioner in Australia. This committee was established in 2015 to ensure that Australians enjoy safer and positive internet surfing experiences.

To celebrate Safer Internet Day 2022, this committee is promoting positive online behavior. They have created a hashtag that is #PlayitFairOnline to motivate supporters to share video messages on social media, and make use of campaign assets to raise online safety concerns at school and work.

Some of Australia’s largest companies use their resources and networks to spread the word about online safety. eSafety Committee has also created the SID web page to provide online safety tips, virtual classrooms, promotional materials, and parent webinars.

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family safer internet day

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Time to Conclude

That’s all about the guide on how to celebrate Safer Internet Day. we hope our guide has given you deeper insights into this important event while describing its importance and different ways to celebrate it.

SID is a great initiative to promote internet safety for all users and to minimize cyberbullying and Internet threats. Being an internet user, one must actively participate in this event and learn how to stay safe in the digital world.

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