Best 6 Tools to Convert NSF to PST

Notable email clients such as Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes have been covering the needs of millions of worldwide users. To keep the email content safe, these email clients encourage keeping storage files, which can be accessed under urgent needs. However, recognizing the problems with NSF files, this article shall cover the details to convert NSF to PST Microsoft Tool.

Part 1: Notable Tools to Convert NSF to PST With Ease

Many tools co-exist in the market for converting NSF files to PST. However, while finding the best tool for this purpose, the selection usually gets quite confusing. Thus, this part offers a set of impressive tools that can be used to convert NSF to PST Microsoft tool.

1. MailsDaddy NSF to PST Converter

In the extensive list of converter tools, we shall discuss MailsDaddy NSF to PST Converter as one of the premier forms of tools in the market. This conversion tool has provided its users the ability to cover important items of the Lotus Notes email client with batch migration. While working with extensive support to users of different versions, MailsDaddy puts in a set of expressive features that makes it a prominent option in the converter software.

mailsdaddy nsf to pst converter

Key Features

  • Find the specific files within the folders of your NSF files using the tool. Navigation across MailsDaddy gets as simple as possible.
  • The process is swift and helps you convert every item across the NSF file to PST with ease.
  • You can make sure that the original structure of the NSF file folder remains intact during conversion.
  • While covering complete conversion, you can also consider selective emails converted into PST file format.

2. DRS NSF to PST Converter

The next prominent tool you may consider to convert NSF to PST Microsoft tool is the DRS converter that offers extensive solutions to its users in a specific set of requirements. With the ability to convert all major items of the email client, you can get an intact PST file after the complete execution of the process. It is also quite easy to utilize this platform compared to other converters existing in the market.

drs nsf to pst converter

Key Features

  • Provides the filter to exempt all unnecessary items in the output file.
  • It can be used to disable encryption across the NSF file.
  • DRS NSF to PST converter can be significantly used to filter the files and folders according to date ranges.
  • Remove all duplicate items from the email storage file with the necessary tool.

3. Kernel for NSF to PST Converter

Many prevalent problems have been reported about NSF files. Users fed up with using a specific email client are looking for a quick solution to shift to another one. Thus, the need to convert NSF to PST Microsoft Tool is necessary. While the files are kept intact during migration, Kernel for NSF to PST Converter provides you with one of the most optimal sets of features in the market to work with.

kernal nsf to pst converter

Key Features

  • The user does not need to worry about the safety and security of the conversion process. No data is lost during the conversion of the NSF file to PST.
  • Preview the inaccessible NSF files in the database.
  • Covers extensive compatibility for email clients across the platform, making it a user-friendly option in the market.
  • Easily converts a large set of NSF files to PST without wasting the user's time.

4. eSoftTools NSF to PST Converter

You would preferably go for any tool that offers a quick and effective solution to your problem of converting a large NSF file. eSoftTools NSF to PST Converter provides the optimal interface that can be used to cover the requirements of the user. With the ability to cover an extensive set of file formats across its platform, it makes sure that the user can export all kinds of data that is to be converted from an NSF file.

esofttools nsf to pst converter

Key Features

  • Perform batch conversion of NSF files with eSoftTools.
  • You can perform folder-wise conversion of the NSF files without compromising the flow of work.
  • Maintain the original structure of the NSF file during the conversion procedure.
  • It covers one of the most extensive lists of items during the conversion of NSF to PST files.

5. DataVare NSF to PST Converter

This platform is another free and effective solution that can be used to convert NSF to PST Microsoft tools. While providing an interactive platform to cover the operations, DataVare has been recognized as extremely significant in making the complete process easier and more convenient for its users. If you are looking for a tool that makes the conversion process simple and efficient, you need to go through this NSF to PST converter.

datavare nsf to pst converter

Key Features

  • The tool has specialized to convert NSF to PST files only.
  • You can go through the preview of the NSF files before converting them to PST.
  • The tool is extremely easy to configure and install across your computer.
  • Covers all Lotus Notes, which makes it a convenient and effective option in the converters.

6. CubexSoft NSF to PST Converter Tool

CubexSoft is another converter we cannot forget while converting NSF files to PST. Known for its extensive interface and impressive set of features, you can definitely go for this converter. With an advanced set of tools under its belt, you can execute an error-free conversion in a short time. If you are willing to make a small check of the tool, try out its demo version to understand the dynamics in a better way.

cubexsoft nsf to pst converter

Key Features

  • Adds in the option of custom folder mapping during the conversion procedure.
  • Define canonical names of the folders with the help of SMTP or CSV files.
  • One of the most powerful and technical tools available for converting NSF files to PST.
  • Maintains internet headers during the conversion process for NSF files.

Part 2: Stellar Converter for NSF – Convert NSF to PST in Minutes

Are you still unconvinced by the list of NSF to PST converters? We surely have the right tool for you then. Recommended by IT experts and administrators, Stellar Converter for NSF files is the perfect option you'd find across the market. With the ability to manage all kinds of file sizes, Stellar makes sure that you do not have an experience that brings their quality into question.

Along with providing optimal features with quality results, you can also utilize the option of converting multiple NSF files across the platform with the batch processing tool. You can also find the deleted items of your NSF files across the preview content in the converter software. This is what makes it highly encouraging for users in the market.

Stellar offers a handy list of tools to its users in operation. You can consider going for the option of searching specific NSF files for converting them into PST, as felt appropriate. Combined with a simple interface to work with, it builds up a good reputation in the market. Users can also generate log reports for the process, which helps them assess the conditions in a better way.

Steps to Convert NSF to PST With Stellar Converter for NSF

This step-by-step guide will offer you a quick overview of executing the complete process within minutes.

Step 1: Launch Tool and Import NSF File

Download and install Stellar Converter for NSF. Open the main interface and click on “Select NSF Files” across the “Home” tab. On the next screen that opens up, you need to click on the option of “Browse” if you are aware of the NSF file location. Click “Find” if you wish to search for the file automatically. Once found, click on “Convert” to initiate.

browse or find nsf file

Step 2: Select Files for Conversion

The list of mailbox items will be displayed across the interface. Select the folders that you find appropriate for conversion.

choose folder or filer for conversion

Step 3: Convert to PST

You need to select the option of “Save Converted File” from the Home tab and configure settings to convert these NSF files to PST.

select pst format

Step 4: Browse Location and Execute

Set up an appropriate location for the converted file through the “Browse” button. Once done, click “OK” and wait for the converted mailbox to save across your specified location.

select location for converted file


Have you gone through all the provided tools in the article? We hope that it will be quite effective in helping you select the right tool for the purpose of converting an NSF file to PST. As Microsoft Outlook is referred to be the future of email clients, you should consider transferring your email content to Outlook for a more secure and effective option in the market.

However, to make the selection easier, we have listed down the best options that can be used to convert NSF to PST Microsoft tool. We hope that you will effectively cover the complete process with no hindrances.