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Today, you can sign up with many email services to send and receive emails. The most popular email providers include Gmail ProtonMail, AOL Mail, Zoho Mail, Yahoo Mail, etc. Even though these services give you all primary email functionalities and storage, no advanced features like sending anonymous emails exist.

In this current “internet climate,” privacy is often a hot topic. Individuals and organizations are looking for alternative options allowing them to keep their privacy, protect information, and avoid being tracked online. That’s where anonymous email websites and services come into play.

Below, we’ll discuss what these services offer and pick the best websites for you.

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    1. Sending confidential information anonymously
    2. Prevent identity theft
    3. Protect yourself from spam
    4. Avoid being tracked online
    1. PrivateMail
    2. Tutanota
    3. Guerrilla Mail
    4. AnonAddy
    5. MailFence
    6. ProtonMail
    1. Download important files and messages
    2. Label emails

What Is an Anonymous Email Website?

anonymous email website explained

Anonymous email websites give you the option to send out anonymous emails. They protect your (sender’s) identity and don’t have any personal information attached to them when received by the recipient. Simply put, when you send an anonymous email, it can be traced to you in any way.

All anonymous email websites encrypt messages, so nobody can see your emails or your personal information, even if they can intercept the message traveling to the recipient. Here’s what an anonymous email service hides from the recipient and anyone else intercepting the email message:

  • Your IP address;
  • Your device’s name;
  • The time of sending the message;
  • Your email address.

Benefits of Using Anonymous Email Websites

why use anonymous email clients

Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of sending anonymous emails:

  • Sending confidential information anonymously

If you send confidential information like business data to any individual or organization, you don’t have to worry about anyone else accessing this information. Since the whole email package is encrypted, nobody can intercept your message and acquire sensitive business information.

  • Prevent identity theft

Identity theft is the most common online security threat. Everyone uses multiple internet services and tools, making their identities more vulnerable to hackers. With an anonymous email website, you can protect and delete your personal information from any of the messages you’re sending. That makes it difficult for someone to track your activity and reveal your identity.

  • Protect yourself from spam

Email addresses are gathered purposely – many tools and services can detect and collect publicly available information from emails. Spammers often use email harvesting techniques so they can send bulk messages. In some cases, these are advertisement messages that can be annoying, but in other situations, they can be malicious links and malware.

  • Avoid being tracked online

Gmail is the most popular emailing service, but it’s not anonymous. Everyone’s heard of Google’s tracking and information-gathering practices – this service is no different. Google has access to and saves all the messages you’ve sent or received, including your personal information attached to them.

Even if you don’t care that Google is using your data to make money and send you advertisements, you should understand that these emails can be used to track you. Using account information and IP, a hacker can easily track you down.

Not only that anonymous messages don’t contain this data, but they also don’t save your information in any way.

Can You Send Anonymous Emails for Free?

send anonymous emails for free

Yes, you can use one of the many available services to send anonymous emails for free. However, this doesn’t mean they are all good. After all, these services have to generate profit in some way. Some of these free services will display ads that can be annoying, but it seems like a fair trade.

On the other hand, some anonymous email websites collect your information only to sell it to third parties. In other words, not all anonymous email clients are good; you should consider your options. That’s why we’ve decided to do the research and share the most reliable services.

Top Anonymous Email Websites

  • PrivateMail

privatemail anonymous email website

This service offers paid encrypted email accounts, and there’s no free option available. PrivateMail comes with end-to-end encryption that protects all stored files combined with OpenPGP encryption. Users can turn on email and contact self-destruction and configure the conditions.

It is a very reliable service for sharing files securely. The data isn’t encrypted on the servers, meaning employees cannot access personal information. PrivateMail offers multi-platform support and various functionalities worth checking out.

Key information

  • 10 GB cloud storage + 10 GB local storage
  • Only paid option is available
  • Web-based/Windows/MacOS/Android/iOS support
  • Tutanota

tutanota anonymous email website

This anonymous email website is another popular option. Users get their whole inbox encrypted with Tutanola’s encryption standard. All the contract lists and subject lines are also encrypted, boosting your overall privacy in the process. With this service, you get end-to-end encryption between the user and those they communicate with.

If you want to send messages to people outside of their service, you must provide them with a password so they can decrypt the messages. Creating an account is simple and doesn’t require any personal information. Your email’s IP is stripped, meaning nobody can get your personal information through your traffic.

Key information

  • Works on Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS
  • Free and paid option
  • Storage from 1 GB to 10GB
  • No-logs policy
  • Spam filter
  • Guerrilla Mail

guerilla mail anonymous email website

One of the best services that let you send anonymous emails for free, Guerilla Mail has been around since 2006. It stands out because it gives users a temporal email list for sending and receiving anonymous emails. You can create an email address or let the service providers do this.

Users can send emails even without creating an account. It’s an excellent service if you want to register to some site without using your real email. Simply put, Guerrilla Mail is a good option for tanking spam messages or if you simply don’t trust a website.

Key information

  • Web-based
  • Completely free
  • Undisclosed storage
  • Recieved messages are deleted after an hour
  • AnonAddy

anonaddy anonymous email website

This is an open-source, transparent anonymous email client that doesn’t track users in any way. All the email messages are encrypted, and AnonAddy gives its users an alias system to create several emails.

There are all kinds of useful functions, like identifying who is using your email data or protecting your current email address from spam emails. AnonAddy also gets cross-referencing protection and allows you to reply to emails anonymously on top of sending anonymous messages.

Key information

  • Works with all operating systems
  • Has a free and paid plans
  • No email storage
  • MailFence

mailfence anonymous email website

This email client offers end-to-end encryption with OpenPGP. The anonymous email website gives you privacy when sending emails but includes other mail services like documents, contacts, calendars, etc. MailFence lets you use aliases for filtering incoming mail, avoiding spam, and filtering emails.

You also get warrant canaries and transparency reports with this service. All servers are based in Belgium, meaning the email service isn’t obligated to deliver user information to the US, Canada, China, Japan, Australia, and other non-EU countries.

Key information

  • Storage from 5 GB to 50 GB
  • Has a free and paid option
  • Web-based & mobile apps
  • Crypto payment options
  • ProtonMail

protonmail anonymous email website

ProtonMail is an anonymous mail service with PGP encryption. The strict no-logs policy means that it can’t show anything even if the government requests information about its users. ProtonMail encrypts subject lines, headers, and metadata if that’s what you need.

It has a free and paid option that lets you send more messages and increases storage, but ProtonMail requires you to provide a phone number so they can verify your account. The service also automatically destroys messages – you can adjust how this feature works.

Key information

  • Encrypted calendar
  • Works on Android and iOS
  • Free VPN
  • Offers a free and paid version
  • Storage from 5 GB to 20 GB

How to Ensure You Don’t Lose Any of Your Emails

When using anonymous email services, you must be well-organized and punctual because there are specific limiting factors. Here’s what you need to do:

Download important files and messages

Since these services don’t keep your messages long, you must download them immediately. If you have important files or information you will need in the future, download them immediately.

Label emails

Having no personal information attached to email messages can make it difficult to recognize which messages are which. Make sure to label or mark them so you can organize your workflows.

Use an email recovery tool

wondershare repairit anonymous email repair

If you lose emails or the service automatically deletes them, you can recover them using an email recovery tool like Wondershare Repairit. With this powerful software, you can recover deleted emails and repair corrupt messages to download and use them in the future.


Anonymous email clients are very useful services that give you the necessary privacy and security features at a low cost. If you want to ensure your sensitive personal or business data is always protected, we highly recommend trying them out.

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