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How to Fix Corrupt MOV Which Can't be Played on QuickTime

"QuickTime will not play .mov format video. No picture. No sound. Just black. I've got the latest OS X, 10.15. Any suggestions?"

MOV files use the MPEG-4 codec for compressing the files. It can store certain data types like audio, video, or text like subtitles.

quicktime mov not playing

But you may also encounter the same problem above: QuickTime can't play MOV video files on your Mac or Windows computer. Just relax as you'll know how to repair not playing MOV files after reading this useful guide. You can understand the MOV repair solutions within 2 minutes and get the issue fixed within 4 steps.

Part 1. Overview of MOV File Not Playing in QuickTime

MOV file format is used in Apple's QuickTime for saving video files. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows platforms. Some DVCPRO (HD) files also belong to the MOV format. This format requires a multimedia container file with a proprietary compression algorithm that possesses one or more tracks.

And we can find this file format is used widely. But the problem exists - not playing. Do you know how to tell if your MOV video files have the same problem? Check out the symptoms below.

Symptoms of MOV Files Not Playing on QuickTime

  • The file could be empty if import or conversion terminated prematurely before data could be copied to a newly created target file.
  • Missing EOF might prevent the file from opening. When the video data rate is less than the minimum required to create keyframes, the video might be displayed as the black screen, or the video codec might not be supported.
  • Corrupted playback in/out points in the file might indicate the file is empty in the Inspector even though Finder may indicate data is stored in the container.
  • Your MOV files can be recorded with a digital camera, downloaded from a website, or received from others encoded with QuickTime. In all the cases, they might have incompatible video or audio codec. And thus, you will not play MOV on QuickTime. Or the QuickTime media player will only play MOV with audio but no video.

Method 1. Fix Corrupted MOV with Wondershare Repairit Video Repair

There are just too many possible reasons why QuickTime MOV can not be played, but they can all be handled in the same way: Repair the unplayable MOV video file.

Wondershare Repairit MOV Video Repair, the complete video repair software for both Mac and Windows, can rebuild and fix corrupt videos, including the MOV file format supported by QuickTime. It would be your best choice to fix corrupt MOV, which can't be played on QuickTime.

The tool resolves the video playback issues with the frame, sound, header, movement, or corruption duration. It can also be used to repair other video file formats, like MP4, M4V, M4A, AVI, FLV, MKV, etc.

Step 1. Add Corrupt MOV Video

Download the Mac video repair tool on your Macbook and launch it. Drag your corrupted files directly or add them from a folder.

add corrupted video files on mac

Step 2. Repair Corrupt MOV Videos

Select multiple videos that can't be played on QuickTime, and click the "Repair" button to start repairing your damaged MOV video files.

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select corrupted video files on mac

Step 3. Preview Repaired MOV Videos

After a little bit, you can preview the repaired MOV videos to get a vivid repair result.

repairing corrupted video files on mac

Step 4. Use the Advance Video Repair Mode

Does the video preview or repair fail? Let's move on to the "Advance Video Repair" mode. Add a sample MOV video from the same device. Wondershare can resort to the sample file to analyze the internal data and repair videos successfully.

preview repaired video files on mac

Finally, choose the repaired video files and save them in a destination.

After the saving process is complete, you can find and enjoy the fixed .mov videos on QuickTime. Congratulations! Now download and try the best video repair tool to help you fix the QuickTime MOV video not playing error.

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Method 2. Repair Not Playing MOV with VLC Media Player

Q:" Is it Possible to Repair Corrupted MOV Video Files Using QuickTime 7 Player?"

QuickTime is a player with advanced tools to correct the compatibility, fluidity and improve the videos' quality. However, when a video file has been damaged, QuickTime will not repair the damage.

Q: "How can I Repair Damaged MOV File Using VLC."

The VLC player offers the option to repair damaged video files with an automatic ".AVI" extension. Considering that in this case, we have videos in ".MOV" format, we will need to convert the format to. "AVI first, and thus, the player can perform the automatic repairs.

Step 1 To convert the corrupted ".MOV" to. "AVI" file format, open the VLC media player, and go to the Media tab.

open the vlc media player

Step 2 You can find "Convert/Save." Click it and launch the format conversion tool. Add the MOV video file that is damaged and can't be played.

launch the mov format conversion tool

Step 3 Before starting the conversion, make some settings. Select a Codec and choose the desired location to save the converted video file. Click on "Start."

choose the settings for mov files

Step 4 After a while, you can get the damaged ".AVI" file that is converted from. "MOV." Start the repair process now.

Hold on "Ctrl+P" or select the Preferences option after clicking on "Tools."

start the mov repair with vlc

Step 5 Finally, go to the "Input/Codecs" section, find the "Damaged or incomplete AVI File" option, select the "Always Fix option," and click on the "Save" button.

always fix in vlc

So far, the corrupted MOV file should have been fixed. Open and see if you can play it on QuickTime.

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Closing Words

In the past, when a video file was corrupted and you didn't have a backup copy, it was such a complicated problem to solve that many times the most practical solution was to re-record the content.

There are currently several options for repairing damaged videos. However, the vast majority of these options are limited to solving slight damages. Therefore, for more complex or urgent situations, you will need the support of a professional video repair software such as Wondershare. This is the most viable option because, with this tool, we will obtain high-quality results with great ease.