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What is M4V File and How to Convert it to MP4?

Several video formats are used to watch videos of the best quality. To ensure the most suitable quality for your videos, you should know about popular formats like M4V files.

Several video formats are used to watch videos of the best quality. To ensure the most suitable quality for your videos, you should know about popular formats like M4V files. This video format is one of the popular file formats developed by Apple that many people use to watch their videos smoothly.

However, if you have M4V files and want to convert them into another format like MP4, this article will help you. By reading this article, you will get to know multiple methods to convert M4V to MP4 quickly.

Part 1: What is an M4V File?

M4V files are developed by Apple and function similarly to MP4 files. This video file format is commonly used in TV programs, movies, or music videos. All M4V files are DRM protected to ensure and prevent copyright or unverified access. M4V files can be played easily on those computers that have permission to access those videos.

The DRM-protected M4V files can be played on iTunes and QuickTime player in good quality. However, if your M4V file is not DRM- protected, it can be played on various video players.

m4v file overview

Part 2: The Existing Differences between M4V to MP4

MP4 and M4V files function similarly, but both of these video file formats have some key difference that makes them stand apart. This part will focus on M4V vs. MP4 by displaying their major differences.


M4V files were introduced by Apple specifically for Apple devices such as iPod, iPad, Mac, and iPhone with a file extension “.m4v”. On the other hand, MP4 files were created by MPEG with a file extension “.mp4”. MP4 files are widely popular and mainly used in streaming videos on online sites.


M4V files are highly compatible with all the Apple products such as iTunes and iPhones. You can stream M4V files on QuickTime player and iTunes smoothly. Meanwhile, MP4 files do not have such limitations and can be played on most video players easily.


Majorly, many M4V files are DRM-protected so that nobody can steal content from the M4V videos. It means that M4V files can only be played in those systems that have authorized permission to buy these videos. Conversely, MP4 files do not have any in-built restrictions for the users.

Data Protection

The biggest advantage of M4V files is that they can protect from the piracy of data and copyright issues. Whereas MP4 files can be shared, downloaded, and edited easily without any restriction.

Part 3: Online Methods to Convert M4V to MP4

To convert M4V to MP4, there are many available online platforms. This section will talk about two secured online tools through which you can easily execute the conversion of M4V to MP4.


CloudConvert is a professional online converter that comes with several advanced options. This tool supports more than 200 file formats and offers multiple features for editing. While converting the M4V files, you can adjust the resolution, aspect ratio, video, and audio codecs.

Furthermore, you can change and control the volume levels of the video file through CloudConvert easily. Thus, this is a suitable tool for high-quality conversions along with additional features.

Steps to Convert M4V to MP4 Using CloudConvert

Step 1: Choose File

Navigate to the website of CloudConvert and upload your M4V file by clicking on the “Select File” button. Select the file from your device and upload it on this online tool.

select your m4v file

Step 2: Select File Format

Above the select file button, you can see two tabs for converting a file to a particular format. From the displayed options, select MP4 for the conversion. You can also add more files for batch conversion.

choose mp4 format

Step 3: Begin the Conversion

After choosing the video file format, click on the “Convert” button to initiate the conversion. Once finished, click on the “Download” button to save the converted file.

start the conversion process

Part 4: Offline Methods to Convert M4V to MP4

Online converting tools provide an instant way to convert M4V files to MP4; however, these tools have certain limitations that can cause hurdles. For instance, you would require a strong internet connection to execute successful conversion of your video files. Also, some online converters have a restriction on file size, due to which you cannot upload large file sizes easily.

To avoid these hurdles and for hassle-free conversion, we will provide you with offline methods in the following part. Through these tools, you can easily convert M4V to MP4 without an internet connection and in large file sizes conveniently.

Method 1: Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter stands out as an efficient and reasonable tool for converting video files into various formats. It offers compatibility with more than 1000 formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, and MKV. It also supports high-quality resolution videos such as 4K and 3D so that users can get high-end results.

Along with the converting tools, you can also edit the video before conversion through trimming, cropping, and merging. Just with a single click, you can get your converted file format as UniConverter provides with 90x conversion speed. You can also save your time through batch conversion for multiple files. Hence, this tool functions amazingly with an enhanced user interface and additional quality features.

Ultimate Steps to Use Wondershare UniConverter

Step 1: Upload the M4V Video

Launch Wondershare UniConverter on your computer and tap on the “Converter” tab. Now import the video by clicking on the “Add Files” button and browse the M4V file you want to convert.

add your video file

Step 2: Select MP4 Format

Once done with the importing, go to the “Output Format” option given below and select MP4 format from the “Video” tab. Also, select your desired resolution from the menu.

access video tab for mp4 format

Step 3: Begin Conversion

Now go to the "High-speed Conversion" button and click on it. Afterward, select the location of your converted file from the "File Location" option. Once done, click on "Convert" to proceed, and you will be able to see the "Success" word after finishing the conversion. Now go to the "Finished" tab and check your converted MP4 file.

video converted successfully

Method 2: VLC Media Player

You must have heard the name of the VLC media player as it is one of the most used video players worldwide. The reason for its popularity is its offered flexibility as any sort of video file can be played smoothly on this particular player. Apart from its compatibility, this video player can also be used for converting video files from one to another.

In this method, we will use a VLC media player to convert M4V files to MP4 without installing additional software. The user interface of this tool is quite basic and simple so that any beginner can easily convert M4V files to MP4 at a good speed.

Steps to use VLC for Video File Conversion

Step 1: Go to Media Tab

Initiate a VLC media player on your computer and navigate to the “Media” tab displayed on top. From the drop-down menu, choose the option “Convert/Save” to proceed.

select convert save option

Step 2: Add Video

Now from the displayed menu, select the “File” tab and tap on the “Add” button to upload the M4V file to this media player. Once done, tap on the “Convert/Save” option that will display a new window on the screen.

tap on add button

Step 3: Choose MP4 Format

From the new window, go to the “Settings” and choose MP4 format right next to the “Profile” option. Now from the “Destination” option, tap on the “Browse” and choose the location for your converted file.

select profile and destination

Step 4: Begin Conversion

Once done with all the settings, tap on the “Start” button to convert your M4V file to MP4. After the process, your file will be saved in the chosen folder.

click on start for conversion


This article has provided authentic content about what is M4V and its major differences from MP4. We have also mentioned various methods to convert M4V to MP4 files with simple steps. However, if you want to use the most reliable and beneficial tool, Wondershare UniConverter would be the perfect choice due to its great compatibility and advanced features.