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What is FLV File And How to Convert FLV?

There are various video formats that you can find across multiple platforms.

However, it can be hard to make a suitable choice to watch a video in a premium quality among the overwhelming number of video formats. Through this article, you can discover the FLV file format along with the guide to open it easily.

Along with a description of the FLV file format, we will also address some methods to convert this file format to another format using powerful tools.

Part 1: What to Know About FLV File Format

FLV file format was developed by Adobe Systems to stream online videos from YouTube, Vevo, and other platforms.

People can watch FLV videos through Adobe Flash Player or through third-party software. Many non-Adobe programs are also compatible with FLV files as they are open source and can be used to watch TV shows and movies easily.

The main purpose of FLV videos was to provide users support to edit video files in Adobe programs. Also, this file format got recognition due to its metadata packets and good video quality.

Part 2: Guiding Users on How to Open an FLV File Format

Do you know how to open FLV files? In this part, we will provide you quick guide for opening FLV files through a VLC Media Player. The VLC Media Player has the great ability to play any kind of video file in the best possible resolution. You don’t have to pay any cost or have to buy a subscription plan to use this media player as it’s an open-ended program.

Furthermore, the FLC file format does not play in the QuickTime player for Mac users; however, the VLC Media Player shows compatibility with all platforms. You can easily run FLV videos on both Windows and Mac platforms using a VLC Media Player. To open FLV files using a VLC Media Player, here are the simple and quick steps:

Step 1: Initiate with launching the VLC media player on your system and click to open its interface. Now locate the "Media" tab from the top menu and click on the option "Open File."

select the option of open file

Step 2: From the open file option, browse the FLV video from your computer to play and tap on the “Open” button. Afterward, you can easily watch FLV videos on your VLC media player.

flv file played on vlc

Part 3: Why Has Adobe Withdrawn Its Support for FLV File Format

FLV file format got its recognition in the late 90s, and soon many platforms used this format for streaming videos like YouTube, including Facebook and other sites.

However, it got replaced with HTML5 format, and eventually, many platforms, including Adobe, eliminated Flash Player, which resulted in the downfall of the FLV format.

The major cause behind the elimination of Flash files was the security risk, as hackers could easily steal the data from such files.

With the inception of the HTML5 format, online sites and platforms got various benefits through it. For instance, HTML5 can easily function in every browser and does not demand external plugins. Also, it provides great security and offers a good processing speed, unlike the FLV format.

Another major reason that worked as a catalyst behind the Flash Player was the invention of the first iPhone in 2007. Apple never showed compatibility with the Flash Player from the start causing many platforms to discard the FLV file format.

Here are some historical details of the famous platforms discarding Flash content:

  • 2011: In this year, Adobe started to emphasize the HTML5 format for mobile devices.
  • 2015: As Flash player consumes a larger amount of battery power, Chrome decided to discontinue the Flash content to save more power for laptops and other devices.
  • 2017: Facebook also opted for HTML5 this year for their game content.
  • 2019: Firefox also started abandoning Flash, causing a major downfall for the FLV files.
  • 2020: Microsoft initially tried to run Flash content but eventually discarded Flash content from Internet Explorer and the Edge. Moreover, Adobe eventually withdrew its support from the Flash Player and eradicated all the related content from its website on 31st December 2020.

Part 4: 2 Methods to Effectively Convert Your FLV File Format

In this section, you will learn about online and offline methods to convert FLV file format into other formats quickly.

Method 1: Online-Convert

This online tool is mostly used for converting multiple file-formats into other source formats while preserving the original good quality. You can convert the FLV file format into 3GP, MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, and others using this platform.

It functions as a convenient tool because users can instantly get their output results in high resolution through it. Here are some basic instructions to use the Online-Convert for the conversion of FLV files:

Step 1: Start by going to the website of the Online-Convert and opening its video converter. Now choose the source format such as MP4 from the given options for the conversion.

access online-convert video converter

Step 2: Now tap on the "Choose File" button and browse the FLV video from your computer you want to convert. You can also adjust the optional settings for your video, such as preset, aspect ratio, and file size from the below. Once done, click on the "Start" button and wait for the process to finish. Now you can save the converted file on your PC.

start converting flv file format

Method 2: Wondershare UniConverter

Do you want an ultimate tool for video conversion? Wondershare UniConverter comes with several options to assist the users in achieving the desired results within seconds. In this offline tool, you won't require an internet connection, and still, you can get instant results by converting multiple video files.

The delightful and easy-to-use interface of UniConverter helps in enhancing the video quality through its features so that users can gain maximum benefits after the conversion of video files. This tool supports every video file format and does not restrict the user with any limitations such as file size or quality. Moreover, you can read their guidelines and instructions to convert videos into other source formats.

To make your work easier, we have enlisted simple steps to convert FLV files via Wondershare UniConverter:

Step 1: Select Converter

Initiate the tool of UniConverter on your system and open its home page. Choose the tab called “Converter” from the given options to proceed.

access uniconverter converter

Step 2: Add FLV File

Upload the FLV file by clicking on the “Add Files” option and browse the file from your desktop. After uploading, select the “Output Format” tab and go to the “Video” tab. Choose any source format from there to convert.

choose output video format

Step 3: Click to Convert

After done with the settings, click on "High-Speed Conversion" and go to the option "File Location." From this option, decide the location of the converted file. Now click on the "Convert" button, and the process will begin. Once the process is done, you will receive a successful message on your screen. Afterward, you can view the converted file by accessing the "Finished" tab.

start converting the format

Part 5: FAQs

1. What do you need to know about Flash?

Flash is commonly known as an Adobe product and got huge popularity on online sites such as YouTube and Facebook. Initially, Flash was utilized to craft animations and also enabled the users to reach the advanced tools for the creation of videos. Also, the users of Flash were required to use extra plugins for browsing smoothly. Hence, Flash videos were widely used and created by developers and professionals for multiple purposes.

2. Where there any other flash file formats except FLV?

Yes, apart from the FLV file format, there were other Flash files such as F4V and SWF. F4V was similar to the FLV file. Meanwhile, the SWF format was specially developed for the "Shockwave File" player and was used for animated graphics.

3. What were the drawbacks of using Flash?

The biggest disadvantage of Flash was the security problems that many users and online platforms faced. Companies like Apple and Linux did not support Flash as it consumed high CPU usage. Along with that, users were required to use an alternative for playing HD videos as Flash did not consist of advanced codecs. Also, Flash uses the Adobe Flash Player plugin to function, causing many browsers to discard Flash.


FLV file format was one of the popular and most used video formats but eventually got discontinued by every major platform due to its internal drawbacks. If you still have any FLV files, you can convert them by the authentic methods described in this article. For instant and accurate results, UniConverter is the top recommendation.

* Some of the above codec formats may need to be supported by system.