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Top 4 Photo Color Editor You Must Try

A photograph permanently captures a moment in time. Unfortunately, not every picture we take is good enough to capture a memory in all its beauty. Whether you want to add some filters, correct color issues, or enhance the saturation in a photograph, you may need to use a photo color editor to make those changes. There is a plethora of picture editing software available on the internet. So, it may be tough for you to find the best photo color editor that can be easy to use.  Because of this, I have come up with this article that will explain the top 4 photo color editors you must try.

Interested to know? Then, let's get started!

Part 1- Review Photo Editor Tool with Following Aspects

It could be challenging to decide which photo editor would be perfect for you and your photo editing requirements. So, knowing the important considerations can help you make the right decision. I have enlisted some factors here that will help you to choose the best photo editor tool.


The secret to creating the best-edited photographs is finding a photo editing workflow that you enjoy. If you are a new editor, you might not have a set procedure for editing your images. In that case, pick a picture editor you prefer for other reasons and adapt your workflow to the software.

Editing Features

All editing software can handle simple changes. But certain software will make using more advanced editing techniques easier than others. 

You must take common photo editing goals into account when selecting a photo editor tool. What are your preferences when editing your pictures? Do you mostly use major changes like exposure and white balance? Or do you enjoy using text, effects, and brushes to express your creativity?

Organization Features

Do you want a picture editor that can edit and manage your photos? Some software can perform both!

Consider whether your present method of sorting your photos is effective. If you like to keep your images organized and in one place, the ideal option for you is an application that can be used for both organizing and editing. 

Expansion Possibilities

Your photo editing abilities will improve as your photography skills improve. The question is will your photo editor be able to grow alongside you?

Choose a photo editor that allows you to download presets, effects, filters, and brushes. Because these editors are expandable, you won't outgrow them.

Part 2- 4 Best Photo Color Editor Tool 

As you know the important factors that are necessary to keep in mind while choosing the best photo color editor. So, now it's time to know the top 4 photo color editors. 

# 1: Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a must-discuss when talking about the best photo editing software for photographers.

Now, let's see what makes Adobe Lightroom the best.

Multi-use Program

This software is much more than a photo editor. It also functions as a photo organizer. Lightroom allows you to store and organize your images within the tool easily.

adobe lightoom

Moreover, Lightroom doesn't sacrifice functionality for simplicity. That's what makes Lightroom so impressive.

Adobe Lightroom's User-Friendly Interface

Lightroom's simple and clean workspace allows you to concentrate on what matters most: your image. The left-hand panel provides quick access to your image library, allowing you to switch between photos while editing. Drop-down menus on the right-hand panel allow you to make quick adjustments, add keywords to your images, and more.

The Develop module contains all your basic and advanced photo editing tools. From there, you can manipulate your image with lens correction, split toning, effects, and other basic adjustments.

Lightroom's Important Features

This photo editor software offers all the tools that you are required to create an impressive portrait. Here are some features of Lightroom:

  • Face recognition to organize photos
  • Corrections dependent on the camera and the lens
  • Tweaks to brushes and gradients
  • Tools for adjusting and blurring
  • Professional filters and presets
  • Adaptable sliders
  • Support for many devices, sync


The Adobe Lightroom app can be purchased separately or as a bundle with one of the Creative Cloud plans. Lightroom and Photoshop are available combined for $9.99 per month.

#2: Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a fantastic picture editing software that is made to color on a picture, even though it is not as capable as Adobe Lightroom. With the major improvements in the most recent version of this picture editing tool, you may now remove objects or skin defects from your images.

Adobe Photoshop's User Interface

Photoshop offers several default workspaces that are intended to remove any extra tools you don't need for your project. These workspaces are located in the upper menu bar under Window >> Workspace. There, you can choose from preconfigured workspaces for photography, graphics, and essential editing! Because they emphasize the right tools for the job, these workspace presets to make a fantastic introduction to Photoshop.

photo edited using photoshop

Features of Adobe Photoshop

Built-in features of Photoshop are as follows:

  • High-end retouching and touch-up techniques
  • Extensive brushes and filters
  • Edit many layers
  • 3D design capabilities
  • Advanced color editing

Other photo editing software just does not have the tools that Adobe Photoshop has. Photoshop might be the right photo editor for those who works on graphic design projects or other, more complex jobs.


Adobe Photoshop is accessible through Adobe's Photography Plan, which also includes Adobe Lightroom. This means that for a $9.99/month subscription charge, you get two potent picture editors!

#3: GIMP

GIMP is easy to download and install professional picture editing tool for free. It contains a variety of tools that may be used to improve, compose, and retouch photographs. An in-built file manager is also included. 

gimp photo editor

GIMP's adaptable interface enables you to design the ideal editing environment for your needs. Along with the tools available, you can alter the color, widgets, and spacing of your workspace.

Features of GIMP

GIMP is a fantastic photo color editor because it includes a variety of functions, such as photo composition and image retouching.

Other features are:

  • Enhancements to photos like vignette and corrective mode
  • Modes for file management and optimization
  • Electronic Retouching
  • Tools for cloning and touch-up
  • Multiple plugin support
  • Hardware for input device support, such as drawing tablet support


GIMP is an open-source, free photo color editor. So, there are no out-of-pocket expenses associated with using this software!

# 4: Canva

Canva is easy graphic design software with a huge following. It has various picture editing tools and products and runs on a premium approach.

If you wish to use your images on your website, you can add fonts and templates to them using the drag-and-drop editor provided by Canva.

canva photo editor

Searchable features in Canva's simple UI are categorized to make it easier for you to locate what you're looking for. To browse frames, shapes and lines, illustrations, and grids to add to your photo, simply click the Search icon situated on the left side of the screen.

From the main workspace panel, you may also apply different layouts, text styles, and backdrops to your image. With so many tools at your disposal, it's no surprise that graphic designers who specialize in photo editing love Canva.

Features of Canva

The features of Canva consist of:

  • 8,000 plus templates
  • Photo vignetting and blur
  • Trimming and rectification of images
  • Transparency tool for images
  • Photo frames and design grids
  • Adding texture


Three price ranges are provided by Canva:

  1. Free - You may use Canva and all 8,000 of its templates for fast projects.
  2. Pro – The Pro subscription is $9.95 per user every month and comes with more than 60,000 free designs and 60 million licensed stock images.
  3. Enterprise – This plan costs $30 per user per month and offers unlimited storage and support.

Part 3- How to Re-color photo using an Online AI tool

Till now, you have known which of the top 4 photo color editor tools. You can use any of the aforementioned tools to edit image. But if you want to recolor your photo that is too old within a few minutes, then how would you do then? I am going to tell you the best online photo editing tool that is based on AI technology.

It is none other than Repairit Online AI Photo Colorizer. It is software that helps you to do color picture online. This tool only offers photo colorization in premium alternatives. It means that you must pay to use the facility. Every VIP user has access to 15 weekly colorized images. Before colorization, pictures that are damaged or old might be repaired.

Steps to recolor image online

To color image online, you must follow the steps in the AI Photo Colorizer. The steps are here:

Step 1 Add Black-and-White Photos

When you start the photo colorizer, an interface will appear asking you to upload a black-and-white photo. Select the image from the source folder and click the Upload Image button.

upload black-and-white

Step 2 Start the colorization process by opening Photo Colorize mode

When the uploading is complete, you will see two options on your screen. It will prompt you to choose either Old Photo Restore or Photo Colorize. To colorize black-and-white images, choose the latter option.

choose the mode

Now, press the Start button. Then, the colorization process on a particular image will be started.

start the colorization process

Wait a few seconds for the process to finish.

Step 3 View and save the results

Wondershare Repairit allows users to preview results before downloading them. After the colorizing process is finished, you will see three different colored options. Choose your favorite and click the Download button.

preview and save

So, these are the 3 easy steps by which you can color image online.


Here, in this article, you have got familiar with the top 4 photo color editors. So, choose any of these color photo editor tools when you want to color pictures. Moreover, if you want to recolor image online, then go with Online AI Photo Colorizer- Wondershare Repairit right now!