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Perfectly repair corrupt PowerPoint files in simple steps.

  • Fix all PowerPoint issues like PowerPoint not opening, blank PowerPoint, etc.
  • Repair all PowerPoint objects, including tables, header and footer, charts, and more.
  • Repair corrupted files with a very high success rate in 3 simple steps.
  • Compatible with PowerPoint files of 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and Office 365.
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How to Repair Damaged Presentation in PowerPoint 2010

How to Determine whether you have a Damaged Presentation

In case you are unable to open up your PowerPoint Presentations in the normal fashion, it might be due to different kinds of issues. Sometimes the files get corrupted due to different reasons while in some of the cases, there is nothing wrong with the original file but it does not open up properly due to some other reasons. So before you try to repair a damaged presentation, you need to determine if it is damaged or not. There are different ways to figure this out. A few methods that might come in handy in this regard are discussed below.

repair corrupt powerpoint file

Method 1: Try opening existing presentations

The first method to determine if your presentation is corrupted or not is by trying to open up one or more other presentations that are already present on your computer. To do that, follow the steps listed below:

Open MS PowerPoint. Move the pointer to the menu and click on ‘Open’.

Now select a presentation different from the corrupted one and click on ‘Open’.

In case this presentation opens up without any unusual behavior, it means that the other presentation is damaged or corrupted. It is recommended to open at least two presentations to be sure. If it turns out to be corrupted, you need to carry out PowerPoint file repair by making use of some office file repair tool.

Method 2: Make a whole new presentation

Another good method to figure out if the PPT file under consideration is corrupted or not is by making a new presentation on your PowerPoint. If everything works in the usual fashion, it means that the alleged file is corrupted. Otherwise, there is a possibility that something might be wrong with your PowerPoint application. To make a new presentation, you have to follow the steps listed below:

Open PowerPoint and press ‘Ctrl + N’.

Now click on ‘Installed templates’ and select the template design of your choice.

Press the enter key to create your presentation.

Now press ‘Ctrl + S’ to save the presentation. Type in a name, press enter, and then close it.

Now try opening the newly created presentation.

In case things work out the way they were supposed to, it means that the alleged PPT file is corrupted.

Part 2: How to repair PowerPoint if you can’t open a presentation

In case you have come across a situation where you can’t open up a presentation saved on your computer, a few different things might help you repair a damaged presentation. A few of these techniques that might come in very handy in this context are discussed below.

Method 1: Try PowerPoint viewer to open up the presentation

One effective remedy in such a situation is to try accessing your PPT files using the PowerPoint Viewer application. But keep in mind that it does not come preinstalled in Microsoft Windows so you would have to download and install it first. You may do that by going through the following steps:

Visit this link to download PowerPoint Viewer: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyID=cb9bf144-1076-4615-9951-294eeb832823

Once it is downloaded, run the setup and install the program.

Open PowerPoint Viewer and click on ‘Open’.

Select the corrupted file and click on ‘Open’.

After you have installed the application, try running your PPTs through it. If it works properly, there’s something wrong with your PowerPoint application. Otherwise, you have to do something about the corrupted PPT files.

Method 2: Try making a copy of the corrupted file

A computer’s hard drive often tends to develop some bad sectors as a result of different unavoidable issues. Any data present on one of those sectors might get damaged. If you are unable to open one of your PPT files, there is a chance that it might be present in some bad sectors of the hard drive. Therefore copying it to another location may yield out some incredible results. To do that you have to select the file and copy it using ‘Ctrl + C’. then you have to go to a new directory and paste the file thereby pressing ‘Ctrl + V’. If the newly copied file opens up, bingo! Otherwise, you may run the Scan Disk utility to get rid of the whole bad sector situation.

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Part 3: How to Repair a Presentation with the Office Repair Tool

As discussed above, there are several different ways to repair a damaged presentation. While they sometimes deliver good results but it is not necessary that they would deliver a very high success rate. So the best course of action in this regard is to make use of an office repair tool like the Wondershare Repairit to carry out the job.

Wondershare Repairit is software that is designed to recover PowerPoint files that are corrupted or damaged in any way. The application may help you recover any PowerPoint file made in any variant of MS PowerPoint, having any extension including pptx, pdf, word and excel.

Using this tool, you can simultaneously carry out PowerPoint file repair on multiple files while you may also use the feature of repair severely corrupted files as well.

Repairs almost all cases of PPTX file corruption by following a reliable and risk-free approach to PowerPoint recovery

Repair any number of PPTX files at the same time

Perform a signature-based repair of PPTX files to repair your crucial data

Repairs your corrupt PPTX file and shows a preview of all slides in the presentation before saving it at a user-specified location

To repair damaged files using the Repairit, you need to follow the simple steps listed below:

Step 1 Launch software, it will pop up a window in default. Select corrupt PowerPoint files and add files in a folder at the local drive.

repair corrupt PowerPoint file step 1

Step 2 After repairing the drive, all the corrupt PowerPoint files display in the searched section. Select one or all corrupt files and click the scan button start to the repairing process

repair corrupt PowerPoint file step 2

Step 3 You can preview the repaired PowerPoint file before you save it.

repair corrupt PowerPoint file step 3

Step 4 To saving the repaired PowerPoint file at a destination location drive.

repair corrupt PowerPoint file step 4

To sum it all up, it may be said that it is almost inevitable that one of your important PowerPoint presentations may get corrupted sometimes. Rather than worrying about the lost data, you have to take the right measures to recover it but first, you have to be sure that the file is damaged. Once you are sure about that, you can make use of different methods to try restoring the contents of the original file. Making use of some office repair tools like Repairit might come in very handy in this regard.

Read on and know how to repair an unsaved Powerpoint file.