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  • Fix video issues like video no sound, video black screen, video blurry, etc.
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  • Advanced Repair mode for severely corrupted videos.
  • Support a wide range of storage media including cameras, SD cards, mobile phones, hard drives, etc.
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Repair WMV Video: How to Repair a Corrupt WMV Video File

"I've recovered some files from an HDD that weren't supposed to be deleted in the first place, but they have seeking problems/crash the players. Since they have the right size, I think it might be a problem with a corrupt index/header, so I'm trying to find a way to fix them. It's easy to find examples of fixing corrupt .avi files with encoder, but .wmv seems trickier. How can I repair the .wmv video files? Please help."

Windows Media Video (WMV) is the most recognized video compression format within the WMV family. Usage of the term WMV often refers to the Microsoft Windows Media Video format only. WMV files use Microsoft's Advanced Systems Format (ASF) container format and are therefore very similar to ASF files, another file format developed by Microsoft. WMV video is mainly playable on Windows media player but not readable by Mac QuickTime player or other Apple devices.

What to do when a WMV file does not work properly and how do know if it has been corrupted? If it has ever happened to you that you cannot play a WMV file properly, it can be due to several reasons, such as incompatibility of the codecs or even with your video or audio drivers. However, there is also the possibility that your WMV file has been corrupted. Here you will learn how to know why you cannot play your video and fix it. Also, I will give you some tips to prevent your files from getting corrupted, and I will teach you how to easily repair a WMV file without losing its original quality and in just a couple of minutes.

Part 1: Reasons Why the WMV File Get Corrupted

A video is composed of encoded information and structured in a specific order so that video players can interpret it. When a video is corrupted, the information that composes it was altered or poorly structured, and the resulting file is illegible for video players.

Here are some of the most frequent causes of video corruption:

  • Abrupt system shutdown during download/ transfer.

  • Corruption in the storage drive.

  • Virus or Malware in the system.

  • Improper conversion of the video file.

  • Incompatible media player.

Part 2: Possible Errors or Types of Corruption That You May Face

When your video player detects an error while playing a video file due to data corruption, it will show some signals that you can easily recognize.

  • Error Notification: "file could not be played."

  • Frozen Frame/Frame Freeze.

  • Codec Issue.

  • No Sound.

  • Crackled Sound & Distorted Sound.

  • Video Crash.

  • Black Screen.

  • Damaged File.

Part 3: How to Repair WMV Video with Video Repair Software?hot

Perhaps you have the same problem with the above. Listed below are the causes liable for corrupting WMV files:

  • Interruption while moving WMV files from one storage drive to another.

  • WMV header file corruption due to unknown errors..

  • Virus infection or bad sectors on the storage drive containing WMV movies (Know solutions to recover the file from drive virus-infected)

  • Changing the file format of WMV movie files to another format could also result in WMV video damage.

However, don't worry if your .wmv files are corrupted, and you cannot play them on any media player. Wondershare Repairit is what you need to repair your broken, damaged, and corrupted WMV files on all types of storage media like hard drives, external hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, etc.

  • Repair damaged videos with all levels of corruption, such as video not playing, video no sound, out-of-sync video or audio, playback errors, header corruption, flickering video, missing video codec, etc.

  • Repair videos of diverse formats, including MOV, MP4, M2TS, MKV, MTS, 3GP, AVI, FLV, MXF, KLV, INSV, M4V, WMV, MPEG, ASF, etc.

  • Repair damaged or corrupted videos caused by video compression, system crash, video format change, etc.

  • Repairit has a quick and advanced scanning mode. You can use either depending on the level of corruption the video file has undergone.

  • No limit to the number and size of the repairable videos.

  • Support Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019/2022, and macOS 10.10~macOS 14.

Step 1 Download and launch Repairit on your PC or Mac, then choose "Video Repair" section and click "+Add" to upload your damaged videos.

add corrupted video files

Step 2 After loading the damaged videos, click the "Repair" button to start the video repair process.

start repair corrupted video files

Step 3 Video repair tool will start repairing damaged WMV video files in the process. After a few minutes, you are allowed to preview the WMV video files.

preview repaired video files

Step 4 On the preview, you can click the "Save" button to save the repaired WMV video files to a preferred destination.

save repaired video files

Note: If you find the video repair fails, another option for you is the "Advance Video Repair" mode,you can use it to perform a more professional video repair process.

If you do not want to download software and your corrupted video is no more than 3GB, you can choose the online version of Repairit to repair damaged video online.

Part 4: What to Do for WMV Videos Not Playing in Media Player?

If your WMV file is not working properly, you can try to solve it with one of the following options.

1. Get the supporting codec for your media player.

Try updating your codec library. Windows Media Player has an option that will allow you to update your codecs automatically, and if this does not solve the problem, you can download the codecs online on your own.

2. Play WMV video in another player

Many video players are compatible with the WMV format and natively include various codecs that could solve this problem.

3. Download the video again

If you still cannot play your video file after installing new codecs and trying other players, it is recommended to download the file again.

4. Convert WMV to another format

Converting the format of a video involves an information restructuring process, and sometimes this can repair it. Several programs can perform format conversion. The VLC player can perform format conversions easily.

5. Update the PC drivers

Sometimes, you cannot play a video properly because the drivers of your computer are outdated. This generates incompatibilities with all types of programs.

6. Use video repair software.

If none of the above options fixed the problem, it is important to consider repairing the video with a specialized program.

Part 5: Tips to Prevent Corruption of WMV Videos

Some preventive measures can help prevent your videos from getting corrupted. Here are some of them.

1. Do not rename the extension on .wmv files.

2. Install anti-virus on your system.

3. Do not disconnect the power or card reader during the download/ transfer of videos.

4. Do not try to store videos when the memory card is full.

5. Regularly format your camera card or media used for storing videos.

6. Maintain a backup of your videos.

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There are several reasons you cannot properly play a WMV video, and many of them are not related to information corruption, which makes these problems easy to solve. However, it is important to take precautionary measures to prevent your Information from getting corrupted. If your video file is corrupted, practical solutions can fix it, such as converting format or using specialized repair software. Fortunately, Recoverit Video Repair has an easy-to-use user interface and can repair damaged files.