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How to Fix "Video Not Working on Zoom" Problem?

With the pandemic at hand and work from home, nuisance, the use of technology and efficient video call apps extensively leveled up. Being more productive in one's comfort zone turned out to be effective for most, while it was a disaster for others.

Keeping in view many cloud-based video conferencing services, Zoom proved to be the best of them all. However, it comes up with one problem. The Zoom video freezing issue during a potential call created a negative impact on its users.

But there is no need to be stressed as we have come up with several solutions to fix Zoom videos working problems on Windows.

Part 1: Why Does Video Not Working on Zoom?

Video conferencing apps, as they allow communication and make work from home, easy, come across different video freezing issues. As far as Zoom is concerned, it comes up with audio as well as video problems. Let us have a look at the causes of Zoom video freezing.

App-related causes

Most of the Zoom freezing problem occurs due to issues with the app. Sometimes Zoom does not allow the webcam to start immediately, and audio starts lagging. The reason behind this is there are some complications in the app settings, or several different apps of the same nature are running in the background.

Another cause of video freezing is that the app may not be updated to the latest version. Therefore, before you lose your mind in a meeting, try to upgrade it to the latest version.

Device-related causes

Some video freezing problems do not occur due to the Zoom app. Most of the time, it's your device that creates disruptions in the normal functioning of your conference call. If you are using Zoom on your Windows 10 PC or Mac, the webcam might not allow the video. This is because the PC settings have blocked the webcam.

Moreover, if you are operating Zoom from your mobile, and you face the Zoom meeting audio not working, it might be the instability of your internet connection. Also, ensure that your device is in good shape to handle conference calls and have battery life.

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Part 2: Solutions for Zoom Videos Not Showing on Windows

It might be a video lagging problem during a work-related presentation or an audio issue during the evaluation of your final year project; both can cause severe anxiety and stress. Therefore, it is essential to have a clear knowledge of how to get rid of such problems and have a trauma-free experiment on Zoom.

Fasten your seat belts as we will be taking you step by step into the world where you would forget if you ever had a Zoom meeting video flickering problem.

Solution 1: Restart your PC

The first and foremost step to any problem in the world has one solution, which shockingly works like 80% of the time. Resetting and restarting the computer can solve the Zoom video working problem. How does rebooting a system work?

It works in a way that it removes any minor conflicts in the software that resist the normal Zoom meeting experience. Moreover, it also refreshes the system and gets rid of any app or window-related issues.

If you are hosting a video conference call on Zoom and suddenly Zoom meeting video starts flickering, do not lose your control and follow several steps to get yourself out of this mess.

  • Click on the Windows option on the bottom left of your PC.
  • With the sidebar that appears, choose "Restart".

You can always take excuses from your client and follow this simple process as it does not take much time and is workable. As the windows restart, again set the connection on your Zoom app, and test if the problem has been resolved.

Solution 2: Update your camera driver to the latest version

Upgrading and updating the regular apps you use is an important life function, don't you think? Most of the app-related problems are significantly solved by upgrading them to the latest version available, and boom! Problem solved.

Henceforth, if your video keeps lagging or starts flickering in between an important Zoom conference meeting, there might be a problem with camera drivers.

In the following section, enlisted are several steps that can update your camera drivers to the latest available version and put your Zoom video problem to rest.

  • Press Windows + R from your computer.
  • With the dialogue box that appears and types exactly devmgmt.msc

type devmgmt.msc in run console

  • Tap on the "Enter" button on the keyboard so that the Device Manager can open.
  • With the dialogue box that appears and types exactly devmgmt.msc
  • The subheading comes up with "Integrated Webcam".
  • After that, right-click on it, and from the options, chose "Update Driver."
  • You can also uninstall the drivers and then upgrade them to their latest version to make sure no problem occurs due to the camera drivers.

You can also uninstall the drivers and then upgrade them to their latest version to make sure no problem occurs due to the camera drivers.

After the drivers have updated, test the improvement by connecting to the meeting and if the problem has been resolved.

Solution 3: Unblock Zoom from Windows privacy settings

Most of the time, Zoom meeting videos do not work due to a simple backstage problem in Windows. During security issues, the windows do not allow the camera or the webcam and are toggled off.

  • Find the Windows option in the bottom left corner and select it.
  • You will find the Settings, option on the panel that pops up.
  • Then choose "Privacy" settings.
  • In the list of privacy settings, chose Camera, from the panel on the left side underneath settings.
  • These files can make your computer or Mobile hang unnecessarily.
  • From here, if the camera settings are disabled, toggle them on.

turn on camera option

  • But that will not be enough. Therefore, you have to chose which apps can access the camera and select Zoom from the list of apps that appear.

After that, again, connect to your Zoom meeting and check if the camera works. It also happens quite often that the webcam access is given to the windows, but the Zoom is not selected from the apps that can access the camera; hence, you have to perform a background check on the numerous settings of your PC.

Also, if the problem persists, try to disable the other apps that have access to the camera and then go for a test Zoom meeting.

Solution 4: Reinstall the Windows Zoom app

Presenting you the most effective solution to all your Zoom video freezing problems. It works most of the time and refreshes the windows as well as the app.

That is right. Uninstalling the Windows Zoom App and then reinstalling it can help your video to operate normally. In the section below, given are a series of simple steps that will allow reinstalling the Zoom app.

  • Click on the Windows app and select Start, from the panel that pops up.
  • Scroll down to locate the Zoom app on your windows.
  • Right-click on the "Zoom icon."
  • From the dialogue box that appears, "uninstall" the app.
  • The progress will be shown on the computer.
  • As the windows Zoom app has been uninstalled, restart the computer.
  • Again, download the Zoom app.

Make a test meeting connection to check if the problem has been resolved.

Solution 5: Zoom troubleshooting

Trouble Shooting any problem or specifically an app can solve several problems in a go. Using Zoom troubleshooting can have a significant impact on the working of Zoom videos. Therefore, if you face a video freezing problem during your call, you can take a second from the meeting and follow a simple set of instructions that can allow videos to work properly.

The troubleshooting of the Zoom app is not complicated. Just follow the lead.

  • Switch on your Zoom app on the computer.
  • On the right side of your app, you will find the "Settings".
  • In the settings panel bar on the left, click on the "Video".
  • On the right bottom side of the same panel, you will find "Troubleshooting".
  • Click on it and wait for some time.
  • Ensure that your webcam is toggled on from the settings of your PC.
  • Again, download the Zoom app.

After following these steps, relaunch the Zoom app and perform a test meeting to confirm if the freezing video problem is solved.

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The use of cloud-based video conferencing services has constantly been increased due to the pandemic at hand. Zoom proved itself to be the best of them, but it also comes up with different troubles. This article has ensured that you find several solutions to your Zoom video freezing problem.

You can always reinstall the app, update the camera drivers to the latest version, troubleshoot the Zoom app, or provide access to the app from the privacy settings. Hence, before you get all stressed up about your Zoom meeting, follow the steps, and get rid of your problems.

Extra Tip: We are presenting you with free available software that has the ability to repair corrupted videos and make them as good as new. Wondershare Repairit software promises excellent video transmission from corrupted to repaired. Moreover, it offers the repair in all formats and sizes, thrilling, right?