Are you puzzled about opening high-quality files? Worry not. This article is perfect for tech wizards and casual viewers. Now, forget compatibility headaches, as we've got the 5 tricks for everyone. From built-in features to nifty tools, dive into our guide for a smooth HEVC video experience. This article ensures a complete understanding of how to open your HEVC file format successfully.

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    5. Use Online Video Converter

What is HEVC File Format?

hevc file format trivia

Ever wondered why your videos look amazing in 4K without eating up all your storage? That's the magic of HEVC, short for High Efficiency Video Coding. It's like the wizard behind the scenes, ensuring your videos are top-notch while keeping file sizes in check. Think of it as the successor to H.264, but way smarter. HEVC uses fancy algorithms to compress and decompress videos. HEVC makes it perfect for streaming high-quality content without hogging your internet bandwidth. So, whether you're watching in 4K or shooting your epic videos, HEVC is why you get the best quality without the hefty file sizes.

5 Methods to Open HEVC File Format

Discover 5 easy ways to open HEVC files, whether watching high-quality videos or enjoying cinematic content. These methods make it simple for you to open HEVC file format.

1. Download HEVC extensions

Adding HEVC format extensions allows Windows to support Apple’s high-efficiency formats. This is particularly helpful for reading HEVC file formats when your hardware lacks direct support for HEVC files.

icon note
Note: The playback quality of your HEVC videos depends on the performance of your Windows computer’s CPU and graphics card.

After installing the extensions, you can effortlessly open HEVC files on Windows by simply clicking on them. You can use the default Windows Media Player or any HEVC compatible applications on your PC to view the videos.

To add HEVC support on Windows

Step 1. In the search bar, type Microsoft Store.

hevc microsoft store

Step 2. Open Microsoft Store.

Step 3. Type "HEVC video extension" in the search box.

Step 4. Click on Buy and follow the prompts to install the extensions.

buy hevc video extensions

If installed extensions still can't view HEVC files, reset the extension settings:

Step 1. Go to Settings and look for the Apps & features.

Step 2. Select HEVC Video Extensions.

Step 3. Click Advanced options.

hevc advance options

Step 4. Scroll down to Reset and click on it.

Step 5. Click Reset again.

hevc reset

Step 6. After resetting the extensions, try opening the HEVC videos again.

2. Adjust iPhone Settings for HEVC Import to PC

hevc import

Adjust the' Transfer to Mac or PC' settings to transfer videos from your iPhone to a Windows computer. Follow these steps on your iPhone:

Step 1. Go to Settings and Photos.

hevc settings

Step 2. Then Transfer to Mac or PC and choose Automatic.

hevc automatic
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Note: By selecting Automatic, your iPhone will automatically convert HEVC to H.264. This happens whenever you transfer videos from your iPhone to a PC, ensuring compatibility with Windows systems.

3. Download HEVC Supporting Codecs

If you can’t open HEVC file and encounter error messages related to codecs, such as:

  • "A codec is required to play this file."
  • "Missing 0xc00d5212 codec."
  • "Media Player encountered an error."

You need to install the H.265 video codec. Download the x265 codec or a codec pack that includes HEVC codecs. The correct codecs will enable you to play H.265/HEVC videos on any device and media player without encountering playback issues.

4. Use HEVC Video Player

If your media player cannot play HEVC videos, it could be due to the lack of supporting codecs. Consider using a player that is compatible with H.265 videos. VLC Media Player, File Viewer Plus, and 5K Player are some of these. Make sure to download the latest version of the player to ensure optimal compatibility and performance. Here’s how to do it:

VLC comes with built-in support for the HEVC codec through default modules. To ensure that your VLC has the HEVC extension:

Step 1. Open VLC and Tools, then go to Plugins and Extensions and click Plugins.

Step 2. Look for "HEVC."

In that way, you can play your HEVC video format with VLC.

use vlc

5. Use Online Video Converter

If your device doesn't support the HEVC format you have there, consider converting it using video converters. The best recommended converter is Evano. While it might seem like a compromise on the high quality of your HEVC video, it's better than having choppy or audio-lagging videos. Ensure you use a secure and malware-protected converter for a safe conversion process.

Evano is a useful and safe online converter to convert HEVC into your desired file format. Do to that:

Step 1. Open the Evano website, then click Choose File.

visit evano website

Step 2. After selecting your HEVC file, click the Select button to choose the video format.

visit evano website

Step 3. For the final step, click the Convert button.

convert file

How to Repair Corrupted Converted Video File

Let's say you have a HEVC file converted into MP4, AVI, MPEG and other formats but became unsuccessful before the file got corrupted. It is very annoying to experience some, right? In that case, we recommend using a trustworthy tool like Wondershare Repairit.

This tool can repair various damaged video files, especially your converted file. What is more exciting is, Repairit supports both online and offline repair. If you think that the corruption is not that serious, you can use Wondershare Repairit Video Repair Online, as it can repair damaged converted videos in MP4, 3GP, MTS, AVI, M2TS, MKV, FL, MXF and M4V format. Also, it can repair 150 videos every month in 3GB per file. But, if the video is seriously or severely damaged, you can choose Repairit Video Desktop, which can fix your damaged video without limit. You only need to download this desktop tool on your Windows or Mac devices.

  • Repair damaged videos with all levels of corruption, such as video not playing, video no sound, out-of-sync video or audio, playback errors, header corruption, flickering video, missing video codec, etc.

  • Repair full HD, 4K, and 8K videos and support 18 popular formats, including MOV, MP4, M2TS, INSV, M4V, WMV, MPEG, ASF, etc.

  • Repair damaged or corrupted videos caused by video compression, system crash, video format change, etc.

  • Repair critically damaged or corrupted videos available on SD cards, mobile phones, cameras, USB flash drives, etc.

  • Repairit has a quick and advanced scanning mode. You can use either depending on the level of corruption the video file has undergone.

  • No limit to the number and size of the repairable videos.

  • Support Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019/2022, and macOS 10.10~macOS 13.

Step 1. Download Wondershare Repairit for Mac or Windows.

Step 2. Click the +Add button within the Video Repair section to fix the converted HEVC video files in the repair list.

wondershare repairit guide

Step 3. After uploading the damaged converted HEVC video files, please select the Repair button to start the video repair process.

wondershare repairit guide

When the repair is done, a window asking you to save and view the fixed converted HEVC videos will appear. Simply click OK to save them.

wondershare repairit guide

Step 4. Click the Preview button to view the repaired converted HEVC videos. You can ensure they are fully fixed before preserving them by doing this.

icon note
Note: If you are still not satisfied with the converted HEVC video quality when repairing successfully, you can try the Advanced Repair function to get the higher videos quality.
wondershare repairit guide

If the repaired converted HEVC videos appear good for you, select Save and choose a location to store them. However, avoid saving them in the same location where they were initially harmed.

wondershare repairit guide

Save the repaired converted HEVC videos will take a few moments, so please be patient.

wondershare repairit guide
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What are the Benefits of HEVC File?

HEVC, or High Efficiency Video Coding, offers a range of benefits for video files. It is obvious why people want HEVC for their videos. Here are some reasons:

  1. Enhanced Video Quality: Even at lower bitrates, HEVC maintains superior video quality. This feature is crucial for delivering a clearer and more detailed visual experience. HEVC file format ensures that high-quality content remains impressive, even in bandwidth-constrained situations.
  2. 4K and Beyond: HEVC supports higher resolutions, including 4K and beyond. This capability is instrumental in providing stunning clarity and detail. HEVC caters to the growing demand for high-resolution content in modern multimedia applications.
  3. Reduced Storage Needs: Thanks to its efficient compression, HEVC minimizes storage requirements. This allows users to store more content on their devices and addresses limited storage capacity.
  4. Improved Streaming: HEVC's efficiency extends to streaming, enabling smoother delivery of high-quality content. This makes it an ideal choice for online platforms and services that rely on streaming. And this advantage contributes to a seamless and enjoyable viewing experience.

The Disadvantages of HEVC Format

While HEVC has its perks, it's not without its drawbacks. Let's explore some of the disadvantages of this video format.

  • Compatibility Concerns: While HEVC is good, older devices and software may not have the necessary codecs or hardware acceleration. As a result, playback issues and limited accessibility may occur.
  • Processing Power: HEVC demands more processing power compared to older codecs. This can be a concern for devices with limited computational capabilities. This may lead to slower performance during video playback.
  • Licensing Costs: HEVC may involve licensing fees, which can be a drawback for users and developers. This adds an extra cost factor, especially for applications and services that rely heavily on video content.
  • Editing Challenges: Editing HEVC videos can be more challenging than working with traditional codecs. It may require advanced video editing software, limiting the options for users who prefer simpler editing tools.
  • Limited Adoption: While HEVC offers superior compression, its adoption is not universal. Some platforms, devices, or services may not fully support HEVC. This drawback may lead to limited compatibility in certain ecosystems and reduce its overall impact.


Opening HEVC files is easy with our 5 simple ways to do it. HEVC is great, but watch out for compatibility problems and the need for more computer power. We hope this article helps you better understand how to safely open the HEVC file format. If you ever try to convert an HVC file into other formats and face corruption, try Wondershare Repairit. It is better to enjoy better video quality without problems.

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  • Is there any free video player that supports HEVC?
    VLC Media Player is a popular free option supporting HEVC playback. It's widely used and compatible with various platforms.
  • Can I edit HEVC videos on basic video editing software?
    It depends on the software. Due to its advanced nature, basic video editing tools may not support HEVC editing. Consider using sophisticated video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve.
  • Do streaming platforms like YouTube support HEVC videos?
    Yes, platforms like YouTube support HEVC, but it's essential to check the compatibility of the device you're using to stream. Some older devices may struggle with HEVC playback.
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