Solutions to Repair Corrupt WEBM Video Files

A WEBM file is an audiovisual media file format. New and modern web browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Firefox have built-in support settings for the .webm file format. Like any other video format, WEBM files can be damaged or corrupted while recording, storing, or transferring.

The main reasons are incompatible media player, outdated web browsers, virus/malware attack in the computer, corrupt download or transfer of WEBM files if the video codecs are incompatible. We highly recommend video repairing tools like the Wondershare Repairit to repair corrupt WEBM video files. Any more information about it, let's go through the article.

Part 1: Abstract of WEBM Video Files

WEBM video files are new to the world of web development, but they offer a great solution for those who want to create videos that can be viewed on most devices. WEBM is a type of video file that has been around since 2010 and is supported by many browsers.

Here are the pros and cons of WEBM videos:

  • WEBM videos work with YouTube, Vimeo, and other popular video sharing platforms and video editing software.

  • A time saver because you don't have to convert your files into different formats before uploading them onto YouTube or another site that requires specific formatting like SoundCloud.

  • Make up half of all web traffic because they don't require the same format conversion as other types of video, also with flexible and the most devices playing without lag or buffering.

  • Smaller than traditional MPEGs, which means they take up less space on devices.

  • WEBM files quality may not be as good because many browsers don't support audio formats like MP-EAC+, which require more power from your computer than other formats do.

  • Get corrupted more often than other video formats.

Part 2: What Causes WEBM Files Corruption?

WEBM files are a popular video format that has been around for years. However, they have become increasingly popular due to the introduction of HTML5 and mobile devices. WEBM files work great with these new technologies and provide a high-quality experience. But what causes WEBM file corruption?

Many factors can contribute to this issue, but two of the most common ones are improper uploading or downloading procedures and hardware or software incompatibility issues.Modern web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc., have supported the .webm video files. For some reason, if you're unable to run a WEBM file - you may need to install its plugin.

If you still can't play any WEBM files - check the following:

1. Corrupt Browser:

One of the main reasons you can't launch WEBM files is that the browser might be corrupted or you're running an outdated version. In either case, the browser will not run any .webm files.

2. Incompatible Codecs:

WEBM video files are compressed by VP8 or VP9 codecs, and audio compression is done by Opus or Vorbis codecs. There might be a possibility that other types of codecs maybe be used in the .webm file you're trying to run, which is not compatible with your existing browsers. Also, here are more information of how to fix audio codec not supported or missing error.

3. Incomplete or Corrupted Downloads:

Another reason you can't play any WEBM files or a WEBM file is not working is because the file is not fully downloaded, or the file has become corrupted while transferring from one device to another.

4. Corrupted WEBM Files:

Your WEBM files are corrupted because of incomplete or incorrect conversion or compression techniques. Not using the proper way for .webm file conversion and compression is the main reason for WEBM file corruption.

5. Flash Is Not Enabled or Installed:

We earlier mentioned most videos on video-sharing sites like YouTube require Flash to run. If your browser doesn't support Flash or isn't installed, you won't be able to play WEBM files.

6. Virus or Malware Infection:

Sometimes various viruses or malware prevent plugin-in and browsers from working properly, which may be why you are unable to play WEBM files.

Part 3: Methods to Repair Corrupt WEBM Video Files

Solution 1: Use Compatible Codecs

Most media players should be able to play WEBM files. For some reason, if it doesn't, you'll need to install the compatible codecs on your system or use a different media player that supports WEBM files.

Solution 2: Download the Video File Again from the Source

It's a common problem that sudden power cuts, loss of internet connection, or server issues can make videos sluggish and non-playable. The simplest solution is to wait until the service provider fixes their servers or Internet connections before downloading them again. If you are using any external storage devices like CDs or Flash Drives (which often have less space), then be sure to copy your files from there as well. If you copied/ transferred a file from any storage card onto another drive before trying to play it elsewhere after that - do so once more.

Solution 3: Updated Your Browser

Sometimes an outdated Web browser can cause problems and make WEBM videos unplayable. Whether you are using Firefox, Chrome, or Explorer, ensure that your web browser is up-to-date to support playback of the WEBM video files.

Solution 4: Delete Temporary Files and Clear the Cache

If you're facing video playback problems, like the video is playing slowing, and slow buffering times - it can be fixed by removing cache and temporary files on your computer. This not only helps your browser but also speeds up how quickly videos load in general.

Open "Run" by pressing Windows + R on your keyboard. The "Run" window will appear. In the text box, type WSReset.exe, and click "OK."

input message

Done that, a black window should open. Wait a few moments while it clears the cache.

Solution 5: Use Noise Reduction Tools

One of the best ways to fix WEBM video files not playing problems is using noise reduction software. You can also use plugins or programs like Lightworks, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro X. These programs' advanced video editing capabilities significantly reduce noise, improve video quality, and repair most corrupt WEBM video files.

Solution 6: Repair WEBM Files With Professional Software

Wondershare Repairit:

Wondershare Repairit is a video repair software that specializes in restoring corrupt videos, including WEBM files. It is the perfect solution for all of those pesky video problems. You can ensure your videos are restored in a matter of seconds, regardless if you shot those wrong from the get-go or they were corrupted during transfer to another device. The software even restores photos with gray colors and pixelated images.


1. Available for both Windows and Mac

2. Enhanced advanced repairs.

3. Can preview repaired videos before saving.

4. Easy-to-use, intuitive user interface.

5. Can repair multiple videos of any format.

6. Repairs Full 6K and 8K videos.

Here are the steps for you to follow:

Step 1: Download and install the Wondershare Repairit software on your system.

Step 2: Add the corrupted video file you want to repair. Navigate to the file directory where the corrupted videos are saved and load them. You can also drag and drop the files to the interface.

add the videos you cannot play

Step 3: Click on the 'Repair' button. Wait for a while as Wondershare Repairit works on the files. A progress bar on the interface shows the progress.

begin the video repairing process

Step 4: Once the repairing process is completed, the software allows you to preview the repaired videos. After previewing, save the repaired video files to the desired location.

save repaired video files to desired location

As mentioned above, many software can help you repair your videos. However, Wondershare Repairit stands out in many ways of video and photo repair.

Part 4: Tips to Avoid Corruption of WEBM Videos Files

WEBM videos are a popular format for both YouTube and Vimeo. However, if the WEBM video is not properly encoded, it can easily get corrupted, and you will lose all your hard work. Here, we will be sharing a few tips on avoiding corruption of WEBM video files so that you never have to worry about repairing corrupt WEBM video files because of this problem again.

1. Do not try to encode the WEBM videos by hand, as this is a difficult process that can be full of mistakes. Instead, use an encoding software such as HandBrake or MediaCoder to do it for you.

2. If possible, use iTunes encoding options instead of those in Handbrake. The reason being that when using iTunes's encoding option, you don't have to worry about any quality loss, and you get better compression on your video file size than with other methods.

3. Ensure the MPQ (VLC) codec pack is installed so that VLC will automatically convert WEBM videos into another format if necessary.

4. Don't ever remove your memory card from a video camera device while the WEBM videos file is writing to it.

5. Remove your memory card if you find that some corruption has happened and there's no way of saving it. Follow these steps: In Windows, go to Start > My computer > Removable Disk (E) and select 'Eject,' and then remove the disk. Make sure you do this with the power OFF to your device.

6. Don't open WEBM video files in other programs for editing when you're not sure if they are working properly yet or not have to worry about any quality loss, and you get better compression on your video file size than with other methods.

7. Always keep your system free from viruses and malware but running antivirus programs. Don't download and install unauthorized/suspicious programs as most of these are infested viruses and malware and phishing malware. Viruses and malware are major reasons for WEBM videos getting corrupted.


WEBM videos are typically more popular than other video formats because they provide a greater bandwidth saving. If you've ever saved one of these files and found that the file was corrupted, take solace in knowing there's hope for repairing it. This article will show you how to repair corrupt WEBM video files with ease. In most cases, all you need is simple professional video repairing software such as Wondershare Repairit.