Troubleshoot for Youtube Video No Sound-Buffering-Green-black Screen

You might already know that loading videos on YouTube can get complicated at times. I run a channel on YouTube, and a while back, I also encountered issues with my uploads. For instance, a lot of my videos would have so sound or be stuck on a black screen. This made me realize that I’m not the only one and a lot of people also encounter these issues.

Therefore, to fix problems like YouTube video no sound/buffering/green/black screen, I have come up with some tried and tested solutions in this post.

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Part 1: What You Should Know about These YouTube Issues?

Before I provide solutions for issues like YouTube video no sound/buffering/green/black screen, let’s learn why these problems are caused in the first place.

1. YouTube Video with No Sound

At times, while watching a YouTube video, you will only get its picture without any sound. Ideally, if your video has not been loaded properly or there is a bad internet connection, then it can cause video no sound issue. You can try to load the video again or simply check the installed audio drivers on your computer to resolve this.

2. YouTube Video Stuck at Buffering

This is another common issue that you might encounter while watching a YouTube video on an unstable connection, that's not playing on Youtube. Ideally, you can try to customize the video quality by lowering it down. Also, you need to make sure that any VPN or third-party extensions are disabled on your browser.

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3. YouTube Video Green or Black Screen

Both of these issues are quite similar, and they can take place when the video you are trying to watch has not been uploaded properly. They can also be caused due to a browser-related issue (rendering problems) or if there is a lot of unwanted cache from YouTube. At times, even a third-party plugin or extension can also cause this playback issue with YouTube videos.

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Part 2: How to Fix Issues like No Sound, Buffering, Green/Black Screen with YouTube?

As you can see, there can be so many reasons for causing the YouTube video no sound/buffering/green/black screen issues. Therefore, you can try either of these solutions to fix these common YouTube playback errors.

Method 1: Log out and Log in back to your Account

In some cases, these YouTube issues are caused by our Google account settings. For instance, if your account has some security issues, then you can get these playback issues on YouTube.

The easiest way to fix this is by logging out of your YouTube account and signing back in after a while. Just go to your avatar from the top-right corner of the screen and click on the “Sign Out” button.

log out of account

Once you are logged out of your YouTube account, you can relaunch your browser and log in back to it.

Method 2: Restart your Browser or Refresh the Page

As I have listed above, an issue with your browser can also cause issues like YouTube video no sound/buffering/green/black screen. Therefore, you can simply close your browser from running, wait for a while, and launch it again.

Alternatively, you can also click on the refresh icon on your browser’s toolbar to reload the page. You can also just press the F5 key on your Windows PC to refresh the YouTube page on your browser.

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Method 3: Clear All Stored Data (like Cookies and Browser Cache)

When was the last time you cleared the cache or unwanted data on your browser? Well, if it has been a while, then it can be one of the major reasons for causing a black screen or buffering issues on YouTube.

To do this, you can just launch Chrome and click on the hamburger icon to visit its settings. Now, browse to its Privacy and Security settings and click on the “Clear Browsing Data” feature.

chrome privacy settings

This will open dedicated options to clear Chrome’s cache, saved passwords, browsing data, cookies, and so on. You can simply select a preferred duration to clear your data, pick what you wish to delete, and click on the “Clear Browsing Data” button.

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After clearing all kinds of browser data, you can restart Chrome, and try to load any YouTube video again.

Method 4: Make Sure you are Connected to a Stable Network

Needless to say, if you are not connected to a stable internet connection, then it can cause issues like a video lag or buffer on YouTube. To resolve this, you can just click on the network icon from the taskbar and check the strength of your present connection.

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If you want, you can also right-click the network and choose to forget it. Later, you can manually set up the network and make sure that it stays stable while loading YouTube videos.

Method 5: Disable Unwanted Extensions on Your Browser

At times, even a faulty plugin or an extension can cause issues like YouTube video no sound/buffering/green/black screen. It has been noticed that a VPN or an ad-blocking extension can particularly cause these issues with YouTube.

To inspect this, you can just go to the extension icon on the top-right corner of Chrome and click on the “Manage Extensions” button.

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This will display a list of all the extensions that are installed on your Chrome account. You can just toggle off the option for an extension to disable it from Chrome and can later restart your browser.

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Method 6: Check Site Settings for YouTube on Chrome

You might already know that Google Chrome lets us set specific settings for various websites. Therefore, if you have disabled some vital permissions for YouTube, then it can lead to these unwanted issues.

To fix this, you can just go to Chrome settings by clicking on the three-dot icon from the top. Now, browse to its Privacy and Security Settings > Site Settings to get a list of all sorts of permissions and preferences.

site setting

From here, you need to make sure that you have granted all the vital permissions to YouTube. For instance, permissions like background sync, JavaScript, cookies, etc. should be enabled for YouTube for a smooth playback experience.

Method 7: Check Proxy Settings on PC

In nutshell, proxy servers act as an intermediate entity between the user and the server to keep things smooth and safe. While Windows configure an automatic and dynamic proxy, a manual setup can cause issues like YouTube video no sound/buffering/green/black screen.

If you are getting these issues, then I would recommend visiting your system’s Settings > Network & Internet > Proxy. Instead of using manual options or setting up a script, you can turn on the automatic detection option by Windows for a smoother browsing experience.

windows proxy settings

Method 8: Update the Installed Graphics Drivers on PC

Apart from your browser, there could be an issue with the installed graphics driver on your PC as well. If the driver has been outdated or corrupted, then it can cause playback issues with YouTube.

You can fix this by just looking for the “Device Manager” feature from the search option on the taskbar. Once the Devie Manager window is opened, you can expand the Graphics/Display Drivers field.

update display drivers

From here, you can just right-click the installed driver and choose to update it. This will launch a pop-up wizard that you can follow to update the installed graphics driver on your system.

Method 9: Disable Hardware Acceleration on Browser

Lastly, if the hardware acceleration feature on your browser is enabled, then you can consider turning it off. Most browsers like Chrome and Firefox have this feature to distribute the load on GPU, but it can cause an unwanted lag instead.

If you are using Chrome, then you can just go to its Settings and expand the Advanced Settings option from the side. From here, you can go to the System Settings and manually toggle off the Hardware Acceleration feature.

disable hardware acceleration

Please note that I have listed these solutions for YouTube by considering the example of Google Chrome, but you can implement the same methods on any other browser as well. In that case, the overall interface and options for your browser (like Firefox) can be slightly different.

Expert Tip: What if My Downloaded Videos Get Corrupted?

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Time to Conclude

I hope that after reading this post, you would be able to fix issues like YouTube video no sound/buffering/green/black screen. From browser-related issues to a bad network, I have covered almost every major reason for these YouTube playback problems in this post.

Since these issues can be caused due to different reasons, you can consider following a couple of the suggested solutions to resolve them. Though, if there is an issue with a downloaded video instead, then a tool like Wondershare Repairit would come in handy.