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How to Fix Video 'Moov Atom Not Found' Error?

"A few days ago, I recorded a video from my camera. I tried to play the video multiple times, but I was unable to play the video. I got an error message: FFmpeg Moov Atom Not Found. Does anyone know a little about this error while playing a video?"

This error does not occur usually, but there is no need to worry, as it can easily be fixed. In this guide, you will get to know what this error means and how to tackle it once it has disturbed your video.

What Does "Moov Atom Not Found" Error Mean?

Moov atom contains the metadata and the index of the video. The information a video player needs to play the video is stored in the Moov atom. It has information about the timescale, duration, and display characteristics of a video. Without it, a video is useless and un-playable

The sub atoms contain the information of each track in the video. It is obligatory to be present at the end of the file, as it does not know the video's duration while you are recording it.

What's the "Moov Atom Not Found" Error?

"Moov Atom Not Found" error occurs in a video when you record it with the recording device off suddenly. The reason for this error is that the Moov atom is present at the end of the video. When the recorder is accidentally turned off, the Moov atom becomes missing. Because the Moov atom can't be reserved at the starting of the video, it is always there when the recording ends. This error means that your video's information is missing, and thus you're unable to play the video.

The good part is that you will never have to face this causality in the future once you get to know what it is.

Method 1. Fix Video "Moov Atom Not Found" Error with Wondershare Repairit

This unusual error irritates the client player too much. Many people seek an easy procedure to fix the video. Here you can have a free trial on Wondershare Repairit Video Repair software to help you fix the video with the "Moov Atom Not Found" error.

You can fix your "Moov atom not found" error video in no time using this tool, thanks to the features.

  • Repair damaged videos with all levels of corruption, such as video not playing, moov atom not found, video playback errors, header corruption, missing video codec, etc.

  • Repair videos of 15+ different formats, including MOV, MP4, M2TS, MKV, MTS, 3GP, etc.

  • Repair damaged or corrupted videos caused by video compression, system crash, video format change, etc.

  • Repair critically damaged or corrupted videos available on SD cards, mobile phones, cameras, USB flash drives, etc.

  • Repairit has a quick and advanced scanning mode. You can use either depending on the level of corruption the video file has undergone.

  • No limit to the number and size of the repairable videos.

  • Support Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019/2022, and macOS 10.10~macOS 14.

Step1 Add your videos with the "Moov Atom Not Found" error

Run the video repair software on your Windows or Mac computer. Once the application is open, click on the option of "Add" and select your corrupted video files.

add videos

Step2 Repair the videos that are not found

After you have added the "Moov Atom Not Found" video files, click on the option of repair. Wait for a while, let the application repair the video.

scan videos

Step3 Preview those repaired videos

The repairing process might take a while. Once it is done, you will see information about the fixed video. Preview your repaired video and press "OK" to proceed.

preview videos

Step4 Start Advance mode for severely corrupted video (optional)

If the videos are severely corrupted, and you find them not repaired successfully, turn to the advanced mode that utilizes the sample video file technology. Just click the "Advanced Repair" button.

add sample videos

Then add a sample video and repair it now. When all corrupted videos are repaired, you can click the "Save" button to store videos onto any location on your computer.

save videos path

As you can see, the process is easy and fast, right? Wondershare Repairit is aimed to help you solve different kinds of video errors most quickly and safely. For example, 0xc00d36c4 or 0xc10100bf video error codes. Let's together enter a world that has no kind of video errors.

Watch for Corrupted Video Repair Details

Method 2. Fix FFMPEG "Moov Atom Not Found" with qtfaststart

The FFMPEG special feature of qtfaststart can fix the issue "Moov atom not found" in no time. What qtfaststart does is that it moves the position of your Moov atom with some commands. Just follow these steps;

Step 1: Download FFmpeg and run the software.

Step 2: If the output is "IsStreamable: No," you can use qt-faststart (a utility in FFMPEG) to move the Moov Atom.

Step 3: Open the command prompt, and put the location of the video file.

ffmpeg qtfaststart

Step 4: With the video file location, run the command mentioned here. Run qt-faststart with a batch command to convert a folder of videos for FILE in `find. -type f `; do NEWFILE=`echo "$FILE" | sed 's/.mov/_NEW.mov/g'`; qt-faststart "$FILE" $NEWFILE; don.

Step 5: Press enter and see if the error still exists.

Method 3. Resolve "Moov Atom Not Found" Video Error with MP4box

Secondly, to save yourself from this error, you can use MP4box. MP4box will allow you to get your video file fixed and get rid of this error once it for all. Follow these steps carefully to get your issue solved.

Step 1: Open the command prompt on your computer.

Step 2: Download and run MP4box.

mp4 box

Step 3: Add the video files' locations having the issue "Moov atom not found".

Step 4: Once the video file's location is added, add this further command from the mp4 box.

Step 5: Select the output of the video.

Step 6: See if the issue is resolved.

Moov atom is a special part of a particular file. Up to now, we hope that all of your questions about Moov Atom video errors have been answered. If not, post your questions below. We'll provide you with professional solutions.