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Video Repair - How to Repair Your GoPro Corrupted Files

GoPro cameras are the preferred option for shooting high-definition action videos. You can capture footage from multiple angles where regular cameras cannot. But this extraordinary technology is also vulnerable to corruption and damage.

"I was shooting with my GoPro HERO 6 camera. However, while transferring the video files from the SD card to my device, I cannot play the videos. Please help me!"

It seems the video files for this person might be corrupt. The good news is that you can fix corrupt video files for any version of a GoPro action camera. This post will share with you the various methods you can use to fix corrupted videos from all models of GoPro cameras, like GoPro Hero8 cameras.

Part 1: Check Why GoPro Files Get Corrupted

GoPro cameras are known for their durability and technology designed to record high-quality video footage. The quality of the videos are priceless, no wonder most people would do anything to protect them. However, because the video files are in the MP4 format, they can get damaged and corrupted. Here are some of the reasons that are responsible for corrupting your GoPro video files to the condition where it might be impossible to play them in any media device:

  • SD Card Failure. Faulty or SD cards that lack enough space can corrupt GoPro video files. The camera might fail to record the video footage properly. As if that's not enough, it can have problems saving metadata in the video file. Due to this, you can't play the video because it's damaged.
  • Malicious spyware. There is a good chance that your computer or any other device you might be using is infected with spyware. If that is the case, this will corrupt your GoPro video files. Some types of spyware can cause extensive damages to the video files. (Fix corrupt GoPro files due to virus)
  • Unexpected shutdown. If there is any break while transferring the video from the GoPro camera to your device, the video files can get corrupt. Whether it's a power failure because you didn't charge your camera's battery or your GoPro camera has crashed, it will corrupt the video files.
  • Improper removal of the SD card. Excitement can sometimes cause you to force the removal of the SD card from the camera. And that's one side of the issue because you also might have taken out the SD card while the GoPro camera was recording. Whatever the case, this can have bad consequences as it can lead to GoPro video corruption. You need to handle the SD card with care at all times.

Part 2: How to Repair Corrupt GoPro Video Files

It can be overwhelming to find out that you have corrupt video files. But, if you enjoy recording high-quality videos for surfing, skiing, paragliding, and many others, there are ways to fix these problems. Below are detailed steps that can help you repair corrupt GoPro video files:

Solution 1: Utilize an in-built SOS function

The good thing about all GoPro cameras is that they have an in-built feature named SOS function. This feature works only with video files that you recorded with the same model of GoPro camera. You can use it to repair corrupt video files. To restore the corrupt video files, do the following:

1. First of all, you need to activate the SOS function. Simply insert into the GoPro camera an SD card that has the corrupt video file.

    GoPro scanning process

    2. Then switch on the camera. The GoPro camera will launch the scanning process to find video files with missing metadata.

    3. Either a bicycle with a plus sign, a bandage sign, or Repairing File notification will appear on your screen once the camera identifies a corrupt video file. If you notice any of these notifications, press any button on your GoPro camera to repair the corrupt video file. HERO 4 and HERO Session repair files automatically when you switch on the camera.

    Solution 2. Repair Corrupted GoPro Video Files Using Repairit

    Popularly known for solving all video-related problems, Repairit Video Repair can easily repair 15+ video formats: MP4, MOV, M2TS, MTS, MKV, FLV, and many more. Besides repairing these various video formats, it has the Quick Repair and the Advance Repair modes. You will need advance repair mode for severely corrupt GoPro video files. This is because it can analyze the data and technology of the sample video to help it in the repairing process. No wonder, this software program is capable of repairing corrupt video files that GoPro SOS failed to fix.

    Repairit Video Repair is a powerful video repair tool specifically designed to repair corrupted GoPro video files. Some of the corruption problems it supports include video file header corruption, video file system corruption, corruption on the video frame and slider, corruption on the sound section of the videos (for those that have videos only), and corruption on the video section of the video ( those with audios only). As you can see, Repairit is fully optimized for repairing all corruption issues on GoPro cameras.

    With a high repair success rate, you can rest assure that Repairit can repair corrupt videos due to memory card error, file transfer error, improper system shutdown, change in video format, and many others. Here is the deal, you can only repair corrupt GoPro video files by taking the following steps:

    Step 1: Add corrupted videos

    Download and activate Recoverit Video Repair on your computer. Next, click the Add button to load corrupted GoPro video files. You can also add corrupt video files by clicking the "Add video and start repairing" area.


    Step 2: Repair corrupted videos

    Then click Repair. The software will start analyzing the video file and start repairing it.


    Click the OK button when it shows Video repair completed! You can have a preview of the repaired GoPro video after the repair process is complete.

    Step 3: Preview and save the repaired videos

    Click the OK button when it shows Video repair completed! Preview and save now! You can save your repaired files at any destination of your choice.

    preview and save videos

    If your video is severely corrupted, select Advance Repair. Then add a sample Video shot by the same GoPro camera to repair. Start to scan the video. You can also try to merge the video fragments. The Advance Recoverit Video Repair will analyze the data and technology of this sample video. Take note that the Advance Repair mode usually takes more time for the deep scan.


    If you do not want to download software on your computer and your corrupted video is no more than 3GB, you can try the online version of Repairit Video Repair

    Solution 3: Use VLC Media player

    Another great option to repair GoPro corrupted video files is to use VLC. There is a feature on a media player, that supports various video file formats. The good thing about this feature is that can convert your file to another format. Therefore, you can convert corrupt video files to another video file format and then save them. You can follow the below steps to repair corrupt GoPro video files:

    1. Firstly, activate the VLC Media Player. Then go to Media and select the Convert/Save.

      VLC Media Player Convert/Save option

      2. Press the Add button. Here you can add the corrupt GoPro video file. After adding the file, press Convert/Save button.

      3. Finally, select the folder where you want to save the repaired file. You can choose the file name, and go ahead by clicking the Start button to convert the file.

      After converting the video format, you can't still get a great video file. Maybe this guide is what you need - Fix VLC Videos Not Playing Properly.
      - 2 minutes to read it.

      Solution 4: Use the correct codec file

      VLC is useful when it comes to repairing corrupt video files. The tricky part is that when it completes the repairing process, you might not play the videos. In such situations, you need to install a codec. Most importantly, you need to download and install the right codec for your video to play seamlessly. You can do the following steps to install the codec file automatically:

      1. On the menu, click Start and select A Programs. Choose Windows Media Player. Then click Now Playing to go to the Player tab.

      VLC Media Player codecs download

      2. Click the checkbox with Download codecs automatically and confirm by pressing OK. Another option is to install codecs manually. Below are the steps of how you can install it:

      3. Go to Microsoft's official website and look for Plugins designed for Windows Media Player. You will get a display of codecs options. Select and download the right one by clicking Download.

      VLC Media Player codecs options

      4. Finally, just follow the instructions to complete the installation of codecs.

      If the final solution fails to repair your corrupted camera video, let's have a try Recoverit Video Repair. It caters to various video problems from any storage device. The most common solution people seek is repairing damaged video files on PC.

      Part 3: Bonus Tips for Dealing with GoPro Camera Files

      GoPro cameras are loved by many people, and they have an MP4 format. Like any other device, videos and photos on these cameras can be lost, deleted, or even corrupted by mistake. But, there are various ways to recover corrupt files. Most GoPro cameras are always glad to have Recoverit Video Repair at their disposal. This video repair tool has extra features such as advanced repair mode. As it stands, it's a great video recovery software specifically designed to recover lost or deleted videos from GoPro cameras.

      1. What are GoPro LRV files?

      A digital video file format called LRV files was created by GoPro for video previews in their HD cameras. For low-resolution videos, the LRV is represented by the .lrv file extension which uses a MPEG-4 video encoding specification. The GoPro HD camera produces LRV files when it's saving video footage captured by the camera.

      2. How do I view GoPro files?

      You can view the LRV files during previews while editing videos. Once you complete editing the LRV file, the HD file usually replaces it. You can also preview the LRV files with GoPro mobile devices. To view an LRV file, you need to rename it to MP4, and you can open the file using any application that opens MPEG4.

      3. How to Prevent GoPro files from corruption

      Thankfully, you can save most of the corrupt MP4 files. Still, it's advisable to tale precautions to prevent having a few headaches. From the onset, use only GoPro recommended memory card, and format it often. Improper formats usually cause GoPro files to get corrupt. You certainly need to fully charge the battery for the camera. Running out of power while recording might cause corruption issues.

      Well, with its rich features and versatility, these lightweight GoPro cameras are indeed excellent. You can record awe-inspiring videos. If you want to use these cameras, make sure that you have the latest and reliable video repair tools on hand. It's for this reason why you need Recoverit Video Repair software to support the GoPro cameras when they fail.

      Q: My GoPro videos have the lagging problem. How to get them well-played?
      A: The guide could be of great help for you - Fix GoPro Video Choppy, Lagging, and Not Playing Issues.