When trying to watch videos online, you keep getting a message that says, "This video file cannot be played. (Error Code: 102630)"? It might be a problem with just one video or a bigger issue affecting many videos on the site.

Error code 102630 can show up for different reasons. But don't stress! This guide is here to help you figure out and fix error code 102630. We'll look at different solutions to get you back to watching videos like you normally do.

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    1. Method 1: Check the Internet Connection
    2. Method 2: Reset Browser Settings
    3. Method 3: Clear DNS Cache
    4. Method 4: Clear Out Temporary Browser Files
    5. Method 5: Update Your Web Browser
    6. Method 6: Disable Hardware Acceleration
    7. Method 7: Turn off Browser Extensions and Add-ons

What Is Error Code 102630?

9anime error code 102630

Error code 102630 often appears when trying to watch a video online. It usually happens due to the following reasons:

  1. Weak or Unstable Network Connection: If your internet is slow or unstable, it can mess up video playback and cause error code 102630.
  2. Cache and Cookies: Too many stored cache and cookies in your web browser can mess with video playback and make error code 102630 appear. These files can sometimes get messed up or outdated, causing video problems.
  3. Outdated Web Browser: An old web browser might need updates to work well with videos. If it's not updated, you might see error code 102630 and other issues with video playback.
  4. Hardware Acceleration: Web browsers use hardware acceleration to make things faster. But sometimes, it can clash with video playback and raise error code 102630.
  5. Browser Extensions and Add-ons: Extra things you add to your web browser, like extensions or add-ons, can sometimes mess with video playback and cause error code 102630. This can happen if they don't work well with the video player, are old, or get messed up.
  6. Corrupt Video File: If the current video file is damaged, you won't be able to play it, and you might see error code 102630. This can be risky for your system.

No matter why you're getting the error on your computer, we'll guide you through some basic steps to fix it.

Troubleshooting Error Code 102630

After learning about the reasons, you might think about how to fix the issue. No need to worry. Here are some straightforward solutions that will guide you on how to resolve Error Code 102630.

Method 1: Check the Internet Connection

A weak or unstable internet connection is a common reason you might see error 102630 when playing a video online. If your internet is slow or not working well, it can cause interruptions and delays in video streaming, leading to playback errors.

To fix this, try restarting your router or internet connection. Sometimes, this simple step can make things work better. You can also connect to a different network if possible..

Method 2: Reset Browser Settings

Sometimes, certain things in your browser can stop the video from playing. To fix the "This video file cannot be played. (error code 102630)" problem, you can stop those processes and restart your browser.

Here's what you can do:


Step 1: Open the Task Manager in your Windows.

Step 2: Right click Chrome.

Step 4: Choose the End task, then reopen it.

end task


Step 1: Open Safari on your Mac. Go to the Safari menu and choose Preferences.

choose preferences

Step 2: Next, click Settings.

click settings

Step 3: Choose Privacy at the top of the new window, then click the Manage Website Data button.

manage website data

Step 4: In the next box, hit Remove All. It'll confirm if you're sure about removing all website data stored on your computer.

remove all

Step 5: Click Remove Now to delete data that websites might use to track your browsing.

remove now


Step 1: Open Firefox. Next, click the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner, then choose Help.

click help

Step 2: Click More troubleshooting information.

more troubleshooting information

Step 3: Press the Refresh Firefox button on the Troubleshooting Information page.

troubleshooting information

Step 4: Verify that you want to reset your browser settings by clicking Refresh Firefox in the new confirmation window.

refresh firefox

Step 5: Click Finish to complete the process.

After these steps, Firefox will close and return to its default settings. A window will show the imported information. Click Finish when it's done.

Microsoft Edge

Step 1: Open Microsoft Edge, find the More icon, and choose Settings.


Step 2: Select Reset settings.

reset settings

Step 3: Choose Restore settings to their default values.

restore settings to their default values

Step 4: Then, press Reset when asked.


Method 3: Clear DNS Cache

If your computer holds old website addresses, it might mess up getting the right video info. To fix error code 102630, you can clear the DNS cache.

Step 1: Hold down the Windows + X keys simultaneously. Then, select Windows PowerShell (Admin) from the menu.

Step 2: Enter this command: Clear-DnsClientCache.

Step 3: Go to your browser and refresh the page.

clear dns cache

Method 4: Clear Out Temporary Browser Files

When cookies and cache in your browser get messed up or old, videos might not play and show error code 102630. To fix this, you can delete them and reload the video using these steps.


Step 1: Navigate to the three dots on the top right of Chrome. Choose More tools and Clear browsing data.

clear browsing data

Step 2: In the next section, select All Time and select all items. Then, click Clear Data and wait for it to finish.

clear data

Step 3: Refresh your page to see the changes.


Step 1: Go to Safari and click on Preferences.

Step 2: Click Advanced.

Step 3: Check the box that indicates the Show Develop menu in the menu bar.

develop menu

Step 4: Go to Develop and choose Empty Caches.

empty caches


Step 1: Press the Open menu button. Then, click Settings.

Step 2: Select Privacy and Security.

Step 3: In the Cookies and Site Data option, click Clear Data.

clear data

Step 4: Check the box for Cached Web Content.

icon note
Note: If needed, also clear the Cookies and Site Data box.

Step 5: Click Clear.


Microsoft Edge

Step 1: In Edge, select Edge and History.

Step 2: Click the Clear history Image name.

Step 3: Check the box for Cached data and files.

icon note
Note: Only check the Cached data and files box in the Clear browsing data panel.

Step 4: Click the Clear button.

clear cache microsoft edge

Method 5: Update Your Web Browser

An outdated browser might not work well with videos, causing this error. So, keeping your browser up-to-date is a good way to solve the problem. Here are the steps to follow:


Step 1: Open Chrome and click the three dots in the top-right. Select Help and About Google Chrome.

about google chrome

Step 2: Chrome will now check for updates and install them automatically. Restart Chrome after the update.

chrome updates


Step 1: Visit the Apple menu, then go to System Settings.

Step 2: Click Software Update.

Step 3: If updates are available, click Restart Now to install them. You can also click More info to learn about the update.

Step 4: After your macOS updates, Safari will also be current.

update safari


Step 1: Press the menu button on the right side of the Firefox toolbar. Go to Help and choose About Firefox. This opens the About Mozilla Firefox window.

Step 2: Firefox will automatically see updates. If there's an update, it will be downloaded.

mozilla firefox updates

Step 3: Once the download finishes, click Restart to update Firefox.

restart firefox

Microsoft Edge

Step 1: Open the Menu button in the top-right corner, which looks like three small dots grouped.

Step 2: This action will open the main Edge menu.

Step 3: Move your cursor over the Help and Feedback option in the menu.

help and feedback

Step 4: Select About Microsoft Edge. This opens the About screen for Edge, providing information about Edge and checking if it's current.


Step 5: Edge will automatically see updates. The About screen for Microsoft Edge will start checking for available updates. Please wait a few seconds for it to connect with Microsoft for the latest version.

microsoft edge updates

Step 6: After downloading the update, click the blue Restart button to restart Edge with the new version.

restart edge

Method 6: Disable Hardware Acceleration

On your computer, a browser like Chrome uses the graphics processing unit (GPU) to handle heavy tasks like decoding videos. While this makes things faster, it can cause errors when the drivers don't match or clash with other parts of your computer.

To see if this is causing error 102630, turn off hardware acceleration in your browser.


Step 1: Open the Chrome menu.

Step 2: Choose Settings and click System in the sidebar.

click system

Step 3: Turn off the switch next to "Use hardware acceleration when available."

Step 4: Click Relaunch.

click relaunch


Unlike the other web browsers, Safari doesn't have a setting to turn off hardware acceleration. However, this wasn't always the situation. Before macOS 10.14 (Mojave), there used to be an option in Safari's Settings section to control hardware acceleration. So, if you are using an older macOS version, you can deactivate it by going to the Advanced page in the Settings section.


Step 1: Open Firefox and access the menu icon.

Step 2: Open Settings from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: On the left side, ensure the General tab is selected.

general tab

Step 4: Scroll to the Performance section and unmark the box next to Use recommended performance settings.

use recommended performance settings

Step 5: Click the box next to Use hardware acceleration when available to turn hardware acceleration off.

use hardware acceleration when available

Microsoft Edge

Step 1: Open Microsoft Edge. In the top-right corner, click the Microsoft Edge menu icon.

Step 2: Choose Settings.

open settings

Step 3: On the left side, under the Settings section, select System.

Step 4: Switch the toggle next to Use hardware acceleration when available to turn hardware acceleration off.

turn off hardware acceleration

Step 5: Once chosen, click the Restart button in Edge.

Method 7: Turn off Browser Extensions and Add-ons

Another possible cause for this problem might be the extensions you have added to your browser. These extra features can sometimes mess with how you browse because they don't work well, aren't safe, or slow down your browser. To understand which is causing the error, you can turn off or delete each extension one at a time.

If you notice that a specific extension is stopping the video from playing after you turn it off, remove it and then reinstall it to fix any issues. However, if the video stops again after reinstalling the extension, it's best to uninstall it permanently because it might not be compatible with your system.

To remove extensions do the following:


Step 1: Open Chrome and click the three dots in the top-right corner.

Step 2: Choose Extensions and Manage Extensions.

manage extensions

Step 3: Turn off the switch next to each extension to disable them, or click the Remove button to remove them.

remove extensions


Step 1: Access the Safari menu and click Preferences. Navigate to the Extensions tab.

Step 2: To disable an extension, uncheck the box next to it.

Step 3: To remove an extension, click the Uninstall button and follow the onscreen instructions to delete it from your Mac using the Finder.

delete extensions


Step 1: Press the menu button, click Add-ons and themes, and choose Extensions.

Step 2: The Add-ons Manager, which helps manage your extensions, will open in a new tab.

Step 3: Scroll down the list of extensions.

Step 4: Click the ellipsis icon for the extension you want to delete, then select Remove.


Microsoft Edge

Step 1: Next to your browser's address bar, right-click Extensions and choose More actions beside the extension you want to remove.

Step 2: Then, click Remove.


How to Fix “The Video File Cannot be Played” Issue on Different Browsers

102630 error code solution

It's important to be prepared when facing unexpected issues like video file damage or corruption. Consider using the Repairit Desktop product by Wondershare, a robust solution designed to effectively address such problems.

Repairit is a user-friendly desktop software specifically designed for repairing video files. It enables you to quickly resolve errors such as Code 102630. Repairit is compatible with Mac and Windows devices with an easy-to-use interface suitable for all users.

Wondershare Repairit supports various video formats including MP4/MOV/M2TS/MKV and so on, making it a versatile solution for corruption issues. Additionally, Repairit utilizes advanced algorithms to efficiently repair damaged or corrupted video files, ensuring optimal repairing outcomes.

Step 1: Get Wondershare Repairit by downloading and installing it. Next, insert your can’t play video files into the software by clicking the +Add button.

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add corrupted videos

Step 2: After putting can’t play video files, the interface shows specific information for each one such as Image name, path, size, and filming equipment. Click the Repair button to begin fixing the video files.

tap repair

Step 3: After the repair, click OK to keep the repaired videos. Then you can find the repaired video files in your local folder.

tap ok
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Encountering error code 102630 is a troubling experience. Fortunately, several fixes exist to solve this problem. This article covers it all. So, see the one that best works for you. And if you accidentally see a corrupted or damaged video file, seek help from a reliable tool like Repairit. This tool works like magic. It can fix your files instantly like nothing happened. Try it now.


  • Is error code 102630 specific to a certain browser?
    No, error code 102630 can occur on different browsers. These include Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. The solutions may vary slightly depending on the browser, but the general troubleshooting steps apply.
  • What should I do if the video Image name is correct but still get error code 102630?
    In this case, try solutions such as updating your web browser, disabling hardware acceleration, and checking for conflicts with browser extensions. Clearing the DNS cache and repairing damaged files may help if the issue persists.
  • Can error code 102630 be fixed on a Mac computer?
    Yes, the solutions for error code 102630 apply to both Mac and Windows computers. The steps may differ partially based on the operating system, but the general troubleshooting principles remain the same.
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