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Perfectly repair videos with various corruption issues in minutes.

  • Fix video issues like video no sound, video black screen, video blurry, etc.
  • Repair videos of 15+ different video formats, such as MP4, MOV, MKV, etc.
  • Advanced Repair mode for severely corrupted videos.
  • Support a wide range of storage media including cameras, SD cards, mobile phones, hard drives, etc.
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Drone Repair: How to Fix Corrupted DJI Videos After Drone Crash.

Did your DJI drone just crash? Did the crash corrupt the video you were recording? Well, you can fix it! In this article, we will tell you how you can repair corrupted dji videos and recover your content. This tutorial covers major DJI model series including Mavic, Spark, Phantom, Osmo, FPV, RobotoMaster, etc.

Part 1. What Happens When a Camera Drone Crashes or Fails.

A drone crash can happen to anyone. Expert or no expert, your DJI drone can come down landing with your coveted content. Well, sometimes it is a human error, while at times it can be a technical glitch.

When your drone crashes, the first thing to do is to inspect it for any external or internal damages. For instance, if you notice any severe physical damage, don't try fixing if you don't have the technical skills. It is advisable to let an expert help you fix it. Arguably, the biggest nightmare for any drone user after a crash is having your videos & photos corrupted!


The idea that you can't access any photos and videos can be frustrating. After all, the photos and videos are the major reason you were out there with your drone.

Just imagine having to lose all your client shots in a drone crash? Thankfully, there is a way out of this scenario though.

You can try to fix corrupted dji videos using a tool known as Wondershare Recoverit Video Repair. It is a simple and straightforward tool you can use to fix dji videos that stopped playing after a crash. Let's delve deeper.

Part 2. How to Repair DJI Videos Corrupted or Not Playing

Repairit video repair software by Wondershare is a game-changer in recovering corrupted videos after a drone crash. It is not only fast and effective with simple steps but can also recover files without affecting the quality of the pictures and videos.

Before we look at how you can use Repairit for corrupted dji videos, let's look at the software's' major perks. The video repair software has a multi-device compatibility feature that supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista and macOS 10.9-10.15. Moreover, it can repair 15+ different video formats including MOV, MP4, M2TS, MKV, MTS, 3GP, AVI, etc. Repairit Video Repair can also repair corrupted videos in many other devices other than drones. For instance, you can repair a corrupted video from memory cards, flash drives, or even hard drive. It also repairs videos from digital cameras, camcorders, camera drones, action cameras, and a computer hard drive.

Now that you know a thing or two about the Recoverit Video Repair tool, let's do a step by step guide on how to use it to repair corrupt dji videos.

Step 1: Add corrupt video(s)

To start with, download & install the software first then launch it on your Windows or Mac device. You will be directed to the repair window that will allow you to add the file(s) that you wish to repair. Just click on the "Add" button to get started. Repairit Video Repair has no limitation of the size of video files for repair and it also has no limitation on the number of corrupt video files that you can repair.


Step 2: Repair corrupted DJI files

Once you have added the files, click on the Repair button and then simply wait until the process is completed. You are done!


Step 3. Save repaired video

Once the video repair is complete, you will get a notification to preview and save your file.


Add sample video (optional)

In the case that a file is severely corrupted, you can use the advanced repair mode function. Add a sample video file, i.e. a video file from the same dji drone of the same format. The video file should be working well as this will be used as the basis in the repair of the corrupted videos.


You can then click on Repair to start fixing the corrupted videos. Once the file(s) are ready you will be prompted to save them and you are done.

Last, save your repaired video to any location you want or build a new folder.


If your DJI videos are not corrupted but lost or deleted, you should turn to another guide - How to Recover Deleted DJI Videos.

Part 3. Full Scenarios of Drone Video File Corruption

Recoverit Video Repair can also recover dji drone corrupted video files that are not caused by a crash. Other reasons might lead to drone video file corruption.

1. Causes of DJI Drone Video Corruption

  • File transfer error

Some DJI video errors can occur when you are transferring files from your drone storage to other devices like computers

  • Memory card errors

Memory cards can turn faulty and these errors can be caused by various factors. One of them could result from turning off your drone before the image/video is completely written on the memory. (Fix DJI SD Card Errors)

  • Virus attacks

You might forget to update antivirus or have it running on our devices. Sadly, when we forget to do so, you can put your perfectly shot DJI drone videos at risk. Your drone's camera card can be attacked by a virus and corrupt its files.

  • Video compression issues

When the file size is too big, it is expected that you will want to compress the video. However, some errors might result from the process of converting your DJI video and cause the corruption of the video or image. Sadly, some of these errors are unforeseen and cannot be prevented forehand.

2. Scenarios of DJI Drone Video Corruption

There are a lot of video scenarios that can cause DJI video corruption. Some common scenarios are Video file header corruption, Video file system corruption, or video playback interruption, etc. You might have videos that have corrupted slides or frames. A corrupt video might show videos only or sound only. In other cases, the video might have Audio-video sync problems or give errors like "video not playing" or "error loading media file. Other probable scenarios include ending up with grainy videos, frozen videos, blurry videos, flickering videos, choppy or jerky video playback.

While Recoverit Video Repair can fix most of these it is good to note that not all corrupt videos can be repaired.

3. What Makes Camera Drone Crash?

As we earlier mentioned, a drone crash is more or less an accident. Although some causes are beyond your control, others are errors that you could avoid. Let's see some of the major causes of a drone crash:

Inadequate power;

It is always advisable to check your power levels before you fly. Ensure that your batteries are fully charged to avoid the risk of a crash. If your battery was charged and for some reason gets drained fast, it is important to find a way to land before the battery is depleted.

Defective propellers.

If you notice any defects, cracks, or chips on the propellers it is important to fix or replace them. Although propellers are small and soft, a spinning propeller that is broken or defective can crash a drone and it might even cause damages and injuries.

Pilot Errors.

A drone crash might also result from human errors especially if you are a beginner. In this regard, you are advised to learn first before flying your drone for fun or professional functions.

Loose connections and poor wiring.

Drones have numerous wires that send power and communication signals throughout the device. If there is a loose connection then it might interrupt the power supply or communication thus leading to a drone crash.

Lost or no GPS Signal.

Drones function well in open spaces away from tall buildings because of good signal and connectivity. If you attempt to fly indoors, you will lose the signal and that might cause a crash.

Other reasons that can cause a drone clash include: feeding a wrong landing destination, crashing into another drone, compass error, etc. Although a DJI drone crash is frustrating, you can always recover corrupt files with Recoverit Video Repair.

Part 4. How to Maintain Your Drone and Protect Your Videos.

Drones are not cheap. We love to refer to them as an asset and of course, anything of value must be handled with care. Here are tips on how to maintain your drone and protect your videos.

  • Check all your motors after every landing

Try to ensure that they are both in the same condition, and none is overheating. If one is, then it means it is probably overworked or malfunctioning.

  • Maintain the batteries.

With batteries, it is good to ensure they are not too hot when you take it off. Remember to discharge it when you land, and charge it back when you want to use it.

  • Always perform preflight procedures.

Before you hit the road with your vehicle, there are certain safety standards you check to avoid accidents. This is the same with drones as it is important to do a pre-flight check to ensure safety. Look out for sufficient battery, physical damage, and ensure the drone is working well with the remote controller.

  • Check your propellers and fly and learn to fly in good condition.

We noted that defective propellers can result in a crash. To avoid this it is important to always ensure your propellers are in perfect condition before flying. Do this as a routine check before and after flying. Additionally, fly only in good weather conditions. Extreme weather conditions like in the case of snow, fog, or rain can lead to a drone crash.

  • Update your software and always have anti-virus on your device.

Before flying, check your drone firmware to ensure it is always up to date. Manufactures always release updates to fix bugs or provide better support. On the other hand, always protect your DJI videos from being corrupted by viruses from external networks and devices. This is to say that you should always ensure that other interlinked devices are protected by installing anti-virus and security features.

  • Shut down the system properly.

Ensure that you shut down the drone properly. Don't just unplug the battery as this might damage your storage cards and drives.

In a nutshell, your DJI drone might have crashed and corrupted your videos but you shouldn't panic! We have shown you how you can repair and recover these files thanks to the Recoverit Video Repair tool. That said, remember to always try your best to protect your drone from a crash by doing proper routine maintenance and flying safely.