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How to Repair Word 2010 in Control Panel?

A while back, I was working on an important Word 2010 document when my computer restarted unexpectedly. Even after trying several times to open it, I was not able to load it on MS Word 2010. This made me explore numerous solutions to repair a Word 2010 document without any complications. Thankfully, I could repair my Microsoft Word 2010 file and so could you! Without much ado, let’s learn how to repair Word 2010 in Control Panel and repair your corrupt documents.

 Repair Word Control Panel Banner

Part 1: What Are The Common Problems Faced With Word 2010?

Before we learn how to repair Word 2010 documents, let’s get to know about the common issues that are encountered by the application:

  • The Word 2010 document can’t be opened or is not able to load a DOC/DOCX file.

  • Word 2010 application has stopped working unexpectedly.

  • MS Word application has been crashed or is frozen.

  • The Word 2010 document is missing vital keys or header, making it accessible.

  • At times, the Word 2010 file can be corrupted by a virus or malware entity.

  • After opening the Word 2010 document, some data could be missing.

  • The document displays data in encrypted texts or any other script instead.

  • Any other logical Word 2010 error related to the file’s permission, lack of space on the system, a corrupt application, and so on.

Part 2: How to Repair Microsoft Word 2010 in Control Panel?

If you are using MS Word 2010 on a Windows PC, then you can take the assistance of the Control Panel to repair Word 2010 documents. Ideally, Windows systems have an inbuilt option in the Programs feature to repair some of the installed applications, including MS office. We will follow the same approach to repair Microsoft Word 2010 documents here.

In most cases, if there is a problem with MS Office (like it wasn’t installed properly), then this method would fix it. To learn how to repair Microsoft Word 2010 in Control Panel, follow this basic approach:

Step 1: Visit the Programs and Features option in Control Panel

To learn how to repair Word 2010 in Control Panel, you have to access its Programs and Features option. You can just click on the Start menu from the taskbar and look for “Programs and Features”.

Start Menu Programs Feature

Alternatively, you can also go to the Control Panel on your system and navigate to its Programs > Programs and Features option.

 Control Panel Programs and Feature

Step 2: Choose to Repair the Installed MS Word Application

Once you launch the Programs feature, a list of all the installed applications would be displayed. Just look for the installed MS Office application and click on the “Change” button from the top.

 Change Microsoft Office Properties

This will launch a dedicated wizard with options to add a feature, remove MS Word, or repair it. Simply select the “Repair” feature from here and click on the “Continue” button.

 MS Office Repairing Wizard

Step 3: Repair MS Office 2010 on your System

Now, the wizard will present options to do a Quick or an Online repair. At first, you can just select the “Quick Repair” option that won’t need any internet connection.

Quick Repair MS Office

Click on the “Repair” button and wait for a while as your system would try to repair the installed Microsoft Word application. Later, you can just launch MS Word on your system in the normal mode to access your file.

 Configuring MS Office

Though, if the Quick Repair was not able to yield the expected results, then you can follow the same approach and pick the “Online Repair” option instead. In this way, you can easily learn how to repair Word 2010 in Control Panel.

Part 3: How to Repair Word 2010 Documents with the Open and Repair Feature?

By following the above-listed solution, you can repair the MS Word application that is installed on your system. Though, sometimes the issue can be with an MS Word 2010 document rather than the application. In this case, you can learn how to repair a Word 2010 document by following its native “Open and Repair” feature.

Step 1: Launch MS Word and Find the Corrupt Document

Simply launch the MS Word 2010 application on your system and go to its Menu > File > Open. From here, you can choose to browse an MS Word document from your system and load it.

MS Word Open Files

Step 2: Open and Repair the Word 2010 Document

As a pop-up browser window would be loaded, you can just go to any location where your MS Word 2010 file is saved. Once the Word 2010 document is selected, click on the dropdown menu adjacent to the Open button. From here, you can click on the “Open and Repair” button instead that would automatically repair the Word 2010 document.

 MS Word Open and Repair

Part 4: Fix Any Word Document with a Microsoft Word 2010 Repair Tool

In case there is a severe issue with your MS Word document, then you should use a dedicated repairing tool like Wondershare Repairit. It is a DIY and user-friendly application that can fix all kinds of issues with Word 2010 documents.

  • is fully compatible with all sorts of DOC and DOCX files from applications like MS Word 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and other versions.

  • You can load multiple MS Word documents to the repairing tool and fix all of them in a single batch.

  • The application can fix numerous issues with Word documents like missing header, corrupt file, unreadable documents, and more.

  • Users can also get a preview of their files on its native interface before saving them.

  • Apart from the textual content of your files, it can also repair comments, formatting, images, charts, header, footers, links, and more.

To learn how to repair Word 2010 documents with Wondershare Repairit, just go through these instructions.

Step 1: Load the MS Word file to Repair on Wondershare Repairit

To begin with, just install and launch the Wondershare Repairit on your computer and click on the “More Types Repair” option from the left side, then choose "File Repair", a new pop-up window will be launched, click on the “Add” button to locate and load any corrupt Word file.

 Load Files

Step 2: Start the Word Repairing Process in Wondershare Repairit

After loading the corrupt Word documents, you can view their details on the interface. Just select the Word files you want to repair and click on the “Repair” button to start the process.

start repair

Step 3: Preview your Repaired Word Documents and Save them

Now, you can just sit back and wait for a while as Wondershare Repairit would try to fix the loaded documents. The application will let you know the progress of the repairing process on the screen as well.

repair process

That’s it! Once the repairing process is done, you can get a preview of the repaired Word documents on its native interface. Simply select your Word files from the side and click on the Save button from the toolbar. This will let you save the repaired Word document to any location of your choice.

 preview results


That’s a wrap, everyone! I’m sure that after following this guide, you could learn how to repair Word 2010 in Control Panel. Besides that, I have also listed a tutorial on how to repair a Word 2010 document via its Open and Repair feature.

Though, if these inbuilt features can’t fix your documents, then use a dedicated tool like Wondershare Repairit. A highly resourceful tool, it can fix all kinds of issues and errors with Word documents in a jiffy.