How Do I Repair CRC Errors for a Zip File: 3 Smart Solutions

CRC, which stands for Cyclic Check Redundancy, is an error code that a lot of people encounter while extracting their Zip files. From a corrupt Zip file to an issue with its raw data, there can be so many reasons for getting this error. Therefore, if you want to repair a Zip file with CRC errors, then you would have to implement some effective solutions. Here, I will let you know how to repair a Zip file and get rid of CRC errors from it.

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Part 1: What you Should know about CRC Errors in Zip files?

Before we learn how to repair a Zip file, it is important to know what exactly CRC errors are. When you compress a document, it assigns a unique value to the file, which is known as CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check). While unzipping the file, the tool will again calculate the value and it should match the existing CRC value. If the values are not matched, then it will result in a CRC error for the Zip file.

CRC Value Calculation

Here are some of the common reasons why the CRC error might happen while extracting your Zip file.

  • The Zip file could not be downloaded properly.
  • If the file has any component or data that is not supported by your system.
  • There could be some accidental changes with the raw data of the file.
  • You could have used an unsupported tool for compressing the document.
  • The header or meta components of the Zip file can be corrupted.
  • The Zip file could be corrupted by any virus or malware.
  • The storage unit where the Zip file is saved or being extracted could also be corrupted.
  • The improper or forceful conversion of the Zip file.

Part 2: How to Repair CRC Issues for a Zip file?

Now when you know the reasons for causing CRC issues in Zip files, let’s learn how to fix them. Ideally, I tried these methods to repair a Zip file and they worked pretty smoothly.

Fix 1: Download the File Again and Unzip it using a Reliable Tool

As I have listed above, if your Zip file has not been downloaded or transferred entirely, then it can cause unwanted CRC issues. The easiest way to fix it is by following the same drill again.

  • You can go to the respective online source, email, or any other app/website where the Zip file is present and download it on your system.
  • Similarly, if you copied it from any other source, then attach it to your system, and transfer it again to the local storage.
  • Once you have the entire Zip file stored, just right-click it, and choose to extract it. You can use any reliable Zip extractor like 7-Zip or WinZip that would extract its content on the local storage again.
Extract Zip Folder

Fix 2: Scan and Repair the Corrupt Zip file with an Anti-malware tool

Another possible reason for getting a CRC error for Zip files could be related to the presence of a malicious entity on your device. For instance, if the Zip file or the local storage has been infected by a virus, then it can make the file corrupt and inaccessible.

If you are using the Zip file on your local system, then you can use any reliable anti-malware tool to fix it. Windows users can take the assistance of Microsoft Defender, which is the inbuilt anti-malware feature of the OS. To repair a Zip file in Windows 10, just right-click the file and scan it with Microsoft Windows Defender.

Scan Zip Folder with Defender

Similarly, if you want to repair the Zip file on Linux, then you can any reliable anti-malware application to scan the storage. You can also install any trusted anti-virus application on your iOS or Android devices. To repair a corrupted Zip file on Android, you can use anti-malware apps from brands like Norton, Kaspersky, Avast, Avira, AVG, Quick Heal, or BitDefender.

Kaspersky Antivirus App

Fix 3: Use the WinZip Repair Tool on Windows

Lastly, if you are still getting a CRC error for your Zip files, then consider using any Zip repairing tool. You can try the WinZip repair that is freely available for Windows and can easily repair corrupt files. To learn how to repair a Zip file in Windows 10/8/7 using the WinZip repair tool, follow these steps:

Step 1 Download the WinZip Repair Tool

At first, just go to the official website of WinZip and find the Zip repair application ( right here). Once the installer is downloaded, you can open it and install it on your Windows PC.

 Download WinZip Repair

Step 2 Launch the Command Prompt as an Administrator

Once the application is installed, just go to the Start menu and open the Run prompt as an administrator. You can also press the Windows + R keys at the same time to open the Run prompt. Now, enter “cmd” and open the Command Prompt application on your system.

Run Command Prompt

Step 3 Repair the Zip File on Windows 10/8/7

After launching the Command Prompt, you can manually go to the directory where the corrupt Zip file is saved. Now, just enter the following command to repair your Zip file.

C:\Program Files\WinZip\wzzip -yf

Here, “filename” should be replaced by the name of the Zip file that has been corrupted. As you would enter the command, WinZip will automatically repair the corrupt Zip file.

  Repair a Zip File

As you can see, a Zip file can be corrupted due to different reasons, leading to a CRC error. Thankfully, you can easily repair a Zip file on Windows 10, Linux, or Android. You can simply try either of these methods to repair the CRC error for Zip files and let us know about any other solution that worked for you in the comments below.

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