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YouTube Video Stuttering? Fix It Within Minutes!

YouTube is arguably the most popular video streaming platform with millions of daily users. But as good as this platform is, it isn’t immune from unexpected glitches. Recently, many users have complained about YouTube stuttering while playing videos. If your YouTube videos are taking too much time to load or jumping, you're likely facing this issue.

Luckily, troubleshooting YouTube video stuttering is as simple as it can get. We have listed several proven methods to eliminating this irritating problem without any hassles.

Part 1: Fix "YouTube Video Stuttering" with 6 Common Ways

Check out the below 7 solutions to ensure your YouTube videos are running as smoothly as possible.

1. Check the network connection

The first thing you should do is check the speed of your internet. A slow internet connection is the leading cause of video stuttering. You have plenty of options to test your internet speed. But the most reliable one is to use a third-party application like Ookla for the internet speed test.

check network connection

You may have to shut down extra web pages running on your browser or stop any torrent and downloading process.

2. Reload the Router

If your internet is not working at the optimum speed, try rerouting the router to fix YouTube stuttering. Turn off the Wi-Fi router, wait a few seconds, and turn it on again. That will address any temporary glitch in your router, and your internet will start running smoothly.

reload the router

3. Install the latest Adobe Flash Player

Almost every popular video streaming site uses Adobe Flash Player to stream videos. However, if your Flash Player is outdated or corrupt, it can lead to the YouTube video stuttering problem. The quickest way forward is to install the latest Adobe Flash on your computer in such a scenario.

install adobe

4. Update video driver

Video drivers are responsible for enabling communication between your PC and display. If any of the video drivers on your PC is not updated, it can also cause video stuttering.

All you need to do is check and update these drivers to eliminate this problem. Here's how to do that:

Step 1: Type Device Manager in the search tab and open it.

Step 2: Expand the drop-down arrow of Display adapters.

Step 3: Right-click your graphic card and select Update driver.

update video driver

Step 4: On the next window, click on "Search automatically for updated driver software".

Then Windows will find and install drivers for your video device automatically.

5. Change the VPN

If you're using a VPN to browse and play YouTube videos, it is hindering the normal working of YouTube. Instead, try to change the VPN location to any other country or region and play the YouTube video again.

6. Disable hardware acceleration

One of the simplest ways to fix YouTube video stuttering is to disable hardware acceleration on the browse. This feature allows some applications to use the bulk of your computer’s hardware to perform more efficiently. And often, it limits the hardware usage of other programs.

So, disable hardware acceleration by following the below steps:

Step 1: Launch your browser, click on the three dots icon, and go to Settings.

click three dots

Step 2: Hit Advanced at the bottom of the screen to see more options.

hit advanced button

Step 3: Enable the "Use hardware acceleration when available" icon.

hardware acceleration

Step 4: Relaunch your browser and play YouTube videos again.

Part 2: How to Fix Downloaded YouTube Video Stuttering?

If you have downloaded YouTube videos on your PC, but they're still stuttering, you need professional video repairing software. Based on user feedback, Wondershare Repairit stands out as the most reliable tool for repairing stuttering videos.

It is a one-stop solution to fix any broken, damaged, or inaccessible video files with easy steps. With this tool, you can repair even the worst hurt videos instantly. More strikingly, it is compatible with popular app video formats and guarantees lossless video repairing. In addition, the program lets you preview the repaired video in real-time.

Check out how easy it is to repair your stuttering videos:

Step 1: Add the stuttering Youtube video.

Launch Repairit on your computer and press the blue-colored “Add” button to upload the stuttering videos.

import videos

Step 2: Click the “Recover” button to start the repair process.

Once the videos are uploaded, you’ll get the relevant information of each video. Tap on the “Repair” button to initiate the repair process.

initiate the repair process

Step 3: Preview the repaired Youtube videos.

After the video repair process finishes, please click the “Preview” button to check whether or not the repaired video is running correctly. If you are satisfied with the result, click on the “Save” button and select a location to save it.

save the repaired video

However, if you didn't get a satisfactory result, try the "Advanced Repair" feature present in Repairit to make a more professional repairing process. See a more detailed guide here.


And that's all you need to know about YouTube video stuttering and how to fix it. Make sure you carefully implement the steps mentioned above to get rid of video stuttering forever.

If your downloaded YouTube videos are stuttering, then use Repairit – Video Repair to repair your videos. This powerful tool lets you fix multiple videos in one go, irrespective of the level of damage.