How Do I Fix Corrupted MP4 Files with MP4Fix Video Repair Tool

How to Fix Corrupted MP4 Files with MP4Fix Video Repair Tool

Whether you are unable to play a video recorded on your phone or you have lost a broken file MP4Fix video repair tool can easily repair your corrupted mp4 videos and save you from tension within a few minutes. It is an all-rounder tool to fix corrupted mp4 videos on any Android phone.

MP4Fix video repair tool

MP4 is a multimedia file generally used to store a movie or video clip. It is a common file format for streaming and downloading videos from the internet. MP4Fix video repair is a powerful tool and easy to use app which can repair corrupted mp4 videos.

Features and Functions

MP4Fix video repair tool has the following features and functions:

  • Works on the Android operating system
  • Has a small size of only 2.35 MB
  • Can fix videos broken by camera crash
  • Can fix videos broken by storage issues
  • Can fix videos broken by a dead battery

Camera Crash

If the camera app crashed while you were recording the video and you get a message "Unfortunately, Camera has stopped". Don't get disappointed if the saved video can't be played because the MP4Fix video repair tool can resolve this issue.

Not Enough Storage Space

While you were recording the video you get a system notification "Storage space running out" and now you are unable to play the recorded file because it wasn't saved completely. Don't worry MP4Fix video repair tool can be used to repair this video.

Dead Battery

If your video doesn't work because your phone turned off while you couldn't save the recorded video then the MP4Fix video repair tool can solve your problem easily.

Pros of using MP4Fix video repair tool

The following are the advantages of using this app:

Easy to use

It is easy to use due to its friendly user interface, you can restore your android videos easily and smoothly.


MP4Fix video repair is the only tool that allows recovering corrupted recordings in mp4 format on Google Play Store.


It is very reliable because with MP4Fix video repair you can easily recover all available data.


It is very affordable as you can watch repaired videos on MP4Fix video repair for free and share them with your family and friends for a small one-time fee.

Cons of using MP4Fix video repair tool

  • Can't fix downloaded videos
  • Compatibility

Can't fix downloaded videos

MP4Fix video repair can't fix videos downloaded from the internet because they use a codec not supported by android and may get corrupted because of network connection.


MP4Fix video repair tool is only compatible with android and doesn't work on other operating systems.

Ratings and User Reviews

  • MP4Fix video repair tool has 4.2 stars rating on Google Play Store
  • On Google Play Store it has more than 5000 five star reviews
  • Covers 214 countries
  • MP4Fix video repair tool repair 1000+ crashed videos every day
  • Has 700,000+ downloads

User reviews

Grigory Goncharov Vogman gave a 5-star rating and reviewed MP4Fix on Google play store to be a great app. I was recording a video of my child's concert when the phone (Pixel 3a) stopped recording due to "running out of space" with NO FREAKING WARNING... I was very sad... But thanks to the developer of this app I was able to restore the file (at least that part that was saved on the phone). The price is more than reasonable, given other similar programs (a similar program that I installed on a PC wanted $50 (!) for the very basic license). And! I didn't even have to do anything (literally) I opened the app, it found the corrupt file on its own, found (i guess) the reference file, and fixed the corrupt file in a matter of minute(s). Great job and thank you!

Miljenko Pretkovic reviewed MP4Fix on Google play store with a five-star rating as my phone turned off due to low battery the only moment after I've finished recording a short video. The file was corrupted and this app repaired it successfully. The repaired video is available for free only for preview. The app must be purchased for the video to be saved, shared, or played in original resolution.

Robbie Dow gave the following review on Google play store as it fixed my videos, so I'm happy. Works fast. Bummed it's not free if u wanna save them, but honestly, it's fair considering they give u the preview so u can see that it works. Thought my videos were gone forever!

Monique Lamoureux gave it a 2-star rating and gave the following review on Google play store can't believe this app recovered my video! That's awesome. However, it's listed as a free app and then if you want to save your fixed video they want to charge almost $8. Just tell people that right off the bat... I hate when apps try to 'trick you' into buying their product. Not cool.

Vitale gave a 1-star review on Google play store and stated maybe works, maybe not, you have to purchase the pro version just to check and realize that it did not help. The free app preview does not show the video so it's useless.

How to Fix Corrupted MP4 Files with MP4Fix

MP4Fix video repair tool can work efficiently with phone camera recordings and mp4 files which are broken by a dead battery, lack of memory, and a camera crash. Download MP4Fix video repair from Google play store and install it by following instructions. You can easily fix your corrupted mp4 videos with MP4Fix video repair by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Launch the app and select broken videos

Open the app and select any of the broken videos from the list.

mp4fix fix mp4 files 1

Step 2: Add a correct video

MP4Fix video repair uses a correct video to repair the broken video recorded on the same device by using the same camera app.

mp4fix fix mp4 files 2

Step 3: Start repairing

Select the Repair option to start the process. Wait for a few minutes.

mp4fix fix mp4 files 3

Step 4: Preview or save

You will be notified after the repair is complete. Preview the repaired file or save it by taping either of these options.

mp4fix fix mp4 files 4

Other solutions to fix mp4 files

By using the following solutions you can easily fix any mp4 file:

Wondershare Video Repair

Wondershare Video Repair is a powerful tool that can repair broken, damaged, corrupted, and inaccessible video file formats in easy steps. It fixes the videos which get corrupted during the shooting, recording, editing, processing, transferring, or converting process. It can repair corrupted mp4 video files from camcorders, SD cards, Android phones, laptops, drone camera, action camera, memory card, dashcam, hard drive, CCTV cameras, USB, etc.

It supports the repairing of major video file formats such as FLV, AVI, 3GP, MOV, MP4, M4V, M2TS, MKV, AND MTS and is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Follow these easy hassle-free steps to repair corrupted mp4 files by using the Wondershare Video Repair. The Android phone users should first transfer their corrupted mp4 files from their phone to a computer to repair them.

Step 1: Upload the corrupted mp4 video file

Open the app and upload single or multiple corrupted mp4 video files by clicking the Add or Add video and start repairing button. You can also drag the files or simply open them.

video repair 1

Step 2: Repair the corrupted mp4 video file

Click the Repair button to start the repairing process of corrupted mp4 videos.

video repair 3

Step 3: Check the quality of repaired mp4 video file

After waiting for a few minutes you can see the repaired mp4 file and check it's quality by previewing the video.

video repair 5

Step 4: If video is still unrepaired use Advanced repair

If the video is still unrepaired and corrupted use the Advanced repair option by uploading a sample video. The sample video should be from the same device and gave the same format as the corrupted video.

video repair 6

Step 5: Export the repaired mp4 video files

Click the Save button to export the repaired mp4 video files to the desired destination.

video repair 10

Video Tutorial on How to Repair Corrupted MP4 Video Files

Use a VLC media player to play corrupt mp4 videos

To play a corrupted mp4 file you need to have a VLC media player installed in your system. Follow these steps to play a corrupted mp4 file:

  1. Select the .mp4 file that has been corrupted
  2. Right-click and select the Open with option and then select the VLC media player
  3. The corrupt video file will start playing

mp4fix fix mp4 files 5

Use a VLC media player to fix corrupt mp4 videos

VLC is a global free media player and is a perfect tool when it comes to the repair of damaged files belonging to the MP4, AVI, MOV, or QTRM formats.

If you are unable to play your mp4 file with the above method try fixing it by these steps:

Step 1. Right-click on the corrupted mp4 file and select the Rename option.

mp4fix fix mp4 files 6

Step 2. Press Enter and change the file format to .avi.

mp4fix fix mp4 files 7

Step 3. Open the VLC media player and click on the Tools menu. From the drop-down menu, select Preferences

mp4fix fix mp4 files 8

Step 4.Select the Input/Codec option and a window will open.

mp4fix fix mp4 files 9

Step 5. Under the file section in Damaged or incomplete, AVI file option select Always fix. Click the Save option

mp4fix fix mp4 files 10

Now try playing the mp4 video file it should run smoothly.

mp4fix fix mp4 files 11

Use Get My Videos Back

This app can easily repair and recover videos of various codecs such as MP4, AVI, 3GP, MPEG, and more.

  1. Download the Get my videos back app and install it by following the instructions
  2. Simply click the Open and start option on the app
  3. Select the damaged mp4 file and get it repaired by the app

mp4fix fix mp4 files 12

Use an Expert Tool

If you are tired after trying all the above workarounds and nothing worked for you then you can try using a convenient and user-friendly Wondershare Video Repair tool to fix your mp4 video files.

Comparison between different solutions



Supported Formats

User Ratings


MP4Fix Video Repair





Wondershare Video Repair

Windows and Mac




VLC media player

Windows and Mac




Get My Videos Back





Overview of mp4 file features

Mp4 is a digital multimedia container that is widely used to store audio and videos in the MPEG-4 format. Mp4 is a compressed file format that contains subtitles, images, audio, and video. For streaming and downloading videos from the internet mp4 file format is commonly used. Mp4 format is supported by many hardware devices and video programs. It is supported on Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and iOS. Mp4 files can become corrupted due to the following reasons:

  • CRC error or interruption while downloading mp4 files
  • Virus infection or bad sectors on your storage device
  • A sudden power surge or battery problem while recording or accessing the video
  • Recording mp4 video when the storage is full or insufficient
  • Changing the file format of mp4 files to another format
  • Due to unknown causes mp4 header corruption

How to prevent mp4 video files from corruption

You can minimize the chances to corrupt your mp4 video files by following these simple and easy tips:

  • When your phone has a low battery avoid recording videos with it
  • Avoid recording videos when memory is full
  • Before altering the video make a copy of the video
  • Use more than one backup methods
  • Clean your phone by deleting useless data or cache before recording a video to overcome storage issues
  • Protect your device and keep it updated with antimalware and antivirus
  • Don't use untrustworthy third-party software to play mp4 files
  • During the file transfer process don't eject or remove the external devices

Mp4 files can become unplayable and corrupted due to several reasons. In this step by step guide, you can find several effective solutions to repair corrupted mp4 video files but Wondershare video repair is the most outstanding choice.

Wondershare video repair is an ultimate solution for all multimedia problems. With the help of the Wondershare video repair tool, you will be easily and effortlessly able to fix all your corrupted mp4 video files and enjoy them with your family and friends.