How to Repair Microsoft Office?

You should learn the optimum strategy to repair Microsoft office without any issues. This article gives you detailed knowledge in retrieving corrupt Microsoft office files using effective tools. If you surf through the internet you will come across a lot of stuff related to MS office repair but all those information need not help you in all situations. You have to apply sophisticated tools to rectify complex errors in the MS office files. You need built-in featured software to attend the Microsoft office repairs technically and manage the data to be restored without any loss.

Part 1 How to Repair Microsoft Office Outlook

Recovering the lost emails may be a crucial task and it has to be done with a sophisticated tool for excellent results. If you learn to utilize the data recovery tool optimally then you will not panic when the email disappears all of the sudden without your knowledge. This scenario frequently happens in large organizations where due to a system crash the email saved in the outlook gets corrupted. Here you will be reading through the efficient strategies necessary to restore the lost email into your outlook platform without any data loss.

1. Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair

Had you heard about the Stellar Phoenix products in the field of data recovery? In this section, an elaborate discussion is made on its functionalities and features in detail. The Stellar Phoenix has released a unique tool kit to deal with the restoration of the corrupted data on different platforms. There is a separate toolkit available to handle word, excel, PowerPoint, and outlook. This toolkit is well designed to handle various issues related to the PST files. Moreover, the repair process seems to be very simple and it can be completed with just a few clicks. Have a look at the below list talking about the features of this software.

  • An effective tool to repair damaged outlook files
  • Easy conversion from OST to PST
  • Excellent merge features where you can merge two different PST files optimally.
  • Ensures no redundant mails reside in your outlook platform
  • The large files are broken into small pieces technically to save the files in the long run.
  • The accidentally deleted emails are restored accurately without any data loss.
  • The forgotten passwords can be recovered if you make use of this tool effectively.

2. How to Repair PST Files in MS Office Outlook

A stepwise procedure describing the optimum utilization of the Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST repair tool is displayed below. Surf through the steps carefully and try them out without skipping any step to achieve a successful retrieval process.

Step 1: Install the toolkit

Visit the official website of Stellar Phoenix and download the outlook PST repair tool. Create the shortcut icon on your desktop and tap it to commence our recovery process.

Step 2: Select "Repair Mailbox"

From the homepage of the software, you have to choose the first option "Repair Mailbox" to recover the corrupt outlook PST file.

Step 3: Browse the corrupted PST file

The next step is to search through the folders and select the corrupt PST file which needs the recovery process to restore the lost data.

Soon after the selection process, you have to click the "Repair" button to recover the lost emails. The corrupt PST file will be restored to your desired location without much difficulty.

Follow the above-discussed steps carefully to repair the PST files successfully. You need not require any sort of technical knowledge to operate this tool. It is enough if you surf through the steps and carry out the repair process accordingly.

Part 2 How to Repair Microsoft Office Documents

Microsoft Office documents can be repaired with the help of featured rich software. If you make a detailed analysis of the digital market you will come to know the existence of an innovative tool that can be used to recover the corrupt Microsoft office documents wisely. Take a closer look at this article to identify the best office repair tools. Make a wise decision while identifying the apt tool to work with your corrupt Microsoft office documents. The foremost goal of the software should be to get back the lost data without any loss. Moreover, the restoration should take place quickly and it must be able to handle even large files optimally. You have to look upon all these features when you try to sort out the best software to utilize in the data recovery process.

1. Stellar Toolkit for File Repair

Stellar Toolkit for file repair is designed effectively to handle word documents, Excel, PPT, and Zip files. It is enough if you download this complete software pack instead of searching for separate tools to operate on different file types. To work with the word documents go for Stellar data recovery. If you want to retrieve the corrupt excel file then opt for the Stellar Excel repair tool. In a similar tone download the Stellar for outlook and Stellar PPT repair to retrieve the lost data concerning the file types. Damaged files in the MS office can be retrieved effectively if you install this awesome tool. All these tools are compressed in this single pack for the convenience of the customers. Initially, you have to try out the trial version which is valid for a certain period, and later purchase the premium or advanced version as per your needs. Have a look at the functionalities of this fabulous tool listed below

  • Restores the word document file and the data will be recovered quickly without any issues. The resultant file will look like an original one.
  • The Stellar Excel repair tool works well with the excel files and the recovered data will be entered into a new fresh excel spreadsheet. All the data is restored and you will not find it difficult to make use of the restored file for further use.
  • The PowerPoint objects from the corrupted PPT file will be identified and recovered optimally by making use of the Stellar PPT recovery tool.
  • Even the damaged ZIP files can be restored swiftly without causing any issues. You can open the restored ZIP file easily.

file Repair Toolkit

  • Repair 4 types of files, namely Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Zip.
  • Offer excellent search options to find corrupted files instantly.
  • Preview and recover all the data contained in the corrupted files.
  • Repair files are corrupted due to different causes and from all devices.

2. How to Repair Microsoft Office

Here you are going to learn the stepwise process related to Microsoft office repair.

Step 1: Install the Stellar Repair Toolkit

Go to the official website of Stellar and try out the free version for learning purposes.

Step 2: Select the right tool

Depending on the type of corrupt file you have to choose the tool. To deal with corrupt word documents then select the Repair Word File option. For excel, PPT, and zip files then go for Repair excel file, Repair PowerPoint file, and Repair Zip file. Here let us work with the corrupt word document and so select the first option.

Step 3: Browse the corrupt word document

You have to surf through the folders and reach for the corrupted word document to initiate the restoration process. Select the file using the "Select File" button and tap the "Scan" option. Soon after the scanning process, the word file will be restored and it will look like an original file without any regrets. You can be restored to save the file at your desired location on your computer.

Part 3 How to Repair Microsoft Office Tools

In this section, you are going to view how to repair Microsoft office using the built-in features implemented by Microsoft. The repairing process depends on the type of operating system you work on. Here I am going to discuss the Windows 7 operating system.

Step 1: Open Control Panel

Tap the "Start" button followed by "Control Panel". The control panel window pops up after this step.

Step 2: Select Programs and Features

Next, you have to select the "Programs and Features" option to repair the Microsoft office.

Finally, select the Microsoft office tool which has to be repaired in this window and tap the "Change" button. This "Change" tab is available near the 'Uninstall' option and so you have to be careful while carrying out the repair process.

Press the "Continue" button in the above screenshot and the Microsoft Office will be repaired automatically.

You have to install the Microsoft tool again to view the recovered software either by making use of click to run installation or MSI installation type. In case of click to run installation while following the wizard, you will encounter a message "How would you like to repair your office programs". On that page select the "Online Repair" option and click the 'repair' button to fix the errors in the tool. In the other type MSI installation type you have to tap 'Change your installation' and then proceed with the "Repair" and "Continue" buttons. You have to follow one of the above-discussed installation types to repair the Microsoft office optimally.

1. Install Microsoft Office Updates

To install the Microsoft Office updates go to one of the Microsoft office products and click the "File" menu followed by "Account". Beneath the 'Product Information' select "Update option" and then click "Update Now". After the updating process, the "You are up to date" message pops up indicating the successful installation of the Microsoft office updates.

2. Use "System Restore" Utility

To make use of the System Restore Utility you have to open the Control Panel then select "System and Security" -> "System". Choose the "System Protection" link to view the system properties window. Tap the 'System Restore' button and a wizard appears. You have to select the "Recommended restore" radio button and click the "Next" button. Choose the restoration point and press the "Next" button. Finally, tap the "Finish" button to complete the System Restore process.

3. Stop and Re-launch MS Office Service

Go to Control Panel and select "Programs and Features" -> Choose MS office from the list -> "Uninstall" button to stop the MS office services. To re-launch the service back you have to install it by making use of the click to run the installation process.

4. Update the Windows Drivers

To update the Windows drivers go to Start->Control Panel -> Windows Update. From the Windows Update screen choose the "Check for updates" option in the left panel and you will be able to view the corresponding update information in the right panel. Check for the driver updates and select the "Update Driver" option to update the windows drivers.

Part 4: Causes and Symptoms of Corrupt MS Office

The major causes for the MS office being corrupted are as follows

  • Abrupt hardware and software failure: When your system shutdowns all of the sudden without your knowledge then there will be a high probability of the files in the MS office being corrupted. This cause is inevitable and it occurs without your knowledge
  • Large data files: In case if the data in the MS office files were not well organized then you will encounter a lot of error messages while opening the file again. You can split the large files into smaller ones to overcome this issue.
  • Malware and Virus attacks: The MS office files will be corrupted if there is an intervention of malware or virus. Install anti-virus software in your system to watch out for the entry of these unwanted files.
  • Multi-users: When the files are accessed by many users across the server then the file will be corrupted easily. You can allot a time limit to access the same MS office file among the users while working across the server.
  • Error while closing the application: If the MS office application is not closed properly then you may lose the data entered in that platform. An error message pops up when you attempt to open those application files again.

Part 5 Tips & Tricks on MS Office Repair

When you try to sort out the errors in the MS office first you have to make use of the built-in features implemented in that application. You can get valuable assistance from the Microsoft official website if you encounter any issues while carrying out the repair process. In case if the error is complex then install the trial version of the best MS office repair tool to proceed with the restoration process. Follow the step-by-step procedure when you attempt to repair the MS office files.

Select the right tool which works well on the corrupted file without making unnecessary trial and error attempts. Only the perfect software gives a permanent solution for the corrupted MS office file. When you attempt to repair the word file then go for the word repair tool to enjoy the benefits in the long run. This argument holds good for all other file types in the MS office such as Excel, PPT, etc.

Part 6 Conclusion

Thus, from the above discussion, you are very clear about the optimum recovery process of Microsoft Office. You can now easily repair the MS Office files without seeking guidance from a technical expert. It is enough if you follow the steps to achieve a successful restoration. Utilize the above tips and tricks to get rid of unwanted errors in the MS office.

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