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Troubleshooting Excel Problem With Formula Stuck Issue

Kelly Sherawat
Kelly Sherawat Originally published Feb 20, 24, updated Apr 16, 24
excel problem with formula

Have you Ever scratched your head over an Excel formula that won't cooperate? You're not alone! Many users encounter the frustrating 'There is a problem with this formula in Excel' hiccup. This guide will break down the common hurdles users face with Excel formulas in simple terms.

Uncover the significance of tackling these issues head-on for a smoother spreadsheet experience. No complicated fixes here – just practical insights to make your Excel woes a thing of the past. Let's navigate through the Excel formula issues to empower you to keep your spreadsheets running like a well-oiled machine!

Part I. Identifying the Excel Problem

Navigating through Excel can sometimes feel like solving a puzzle, especially when faced with those tricky formula errors. Let's kick off your journey by recognizing the signs that something's amiss in your spreadsheet.

symptoms of formula errors in excel
In this article
    1. Symptoms of Formula Errors in Excel
    2. Excel Formula Problems Explained
    1. Incorrect Cell References
    2. Incompatible Functions
    1. Method 1: Enable Excel Automatic Calculation
    2. Method 2: Check if the Formula Is Formatted as Text
    3. Method 3: Disable the Show Formulas Button
    4. Method 4: Trace and Edit Dependent Cells
    5. Method 5: Check for Circular References
    1. Why Repairit?
    2. Step-by-Step Guide on How To Use Repairit To Fix Corrupt Files

Symptoms of Formula Errors in Excel

Now, here are the indications that your Excel is having formula errors:

  • Incorrect Calculations. Are numbers not adding up? It could be a formula error causing discrepancies.
  • Unexpected Results. Ever input a formula and get a result that leaves you scratching your head? Formula errors might be at play.
  • Strange Characters. If your cells are displaying errors or unusual symbols instead of expected values, it's a red flag.

Excel Formula Problems Explained

Now, let's shed light on the cryptic messages Excel sends your way when something goes wrong:

  • Cell References. The error could be due to incorrect cell references in your formula. Double-check and ensure they point to the right cells.
  • Data Type Mismatch. Sometimes, mixing different types of data (like numbers and text) in a formula can trigger this error. Keep data types consistent.
  • Parentheses Predicament. Misplacing or forgetting parentheses can wreak havoc. Make sure they're in the right places to maintain the formula's integrity.

By understanding these symptoms and deciphering error messages, you're already on your way to becoming an Excel troubleshooter. In the next part of this guide, you'll delve deeper into the specific causes behind Excel formula hiccups and guide you by resolving them – all in plain, easy-to-follow language. Get ready to transform those formula frowns into confident spreadsheet smiles!

Part II. Common Causes of Formula Stuck in Excel

Now that you've identified the signs of Excel formula troubles, let's delve deeper into the reasons that often leave users scratching their heads. Brace yourself – it's time to unravel the mystery behind formula glitches!

causes of excel formula stuck issues

Incorrect Cell References

Imagine your formula as a GPS guiding Excel to the right data coordinates. If those coordinates are off, chaos comes up. The same happens with cell references. Check your formulas carefully – are they pointing to the right cells? Misplaced references can lead to miscalculations.

Incompatible Functions

Excel is a treasure trove of functions, but not all are compatible with your calculation. Mixing functions improperly can send your formulas into chaos. Ensure that the functions you're combining work harmoniously. Using compatible functions ensures a seamless formulaic experience.

This article guides you through these formula complexities with clarity and simplicity. In the next installment, this article will equip you with step-by-step instructions on troubleshooting Excel, utilizing the tools within the software to identify and rectify these formula hiccups. Ready to turn those stuck formulas into smooth sailing? Let's dive in!

Part III. 5 Ways To Fix Excel Problem With Formula Stuck Issue

Now that you've uncovered the mysteries behind formula glitches, it's time to provide you with a simple yet powerful toolbox to fix those stuck Excel formulas. This section will guide you through it step by step, providing 5 ways to fix Excel problems with formula stuck issues.

Method 1: Enable Excel Automatic Calculation

By default, when the dependent values change, Microsoft Excel automatically updates the formula results. That may not happen if you set the computation option to manual. Here's what you can do to change this:

Step 1: Open your Excel spreadsheet and navigate to the Formulas tab.

formula tab in excel

Step 2: Click Calculation Options and choose Automatic. Once you've made these changes, your formula results should instantly update.

excel calculation options

Method 2: Check if the Formula Is Formatted as Text

Do your Excel calculations display as plain text? This can happen if you accidentally format the cells with the formulas as text. Here's how to change that.

Step 1: Open your Excel workbook and pick the cell where your calculation appears as text.

excel click a cell

Step 2: On the Home page, in the Number section, click the drop-down box and select General. Double-click your cell and hit Enter on the keyboard to reapply the formula.

general formatting in excel

Method 3: Disable the Show Formulas Button

When you wish to study formulas in your spreadsheet, use Excel's Show Formulas option. If you leave this option on, Excel will display the formula rather than the results. To deactivate it, navigate to the Formulas tab of your Excel workbook. Then, under the Formula Auditing section, select the Show Formulas option.

show formulas in excel

Method 4: Trace and Edit Dependent Cells

Your calculations may not function properly in Excel if the dependent cells contain unexpected values or are formatted as text. To correct this, go over and modify the cells that the formula references. Here's how to go about it.

Step 1: Open your Excel workbook and pick the cell with the formula that isn't calculating properly.

excel select a cell

Step 2: On the Formulas tab, select the Trace Dependents button. Excel will then show an arrow pointing to the dependent cells.

trace dependents in excel

Step 3: To edit, double-click the dependent cells. Next, click the Remove Arrows icon at the top.

remove arrows in excel

Method 5: Check for Circular References

Circular references are another reason your Excel calculations may stop working. This occurs when a formula indirectly references itself. Here's how to find and fix circular references in your Excel worksheet.

Step 1: Start Excel on your PC and open your workbook.

Step 2: Click the Error Checking option on the Formulas tab and then pick Circular References. Excel will display all cells with the circular reference formula in the submenu.

error checking in excel

Step 3: Select the issue cell from the submenu and find it on the sheet. Then, double-click to edit it.

edit a cell in excel

With these straightforward methods using Excel's user-friendly tools, you're well on your way to becoming a formula troubleshooting pro. In the final installment, this article will unveil a bonus tip – a handy tool called Repairit - File Repair (Desktop) to fix any stubborn Excel file issues effortlessly!

Bonus Tip: Wondershare Repairit - File Repair for Excel Troubles

Embark on the final leg of this article’s formula-solving journey with a game-changing bonus tip. Introducing Repairit - File Repair (Desktop), your go-to solution for conquering those stubborn Excel file troubles!

Have you ever encountered the frustration of a corrupt Excel file throwing your hard work into disarray? Enter Repairit - File Repair, your knight in shining armor. This user-friendly desktop tool is designed to mend those corrupted Excel files seamlessly.

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Free Download
file repair in repairit

Why Repairit?

Repairit is not just a file fixer; it's your ally in tackling formula-related issues. Here's why it stands out:

  • Simplicity Personified. No need to be a tech wizard – Repairit simplifies the file repair process, making it accessible to users of all levels. With just a few clicks, your Excel file is on its way to recovery.
  • Effectiveness Unleashed. Experience the magic as Repairit efficiently addresses formula-related problems. Whether it's a corrupted formula or a tangled web of errors, Repairit navigates through and restores your file to its pristine state.
  • User-Friendly Interface. Navigating through Repairit is a breeze, even for beginners. Its intuitive design ensures a hassle-free experience.
  • Comprehensive File Repair. Tackle various Excel file issues, from simple errors to complex formula troubles. Repairit leaves no stone unturned in bringing your files back to life.
  • Time-Efficient Solution. Say goodbye to prolonged troubleshooting sessions. Repairit swiftly repairs your files, saving you valuable time.
  • Data Integrity Assurance. Rest easy knowing that Repairit preserves your data integrity throughout the repair process. Your formulas and valuable information remain intact.

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Use Repairit To Fix Corrupt Files

Check out the steps provided below and discover how easy it is to fix corrupt files using Repairit – File Repair:

Step 1: Install and start Wondershare Repairit on your Windows PC. Next, navigate to the File Repair section under More Types Repair. This will launch a browser window where you may click the Add button to upload your corrupted files. You can pick and load several documents into Repairit.

Note: Repairit's batch processing capability allows you to load many documents in different formats and repair them all at ·once.

add files in repairit

Step 2: As you add them, the application loads them and shows their progress on the screen. After successfully loading your files into Repairit, the application will allow you to view their details. Aside from displaying specific icons for Word, PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint files, you can also view their names, sizes, and locations here.

Note: If you accidentally upload a wrong file, you can delete it by clicking the “trash” icon next to its details. To erase all files at once, click the Remove All button at the bottom. Aside from that, click the + Add File(s) button in the bottom panel to upload any additional document.

remove all files in repairit

Step 3: Once done adding, click the Repair button at the bottom to begin the procedure. The application will scan the loaded documents and resolve minor or big errors. Repairit allows you to monitor the status of any file's repair operation and even cancel it if necessary. The interface will also show you which files have already been repaired, are being scanned, or are waiting to be repaired.

start repair in repairit

Step 4: When the file repair process is completed, Wondershare Repairit will alert you with a suitable prompt. A pop-up notification will display, indicating how many files were successfully repaired.

Note: You will also be notified if a document has been badly contaminated and is not being restored. In this situation, click the appropriate Image name on the interface to contact an expert. You can just load the highly corrupted file and describe the current situation to receive advice from an expert.

successful repair in repairit

Step 5: Once the repair procedure is finished, click the Preview button next to any file's icon. This allows you to see the results of the repair procedure before saving any documents. If you wish to export the file, click the Save option at the bottom.

Note: You may also export a document by clicking the Save icon next to the Preview button on the home screen. To export all corrected files at once, click the Save All button in the bottom panel.

save file in repairit

In a nutshell, Repairit - File Repair is not just a tool; it's your ally in the world of Excel challenges. With Repairit, you're equipped to face any file-related hurdles with confidence. Say farewell to Excel headaches and hello to a smoother, stress-free spreadsheet experience!


In this article, you were able to navigate the twists and turns of Excel formula troubleshooting. Remember to double-check those cell references, embrace simplicity in your formulas, and leverage Excel's built-in tools. Promptly addressing formula issues like “There is a problem with this formula in Excel” ensures a smooth spreadsheet journey.

For those stubborn moments, consider the bonus tips provided above – Repairit - File Repair. With its user-friendly approach, it's your reliable ally for fixing any Excel troubles. Sail through your spreadsheet adventures with confidence, leaving formula hiccups behind. Happy Excel-ing!

Kelly Sherawat
Kelly Sherawat Apr 16, 24
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Kelly Sherawat
Written by Kelly Sherawat
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