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Best 8 Watermark Remover Apps to Remover Video Watermark on iPhone&Android

Louie Morgan
Louie Morgan Originally published May 15, 24, updated May 15, 24
watermark removal before and after

Watermarks are designed to protect images but, in reality theory, are more often annoying than helpful. Whether the watermark is a meme, signature, logo, or brand name, it can ruin videos and images. A typical example is TikTok. Whenever you record a video using TikTok, you instantly get a watermark on the video in the form of a TikTok logo.

If you want to use that video elsewhere, you might have branding issues, and platforms often ban videos with watermarks. Simply put, watermarks can look very unprofessional and distract your audience. Luckily, there are many watermark remover apps for iPhone and Android to make your videos look incredible.

Today, we’ve decided to share the best apps to remove watermarks from videos on Android and iOS to help you select the right option for your needs.

In this article
    1. Remove Watermark Video Retouch
    2. Remove Unwanted Object
    3. Watermark Remover – Retouch
    4. Filmora: AI Video Editor, Maker
    1. CutVibe: Video Object Eraser
    2. AniEraser – Object Removal
    3. Watermark Remover, Logo Eraser
    4. Video Watermark: Add/Erase

Part 1. Top 4 Watermark Remover Apps for iPhone

1. Video Retouch:Object Removal

remove watermark video retouch app

The Remove Watermark Video Retouch app simplifies video watermark removal. It is designed to remove various objects from videos, including watermarks. You can remove watermarks automatically or manually and track them to get precise results without any remaining pixels or object frames.

This app has several algorithms you can choose for removing watermarks. It takes time to learn how they work, but once you’ve done that, you can always select the right one for your specific scenarios to get the perfect results.

  • Lets you retouch videos
  • Simple exporting
  • Multiple AI algorithms for watermark removal
  • Has ads
  • Must pay to remove ads

2. Remove Unwanted Object

remove unwanted object app

This is one of the best watermark remover apps for videos on iOS. It’s very intuitive and simple to use. As the name suggests, the app can remove all objects from your videos, including watermarks.

Stamps, people, logos, text, and other objects can also be removed. The app works effectively with images and videos and has various editing features to perfect videos, including scratches, surface breaks, or pixels. Simply select the area you want to fix, and the app will do it for you.

  • Very simple to use
  • Offers solid results
  • Has added polishing features
  • Works on photos and videos
  • Free
  • Results can be inconsistent
  • The brush tool causes red dots

3. Watermark Remover – Retouch

watermark remover retouch app

The Watermark Remover – Retouch lets you remove watermarks from your videos, but you can also remove them from someone else’s videos if they give you permission. The app has simple navigational tools you can use to get the job done.

Simply select the video, place the box in the area where the watermark is located, and click remove. This app uses AI to duplicate or logically fill the background behind the watermark. It works with watermarks and other unwanted objects.

  • Can remove any unwanted objects
  • Watermark removal is flawless and doesn’t downgrade video quality
  • Image and video watermark removal
  • No free version
  • Unclear charging information

4. Filmora: AI Video Editor, Maker

wondershare filmora watermark removal app

Filmora is a full-blown video editor tool for all Apple platforms, including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Apple Vision. It has versatile capabilities and powerful AI functionalities. You can use it to manually remove watermarks or rely on AI to do the job for you.

It’s one of the best apps for removing watermarks from videos. Its free version offers impressive features. However, if you like the app, you can also pay for the paid option to expand its features. As far as watermark remover apps go, Filmora is at the top because you really don’t have to use anything else throughout your whole editing process.

  • Manual and AI watermark removal
  • Flawless results
  • Wide range of video editing features
  • Great free version
  • Advanced features are only available with the paid plan

Part 2. Top 4 Watermark Remover Apps for Android

1. CutVibe: Video Object Eraser

cutvibe video object eraser app

CutVibe: Video Object Eraser is an Android video editing app designed to erase unwanted objects from videos. This video watermark remover app can easily erase watermarks, people, text, and objects.

The watermark removal feature is called the easy eraser, and it’s perfect for removing all kinds of objects. The process of removing objects from videos has been simplified and made easy. Anyone can use CutVibe to get the desired results quickly.

However, although CutVibe does a great job, the app could be more honest. The developers promise free use, but after you’ve used it several times, you must pay to continue using it.

  • Effectively removes watermarks from videos
  • Easy to use
  • Object removal
  • No blurred results
  • Has glitches and errors
  • Requires payments

2. AniEraser – Object Removal

anieraser object removal app

AniEraser is an AI-powered app that can remove objects and watermarks from photos and videos. This flexible app works on Android, iOS, PC, and Mac. You can even use a simplified online version if you don’t feel like downloading and installing anything.

According to your instructions, AniEraser can effectively remove watermarks, emojis, texts, and other objects on your Android. It’s highly intuitive and simple to use.

You only have to add the video to the tool, highlight the area where the watermark is located, preview the potential results, and process the video. It even has a fully functional free plan, but if you want additional features, you must subscribe.

  • Has a free plan
  • Easy to use
  • Very affordable paid plan
  • Can process videos in a batch
  • Uses advanced AI
  • Compatible with all platforms
  • Limited customization options

3. Watermark Remover, Logo Eraser

watermark remover logo eraser app

Watermark Remover, Logo Eraser has a dull name but works surprisingly well. It’s a free Android app designed to remove watermarks from videos. It can’t do other things, but this is actually a good thing since it offers great results for watermark removal. It’s one of the best apps that remove watermarks from videos.

You can remove the watermark by using your finger to draw around it, adjust its size, and double-tap to remove it. After you’ve removed all the watermarks, you can export the video.

  • You can create personalized watermarks
  • Video editing, trimming, compressing, and cropping
  • Background dimension adjustments
  • Solid watermark removal results
  • It might leave blurs

4. Video Watermark: Add/Erase

video watermark add erase app

Video Watermark: Add/Erase has dedicated video editing solutions for Android mobile users. Users can easily remove watermarks from any position or frame of the video. What’s great about this app is that the video quality is unaffected after watermark removal.

As the name suggests, you can also add watermarks to your videos. This video editor also has additional handy features, including speed editing, cropping, trimming, and video compression.

  • Object positioning through scaling
  • Video frame cropping
  • Multiple editing features
  • Effective video watermark removal
  • Has glitches
  • Videos take a long time to process

Part 3. How to Pick The Right Option for You?

Choosing the best watermark remover app for videos can be challenging because it all comes down to personal choice and needs. You have to recognize your needs. Do you plan on removing timestamps, logos, or text? Different apps specialize in different types of removal.

The best app to remove watermarks from videos should also have the necessary features. These include photo and video editing, AI watermark removal, batch processing, image quality, resizing, etc. Before selecting the watermark removal app, check which devices and OS versions are supported.

In the end, make sure to check online reviews and see what others are saying about the app. Take the time to check user guides and see how these apps work in practice.

Part 4. What If the Video is Blurry After Removing the Watermark?

One of the main issues with watermark removal apps on Android and iOS is that they often leave blurs or tiny stains on videos after removing watermarks. It can be an annoying problem, especially if you want your videos to look flawless.

Luckily, a simple and effective online tool called Wondershare Repairit can automatically enhance videos and fix imperfections.

Wondershare Repairit Online

  • Repair damaged videos with all levels of corruption, such as video not playing, video no sound, out-of-sync video or audio, playback errors, header corruption, flickering video, missing video codec, etc.

  • It supports customers repair 150 videos per month and supports each video of 3GB online.

  • Repair critically damaged or corrupted videos available on SD cards, phones, cameras, USB flash drives, and more.

  • The online version supports various video formats: MOV/MP4/M2TS/MKV/MTS/3GP/AVI/FLV/MXF/M4V.

  • Security enough: videos are transferred via a 2048-bit encrypted connection and deleted after 3 hours.

  • It fixes videos online without damaging the original quality or integrity.

Here’s how you can use it to fix your videos. You can access the tool through your phone’s web browser.

Step 1: Go to the Repairit Online Video Repair and click Add.

repairit online video repair page

Step 2: Click Video Repair, Add Video, and select the video from your device.

repairit online video repair

Step 3: Once the video(s) has been uploaded, click Repair All and wait for the process to complete.

repairing blurred video in repairit

Step 4: Click the “Play” button to preview the video. If satisfied, click Download All.

video preview in repairit


We’ve listed the best free apps to remove watermarks from videos and paid options for Android and iOS. Check them yourself and see what they’re all about. They are all simple to use, and you can’t go wrong with them.

It’s all about finding the one that works for you. However, we recommend starting with Filmora because it has one of the best free versions you can use infinitely before committing to it.

Louie Morgan
Louie Morgan May 15, 24
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Louie Morgan
Written by Louie Morgan
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